Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Busy Weekend

Who thinks the life of a dog is lazy?? Not me! I don't know where I went wrong. I thought I was supposed to be a lazy dog, home all day on the couch. NOPE! Not me! But, I am into everything all the time. If you have ever met me, you know that I do not sit still long. My Nina says that if it were possible for my Mommy to birth me, I am exactly what she would get. Nina says that I have my mommy's personality.

My weekend was crazy! Friday night I spent the night with Papaw. We stayed at Grandma Dison's while Nina went to Meghan's football game. I love going to Grandma's house because she has deer that I love to trail. After trailing and sniffing, I sat inside with Grandma. I helped Papaw eat his dinner (taco pie - Yum!) that Nina cooked. As soon as he took his plate to the kitchen I gave up on him and sat in Grandma's lap. (I know where the good love comes from.) What I did not tell you about Grandma -- she is 82 years old and has demensia and has to have care all of the time. I love sitting in Grandma's lap (when Mommy lets me) and getting her petting. Nina got home from the game and I was so excited to see her. I love her so much!

Papaw and Nina took me home Saturday morning when they picked up Daddy for their wedding. Papaw told me that he would see me later. When they got home at 8:30, Daddy let me out of my bedroom (Mommy was at Meghan's band jamboree with Aunt Dorinda) and I went nuts. Papaw did not come see me. I started crying and clawing the door as I saw Nina and Papaw drive away. Daddy had to call Papaw and ask him to come back. I was fine then.

Sunday was a fun day. Cousin Jake was dedicated at his church. Mommy and Daddy came home to get me and we headed to Moody for lunch at Aunt Jennifer's house. I love going to Aunt Jennifer's because there is a dog park in her neighborhood. I BEG for walks when I am there. We spent all afternoon there before going home.

I was so tired Sunday night that I went to bed at 10:15 and slept until 9:30 on Monday. Mommy and Daddy went to start to register for Noah. Mommy said that she picked out some cute blankets that have puppies on them. I am so excited.

Mrs. Rhonda had Baby Luke on Friday night. He is fortunately doing well. I have added her blog as one of my favorites. You can keep up with his progress. He is in NICU and is very little. Pray for him and his Mommy and Daddy.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Drive-thru treats at a whole new level

Why do you think every dog likes to go to the bank... because the teller gives suckers through the drive-thru. Actually they are milk bones. I am a little spoiled when it comes to treats--- I like the expensive treats like Snausages and Beggin Strips. I will take a hard bone when cousin Woody eats one but they are not my favorite. Everytime I go to the bank with Papaw we gladly take the milk bone so I do not hurt the tellers feelings, but he gives me a good treat when we get back to the office.

Last night, drive-thru treats moved to a whole new level, so I must tell the bank teller. Aunt Dorinda called and asked if we would pick up Meghan at the football field and take her home. Mommy decided that she was really hungry and did not want to cook dinner. We picked up Meghan and went to Costa's BBQ in Trussville. (Mommy decided to take Meghan with us through the drive-thru to help hold me back.) Mommy placed the order for her and Daddy and went to the window. The clerk noticed me and asked if I could have a treat. Mommy told her yes. She came back with a sack full of rib bones for later and a hand full of pork for now. I hopped from Meghan's lap to Mommy's and held my head out the window and enjoyed my treat from the clerk's hand. (For sanitary purposes, she did have it in a wrapper that I ate out of.) The only problem was, I wanted more! Mommy told me to tell her thank you, and I guess I did. Mommy also told her that Costa's will be my new favorite restaurant in Trussville.

After my treat, Mommy, Meghan and I headed home. I tried to help Meghan with her homework but she did not use any of my suggestions. I begged Mommy for a walk and after enough begging, she finally gave in. Aunt Dorinda and Uncle Jamie came to pick up Meghan and I was so excited to see them.

I am off of work today. I am helping Daddy clean out our cars and wax them. He will spend hours cleaning the windows which I will mess up as soon as I get back in the car. Ha! Ha! I love to snot a good clean window. Granddanny already asked if I was snotting his clean window in the bedroom.

Papaw is going to pick me up after Meghan's ballgame. Check back to see what kind of mess we get into!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

IT'S A ......

