Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Exciting news...

Mommy and I are working on something very exciting... I can not tell you yet because it is on the "down low" but it is very B-I-G! Keep checking my blog for an update... I am excited about it. Trust me, it is HUGE! It is bigger than when I got my fence, but not bigger than when we got Noah!

I will tell you soon!

And that's just the dog's life!


Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Papaw!

Happy Birthday to you! (woof, woof, woof)
Happy Birthday to you! (woof, woof, woof)
Happy Birthday, Papaw!
Happy Birthday to you! (woof, woof, woof)

Happy belated birthday, Papaw! I am sorry that I am just now posting your birthday wishes! But know that I love you very much!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Noah's Doctors Appointment

Mommy and Daddy took Noah for his 1 month check up today. Mommy said that he did really good (and so did Mommy!) Noah now weighs 9 lbs 9 ozs and is 22 1/4 inches long. Daddy says that I am still longer than Noah. The doctor says that Noah is a perfect healthy baby boy. He did get 1 shot today. He did not get the big round of shots that will protect him from sickness. The doctor said that they can begin to go out and about, but they still have to be very careful. It is still flu season and if Noah gets sick, the family has to go to the hospital, and if the family goes to the hospital, then I have to stay in my bedroom.

So, our family is doing good. We are growing like we should. Noah is gaining weight like he is supposed to, and I am not loosing weight like I am supposed to. (Too many treats for me!)

The weather is supposed to be bad tonight. I will snuggle extra close with Mommy during the storms. I hope everyone stays safe!

And that's just the dog's life!


It's raining outside...

...and Daddy took me for a walk in the rain. I got so wet from my walk. Mommy had to dry me off with a towel. Mommy was on the phone with a wedding person when I had my mini-meltdown from being wet. Now I am just sitting at the front door enjoying watching the rain.

Nina and Papaw are on their way over to see ME! Mommy has a work appointment to go on, so I will stay here with Daddy and Noah. This is the first time since Noah that Mommy has been on a work appointment. I hope that she does ok! :-)

And that's just the dog's life!


ps - our house now smells like a wet dog -- Daddy got wet too!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Momma Gena!

Happy Birthday to you (woof, woof, woof)
Happy Birthday to you (woof, woof, woof)
Happy Birthday, Momma Gena!
Happy Birthday to you! (woof, woof, woof!)

I love you bunches, Momma Gena!

And- happy 1 month birthday to Noah! I can not believe that it has already been 1 month since my world was rocked. I have adjusted well and I now like having Noah around. Noah, thanks for joining our family. I love you!

And that's just the dog's life!


A Prize for Me!

Finally - Mommy went shopping with Momma Gena and she came home with a prize for me, not for Noah! This is the first time in a long time that this has happened! I was very excited! Mommy bought me 2 new food bowls.

I broke my old food bowl a couple of weeks before Noah came. I like to carry my food bowl with me to the living room and I accidentally dropped in on my water bowl. It cracked. Mommy and Daddy took me to Petsmart and picked out new bowls. Daddy picked out the kind that I could not carry and could not pick up. I did not like those bowls. I did not eat out of them. Mommy and Momma Gena were at Home Accents on Sunday and Mommy found me 2 new pretty glass bowls. They are pink and white. I really like them! I have not carried it with me yet, but I did successfully tump in over so all of my food spilled on the floor! Yeah - finally, a new prize for me!

And that's just the dog's life!


Monday, March 23, 2009

Spend the night party at Maggie's!

Momma Gena and I had a spend the night party at my house last night. Daddy and GrandDanny went to the race in Bristol and Momma Gena stayed with us. We had so much fun! Mommy was all excited because she knew that I would want to sleep with Momma Gena and then Mommy would have the king sized bed to herself - boy was she wrong. In fact, I had a dream in the middle of the night that woke me up and scared me. Mommy loved on me when it did. (I think I dreamed that something bit my foot because I yelped out loud.) Anyway, after my bad dream, I snuggled with Mommy. I snuggled between her knees for about 3 hours. She had to ask me to move when she had to get up to feed Noah.

Daddy and GrandDanny are home now. Our family is resting good this afternoon!

Tomorrow is Momma Gena's birthday. I think Mommy and Aunt Jennifer are taking her to lunch - too bad I do not get to go! Oh well!

And that's just the dog's life!


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Noah's Pictures

Mrs. Amy came to our house last Saturday and took our pictures. Here are a few for you to see!

I jumped in the photo with Mommy and Noah.

Noah & Mommy

Noah & Daddy

Noah is in Daddy's guitar case!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Grandma Update

I wanted to give everyone a Grandma Dison update. She is still in the hospital. The doctors diagnosed her with pneumonia. Her breathing has not gotten much better but her coughing has. She still has lots of fluid on her lungs. The doctor says that she will stay in the hospital at least through the weekend.

