Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Noah's here. Noah's HERE. NOAH'S HERE!!!

I am SO excited. My tail has hardly stopped wagging.

Mommy and Daddy left so early this morning. They did seem in a big hurry.

Momma Gena and GrandDanny came by and took me to their house. I stayed in my bedroom a while, then Ms. Melissa came by and let me out and told me that NOAH IS HERE!! He was born today at 2:31 p.m. He weight 8 pounds. Wow, that's less than me.

I have a little brother!!!!! I can't wait til he comes home and I can play with him. Papaw said he would sneak me into the hospital to see him, but I can't be quiet in his backpack.

Papaw and Daddy made some pictures. Here's one for you to see. Isn't he CUTE!!!

Oh, there's more on my Papaws website: http://www.marklawleyphotography.net/ if you want to look.

I love you Noah!

And that's a dog's great life,

Friday, February 20, 2009

Baby Noah Update

Mommy asked that I give you a Baby Noah update! Noah's due date is fast approaching, but it does not look like Noah is in any hurry. The doctor told Mommy to come back on Tuesday and if everything still looks good and safe for Noah, then she will ask Noah to come on Wednesday. Mommy and Daddy think that they will go to the hospital on Tuesday night and then Mommy will receive medicine on Wednesday so Noah will come.

Aunt Dorinda is stressing out! Meghan has color guard tryouts next Wednesday. Aunt Dorinda keeps asking Noah to come earlier. Grandma Dison still thinks Noah will come on Sunday the 22nd. Here is a funny story for you... Grandma has trouble remembering things right now. When Mommy first told Grandma that she was having a baby, Grandma asked when the baby was due and Mommy told her February 24th. Grandma quickly remembered that George Washington's birthday was around that time. Mommy had not remembered that so she looked it up on the calendar. Low and behold, George Washington's birthday is February 22nd. All Grandma could say was "Maybe he will have a famous birthday." The entire time that we have been waiting on Noah's arrival, Grandma would always ask when Mommy was due. Again, Mommy would tell her and Grandma would respond with "Maybe he will have a famous birthday." Mommy, Aunt Dorinda, Nina and Aunt Jonica have giggled about this the entire time. It sure will be funny if Noah is born on Sunday!

And that is your Noah update! I will be staying with Momma Gena and GrandDanny while Mommy and Daddy are at the hospital. But don't worry, Daddy will be sending photos home for me to see and I can blog them then. Mommy is also working on making a blog for Noah, so I will post the address when it is ready! Keep your fingers crossed!

And that's just the dog's life!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The People are looking at Me!

See them looking at me? They are laughing at me!

And they freaked me out! I did not like the fact that they were staring at me. I started to growl and made Papaw take me outside for a closer look. Mommy said that no matter how hard I tried, the Schwan's truck driver would not give me any ice cream... though I think Mommy would have taken it!

I gave the truck a good inspection. I give the driver my ok to go, but I hope he knows that he has people on the back of his truck!

And that's just the dog's life!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

My fence is on its way!

It is official. I am finally getting my fence for my backyard. Daddy and GrandDanny started working on it yesterday. The posts are in the ground and waiting on something to dry. I do not understand why they did not get it finished yesterday. Daddy said that this takes time.

Mommy and Daddy let me walk in the backyard without my rope, but I walked through the imaginary fence. Daddy told Mommy to watch out because they let me do it earlier in the day and I saw a C-A-T and that was all I needed to make a break for it.

Hopefully my fence will be finished this week. Now I do not want Noah to come so that they can finish this for me. But Mommy really wants Noah to come.

Mommy does not feel good today. She said something about her ear being stopped up. I think she has a sinus infection. Daddy said that she was really dragging. She is at work today. I guess I should have gone with her to help her out in the store... but I need to supervise Daddy and GrandDanny.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Mommy, Daddy and I have a hot date tonight with Italian take out. Maybe someone will give me a piece of bread. Mommy says that she is having eggplant parmesan to help Noah come tomorrow. We will see!

And that's just the dog's life!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Noah - the ball is in your court!!

Mommy, Daddy and I are anxiously waiting for the arrival of Noah! So far, nothing! I am ready for him to be here and the change to be over with. So much is going on in my house that I am now ready to settle back down.

Mommy and Daddy went to the doctor yesterday. She had one of those picture things to see how big he is. She said that it looks like he is already 7 pounds 8 ounces. Mommy is ready for Noah to come! BUT - the good thing for me is.... Mommy keeps taking me on lots of walks. The doctor told Mommy to walk a lot, so guess what, she is.

