Friday, June 11, 2010


(As I sing the tune of Benny and The Jets...)

Bunnies are taking over my hood!! My yard to be exact! Every night, I go out for last time for nite-nite and there, in the middle of my backyard is a bunny. I run, run, run as fast as I can and chase it out of my yard. Then, I stand guard in my yard until Mommy comes to get me. As my Daddy says, I was bred to hunt and chase bunnies and now they are in my territory. Ugh...

I have even played a game with one of them the other night. I went out and chased it. Then I went back in and sat at the back door. I peered out the window watching that little rabbit bounce right back through my fence and into my yard. Fortunately, Mommy walked back into the kitchen just in time for me to go outside. Oh, it was so much fun!!

Mommy bought a bird feeder for my back yard so now I chase the birds in the morning. Mommy tries to tell me that we like the birds and we want to feed them. HA - NOT!!! Its just a fun game for me and I guess that she does not understand it!!

And that's just the dog's life!


Friday, June 4, 2010

4 in the bed...and the Momma said... MARGARET FRANCES!!!

Last night was NOT a pretty night in our household. Unfortunately, it was all my fault! Noah had gone to bed at his normal time of 9 pm. Daddy had just gotten home and was eating dinner. I had been outside and was ready to come in and go to bed. It was a little after 10 pm. I ran up the stairs to our bedroom, mommy was getting ready for bed, I jumped on the bed and tried to have a meltdown. I let out 2 little barks. About 5 seconds later ... Noah cries! OH, my mommy was not happy with me!! I knew instantly what I had done!

Mommy rocked Noah, got him back to sleep, tried to lay him down, and he would cry. Mommy would pick him up, rock him, get him back to sleep, lay him down, and cry! Finally, Mommy brought him to bed with her and turned on the Baby Channel. We watch the Nightime Programs for Baby on the baby channel. Oh, it is so soothing!! We laid there for about 30 minutes, all 3 of us asleep. Daddy came to bed so Mommy tried to put Noah in his bed. Well, that did not work. He screamed for 10 minutes. Mommy was afraid that he would make himself sick so she went to get him. She and brother headed downstairs to try to sleep in the recliner. That did not work. Then she tried the couch. That did not work. I tried to snuggle with them in the recliner and couch, but there was not enough room for 3 of us. Finally, Mommy turned on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and we watched 3 episodes. Noah sat on the couch, happy as could be, just giggling at all that Mickey was saying. Mommy and I snuggled on the couch and caught a few zzz's in between laughter. I felt like I owed it to Mommy to be there with her.

Finally at 1:15 am, Mommy decided it was time to try bed again. We headed off upstairs (again), I jumped on my bed (the king sized bed, that is) and Mommy and Noah headed into the nursery. She thought she would try the whole "nite nite" routine to see if that would help Noah. They sat down to read a book and then to tell Chuckles "nite nite". Mommy laid Noah down and he fussed for about a minute and then was out!!

I felt so bad about what I did. I wanted some attention and play time and caused Mommy a night of sleep. I snuggled with her all night, trying to make sure she knew that I was very sorry for my mistake.

Brother woke up bright and early morning raring to go! Daddy is at a wedding and mommy is at work. Momma Gena and GrandDanny are here with us know until brother finishes his nap. I hear that we may go home with them - so I am hoping for a fun afternoon at GiGi's house! Maybe I'll beg for a walk - in between rain showers!

And that's just the dog's life!