Nina, Aunt Audrey and Aunt Irene are so tired from spending days and nights at the hospital. Please pray for all of them.

Grandma still has not been able to meet Noah. Mommy is so sad. Papaw says that Grandma will make it home soon enough for me and Noah to go and visit her.

I will keep you updated if anything changes!

And that's just the dog's life!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Time Out Twice in 1 Day

Yes, I know how to sit in time out. And I have been there not once, but twice today. Here is what happened:

There were 2 C-A-T-S across the street at Ramar's house. They were taunting me. I felt it necessary to speak to them, but Daddy did not. I got a little loud with my vocals and scared Noah (and Daddy.) He got up so quickly and spanked my rear end. I hopped on the couch next to Mommy and had to sit there for a few minutes while I calmed down.

My second time out experience was even worse. Daddy went to Moe's tonight to get dinner. Daddy was really enjoying his nachos when Papaw Mark called Daddy to talk a minute. When Daddy talks on the phone he walks around. Mommy was changing Noah's diaper and Daddy was in the kitchen and I felt the need to taste Daddy's steak nachos. Boy, were they good! Mommy heard my licking chops and turned around in time to catch me in action. Daddy, again, spanked my rear end and I found myself alone in the chair, in time out - again. This time it was for longer. As soon as Daddy told me that I could get up (which was forever!) I immediately jumped in his lap to show my apologies. I sat there for the longest.

Ok, so I deserved both time out trips, but twice in one day. I have not been in time out in so long that it wCheck Spellingas tough to be there twice today. I guess I really need to be watching my actions. My lessons today: don't eat Daddy's nachos!

And that's just the dog's life!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Who and Where are my friends?

Mommy added a cool new feature to my blog - it is the live traffic feed. We watch it to see where everyone who reads my blog lives. It is an awesome tool. Yesterday we had 4 people from outside of the United States.

I would love to know where everyone who reads is from and how you found my blog. All I ask is that you "comment" to this post and tell me what city you live in and how you found my blog. (Be careful not to give too much personal information - I can not be held responsible, especially since I am a dog!) You are also more than welcome to sign up as a follower of my blog. I would love to see how many followers I have! This is so exciting - I can not wait to see where you all live!

Thanks for doing this for me!


Monday, March 9, 2009

I LOVE my new fence!

Chillin in my new yard!

Napping in my new yard!

I was on the prowl for something that walked by outside my fence. Mommy laughed because of my tongue.

See my hair standing up on my neck. Mommy called me Monster Maggie.

I have had so much fun in my new fence. Mommy and Daddy laughed at first because I was afraid to go out by myself. I have been so used to being on a rope that it felt weird not having the rope attached to me. But I quickly adapted to it.

Mrs. Jennifer and Mr. Sean came over Saturday night for a quick visit. I took them outside to show them my new fence. (Daddy had only been done with it for about 30 minutes.) I had a big meltdown with Mommy. I ran all around and growled so big. It was really funny. My "MD" was so big that it wore me out. I ended up going to bed by myself super early.

Sunday morning was wonderful. Mommy and Daddy had breakfast outside while I enjoyed sun shining. The weather has been so wonderful that Mommy has kept the back door open all day so that I can come and go as I please - good thing to because I went in and out about 400 times yesterday.
Well - gotta go back outside. Daddy is working to repaint his grill and I must help!

And that's just the dog's life!


Noah Pics

What is wrong with this. Mommy keeps asking me to give Noah updates on MY blog. She created a blog just for Noah, but does she use it... NO! She asks me to use mine. I am not sure about this. I might have to vocalize my opinions.

Since I am already posting about Noah, I guess I can give you an update. All he does is eat and sleep. He did manage to sleep the entire night last night. That was very good for Mommy because she did not have to wake up. I kept an ear out for Noah though!

The best part about having Noah around is all of the people coming to visit. We had a pleasant surprise this weekend by Angie, our cousin. Angie lives in North Carolina but happened to be Nashville and decided to drive down and visit with Grandma. Angie and Aunt Audrey both came over Saturday night to meet Noah, and play with me of course.

Mommy does fuss at me for my barking, but it does not seem to bother Noah. Just because we have a new baby in the house does not mean that I have to stop protecting my corner of the neighborhood. If anything, it means that I have to protect it even more.

Here are a few pictures of Noah:

Mommy, Daddy and Noah (Where is Maggie?)

Noah sleeping like always.

Aunt Audrey meeting Noah for the first time.

Angie meeting Noah for the first time.

Even though Daddy and I both have red hair, you can see that Aunt Audrey and Angie both have red hair. Noah was destined to have red hair!

And that's just the dog's life!


