Tuesday, October 5, 2010


We had a visitor in our house last weekend and it was so much fun! Mommy invited Ellie to come stay with us Friday night and Saturday night. Ellie is here from Italy to study for a year. She fit in just perfect with our little family. Hopefully she will be back often!! She and I shared a blanket several times. I'm not sure if she liked it but you know how I am about my blanket. I have to have my blanket when I sit on the couch - my Momma Gena taught me that. Mommy was worried about Ellie using my blanket because it has all of my fur on it -- that's why Momma Gena taught me to use the blanket!

Mommy wanted Noah to wake up Ellie on Sunday morning. She thought she could do it without me noticing - NOT!! I tried to fight my way in but luckily for Mommy I did not jump on the bed with Ellie. That would have been a bad wake up call for her. Noah didn't do a good job of waking her up either because he wanted to play with a picture frame that Mommy had in the room.

Mommy is trying to redecorate the guest bedroom to a more teen friendly room. She is looking for something new to go on the bed and then she will decorate with a picture or something. I have a feeling that a new comforter on that bed will mean that I am not allowed there. Too bad because that bedroom is the perfect nap room -- the afternoon sun comes in and it is just perfect!!

Our family is excited about hosting exchange students in our home. Check out Mommy's blog for more details!!! www.funderburgfam.blogspot.com.

And that's just the dog's life!