BOY! Mom and Dad told me that I would have Daniel Noah for my brother. Whew! I don't have to worry about Momma confusing my name with Madison, of course it really would be funny. My cousin, Meghan, used to be called Meggie (but she hates that nickname) but Mommy already confuses Maggie with Meggie and Meghan is not happy when that happens. I wanted to hear Mommy call Madi Maggie, not Maggie Madi.

I guess I am excited about Noah. I posted the picture that Mommy showed me. She also showed me the picture that shows he is a boy, but I don't understand it. Can't prove it by me!

Anyway, the whole family got to go out to eat last night for the big news except you know who. I had to stay in my "bedroom" (aka. crate) at Momma Gena's house. I was so excited to see Mommy and Daddy when they let me out. I demanded my Daddy play ball with me in the backyard. We played longer than we normally do. At one time, I had the ball and made Daddy chase me... HA HA! AND - I growled at him and sounded really ferocious. He knew I was just playing.

I am at work today with Mommy. Aunt Jennifer and cousin Jake came to see us for a while. I turned my back to Jake while he was here. They say that he will play with me later on, but I want him to play now! Nina has been at the office this afternoon. It is always a treat when she is here. I have been laying on the couch with my head on her while she is reading her book. Tonight Mommy and I have to cook dinner for Daddy. I wonder what we will cook. I offer him and Mommy my chicken, rice and veggies, but they never take me up on my offer. It sure does taste good to me! Yummy!

Remember how I told you that Mommy said we had to cook for Mrs. Rhonda. Well, there was no "we" in that kitchen. Mommy took total control. She made fudge and did not share. She saw Mrs. Rhonda at the hospital yesterday and said that she is doing good. Praying that Baby Luke stays in Mrs. Rhonda's tummy a few more weeks.

I get to nite-nite at Papaw's house tomorrow night. I am so excited, and so is he. I am sure that I will have lots of stories to tell you on Monday. I get to sniff the woods when I am with Papaw. Remind me to tell you about the time that I fell in the creek at Papaws. It was funny, until I had to have a bath!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My business-es

Did you get my title? Business-es meaning, plural. It all started when Mommy took me to work with her at Bubbles & Bells (http://www.bubblesandbells.com/) and I became The Wedding Dog. That was just the beginning of my career. What I failed to tell you in my first post was that my Daddy and my Papaw are wedding photographers (http://www.marklawleyphotography.com/) and are partners. This past spring, my daddy decided to do a side photography business, and guess what he named it... Maggie & Company. How sweet is that? I had a few ground rules for them to use my name, and I signed my paw to it. NO baths within 30 days of each other, extra treats each day and at least 1 new toy per month. So far the payment has been well.

So how busy do you think a wedding dog can be. Today has been a busy one. Besides blogging (my new habit) I have slept on my palet and I intend to return to the couch when I am finished with this. Mommy has an appointment with one of her brides this afternoon, so I must stay at the store to help Mrs. Robin and Papaw said that he will take me home. Boy do I like to ride in Papaw's truck with him. So much to smell. And that will be my day. Mommy said something about making treats for Mrs. Rhonda, who is at the hospital, but I don't think that I will get to help like she said that I will. Mommy ends up taking control of the kitchen. All I get to help with is loading the dishwasher, what fun is that? I must say, I do try to help give the dishes a prewash, but you have to watch your head in the dishwasher door, and don't get your tongue stuck in the basket, oh and watch the knives.

Mommy goes to the doctor tomorrow to find out what kind of sibling I will have. I find out if I get a sister named Madison or a brother named Noah. If it is a Madison, my mommy will have fun confusing us... Maggie, Madi (since they sound alike.) We will see how long it takes to confuse our names. HA! HA! I will let you know!

Check my post tomorrow or Thursday to see what we will have!


What is a wedding dog?

Hi. My name is Maggie and I am a 3 year old beagle. My mom is a wedding planner and owns a wedding accessory store, therefore I am THE wedding dog! I go to work with my mommy a couple of days a week and meet brides. They even ask if I can be their flower girl. Mommy has not let me do that yet, I guess because I try to eat the flower baskets and I do not like to wear a pillow on my neck.

My mommy is also expecting a baby -- which I am not too happy about. Mom and Dad did not consult with me on this decision. Good news is that I have wonderful grandparents who have more than offered to take care of me. But I know that my mommy loves me so much and will not neglect me.

So, I created this blog so that you can follow the life of a wedding dog. I will try to update it as much as possible, when mommy is not working on her computer. I will make another post for today!