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pray for Grandma

My Grandma Dison is in the hospital. Mommy is really worried. Grandma has not been feeling good and finally hit a point where she could not breathe very well. Nina and Aunt Audrey took her to the hospital on Thursday where they decided to keep her for the weekend.

She has lots of fluid on her lungs and now they think she has a heart murmer. Mommy is scared because Grandma has not gotten to meet Noah. Nina says not to worry because Grandma will be home soon!

Please say a prayer for her so that she feels better soon!

I love you Grandma! I can not wait to sit in your lap again! I love your petting!

This is me and Grandma at Thanksgiving!

And that's just the dog's life!


Our first family outing

Mommy and I have been very bored inside our house for the last week. You see, this is not normal for me and Mommy. We are always "on the go" whether we are going to Momma Gena's house or to Bubbles & Bells. But we have been in our house for over a week. Mommy says that we can not go "out" until Noah has his shots. I don't understand... Mommy and Daddy take me to Petsmart and I get my shots. Why can't we take Noah to Petsmart and get his shots? I asked Mommy and she said that Noah is not old enough yet. I just don't understand, but oh well.

Momma Gena, Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Paul and Jake have all been sick this past week and have not gotten to see me. Daddy said that if they all felt better (and their cooties were gone) that we could have our first family outing to Momma Gena's house for dinner. Well... we made it. Our first family outing! Jake got to meet Noah for the first time. I was so excited to finally check out my backyard at Momma Gena's house. (They have HUGE C-A-T-S in their neighborhood that feel the need to walk through my backyard. I have to protect my area!) While Jake was meeting Noah, I helped GrandDanny grill the hamburgers.

Mommy took some pictures of Jake meeting Noah. He did not know what to think. Noah had his Tigger outfit on and Jake really liked the Tigger feet.

Jake is such a big boy now. He is almost able to play with me. He really wants to play, but I am not sure. Those hands look like they will grab and pull my ears. Jake was playing in the floor with his toys and I felt the need to get my toys out also. Jake cried because he thought I had his toys. I jumped in Momma Gena's lap. It scared me.

Our evening out was fun. It did not last too long because Mommy still does not feel good but we had a good time anyway. Noah cried on the way home, so Mommy sat in the backseat with him. (I had the front seat to myself!)

And that's just the dog's life!


Thank you Daddy, GrandDanny & Papaw

My fence is almost done! Daddy, GrandDanny and Papaw have worked hard to get it finished. I am SO excited and can not wait to go out and play. Mommy said that she will take pictures when I get to explore my yard! It should be done in just a couple of hours! YEA!!

Here are a few pictures of me and Noah helping out!

I can supervise the boys from the couch!

All of the hard work gave Noah a headache!

And that's just the dog's life!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sleep Walking Dog

Mommy says that this is me when I am dreaming about chasing C-A-T-S! Poor thing!

And that's the dog's life!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A New Beginning for Me!

My Little Brother

I am helping Mommy feed Noah!

Me, Mommy and Noah

Daddy introduces me to Noah

I help Daddy with Noah

I am sorry that I am just now able to update my blog, but Daddy has had Internet trouble at home. But we are now up and running and I can update you on the BIG change my life has had in the last week!

Noah came home Thursday afternoon. I was home and ready for them. Daddy asked Momma Gena and GrandDanny to go to Petsmart and buy me a t-shirt that said "Its A Boy". I was wearing it when they got home. Momma Gena and Aunt Dorinda were home waiting with me. Honestly, I was not too excited to see them. I think I hurt Mommy's feelings. But I could not stay mad too long. I quickly warmed up to Mommy.
Daddy brought Noah in and I smelled him. Daddy let me get close to him, despite what Momma Gena said. Daddy said that the nurse at the hospital said to let me get close to him.
Momma Gena spent the night with us. I did not sleep in my king sized bed with Mommy and Daddy. I slept curled up with Momma Gena. Good thing too because Noah was up a lot that night.
Nina spent the night on Friday night and Papaw on Saturday night. I did not sleep with Nina but I did with Papaw. Turns out that I missed a good night of sleep with Mommy and Daddy on Saturday night because Noah slept for 5 hours. But I did have a good night of sleep with Papaw.

We woke up Sunday morning with white stuff on the ground. Papaw and Daddy took me outside to play with snowballs. It was a lot of fun. Mommy and Noah watched from the window.
Family and friends have been in and out a lot. I like that. People keep bringing me food!
Mommy and Daddy say that I am being a good girl. They say that they are proud of me. Nothing really has changed. I still get my share of hugs and kisses and treats! And Mommy still snuggles with me on the couch.
Mommy keeps taking pictures so I will post them as they happen!
I do love my baby brother and I am excited to have him home with us!
And that's just the dog's life!