The room is already. The car is all cleaned out, and the seats are even waxed. Mommy and Daddy did not ok the seat waxing and I keep sliding every time Mommy and I go somewhere. I keep face planting it into the seat! Thanks, Mommy!

Mommy really wants Noah to be born on Sunday. Daddy is going to take Mommy out for Italian food and Mexican food tomorrow night so that she has a better chance. You see, Sunday would be Granddaddy's 80th birthday. I did not get to meet Granddaddy, but Papaw says that Granddaddy would really like me. If Noah comes on Sunday, he would have Daddy's Pawpaw's name and Mommy's Granddaddy's birthday. Mommy says that it would be too perfect. So do me a favor, say a little prayer for Mommy that something will happen and Noah will join the world on Sunday! :-)

Keep checking my blog for Noah updates. Mommy said that she would take lots of pictures at the hospital and send them home for me to see. I can not go to the hospital with Mommy and Daddy, so I will be sleeping over at Momma Gena and GrandDanny's house!

And that's the life of the dog!


Friday, February 6, 2009

Uncle Jamie, There is a Deer at My House

Uncle Jamie came by this afternoon to drop off some deer meat to Papaw. He decided that it would be cool to show me the deer head. At first, I was scared of the body-less head that appeared out of a garbage bag. I did not know what to think of him. Then I started barking at it.

Uncle Jamie put the deer back in the bag and in the back of his truck. After Uncle Jamie left, I still smelled the deer. His scent trailed long behind him. Mommy and Daddy, Nina and Papaw don't smell it, but I sure do!

After the family returned from dinner, I still smelled the animal. His scent trailed in the door behind them. I don't understand why they can not smell it. I required my Daddy to take me outside. I left him no choice! Out we went. I smelled and smelled and smelled. I barked and barked and barked!

Nina and Papaw got ready to leave, but not before I inspected every inch of Nina's car. (So, I thought that Nina's car is where Uncle Jamie put the deer head!) I smelled every inch of the inside of Nina's car. I even checked out the back window by jumping onto the back ledge. Then Daddy thought it would be funny to open the trunk. Not so funny - I had to jump into the trunk to make sure the deer was not back there.

Papaw thinks that I missed my calling as a drug dog. Daddy said I would never make it as a drug dog because of my ADD. He says that I would think that every car has drugs in it. Uncle Jamie thinks this has opened up my natural instincts and now I need to run something. I keep barking at Mommy and Daddy but they just do not understand. Mommy says that she is calling Uncle Jamie to come get me. Works for me.... maybe he will take me to find more deer! I will let you know!

And that's just the dog's life!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ridin' in the Pawpaw Truck

I love riding in the truck with my Daddy. You see, he sold his car in October. Until Mommy and Daddy decide what to buy Mommy, Daddy has been driving Granddaddy's 1985 Toyota truck. It is an older truck, but it gets me and Daddy where we are going. Mommy laughs whenever I get in the truck with Daddy. I just love that truck!

Granddaddy bought that truck just for me. It has windows that pop open, so when the weather is pretty and warm (which is has not been for a while) Daddy will open the window and it blows air for me to smell. Mommy says that I was made for that truck. My little legs are just tall enough for my head to sit just above the dash so that I can look out the window. Though I usually prop my paws on the dash so that I can properly snot the window for Daddy. I snot the windows in every car that I ride in. I usually hit my head on the windshield every time I snot the front.

Mommy is going to take a picture of me and Daddy in the truck. She says that it is a sight to see! She sees the smile on my face every time! So if you see a 1985 blue and white Toyota truck driving down the road with a smiling beagle in the seat, then it is me and Daddy!

And that's just the dog's life!


Monday, February 2, 2009


Well, I am officially 4 years old. Daddy says that I am no longer a "kid" that I am now an adult. Wow! I grew up fast! We don't actually know the date of my birthday, so I celebrate it with Daddy!

It was Daddy's birthday too. Daddy turned 29 on Saturday. (In doggy years, I am only 1 year younger than Daddy and I am 1 year older than Mommy!) HAHA! But Daddy says that is just physically. My mental capacity is still a 4 year old.

Mommy invited the family over last night for the Super Bowl. Nina, Papaw, Momma Gena and GrandDanny were there. Uncle Jamie, Aunt Dorinda and Meghan came, but they did not stay the whole time. Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Paul and Jake got there at half time. Aunt Jonica, Uncle Shane and Shawn were not able to make it, Uncle Shane wanted to watch the game on his new "big" tv. I wondered around the whole time, checking to see who would give me food, but no one did. Mommy had a cake for Daddy, but I did not get to enjoy it. HOW RUDE! AND, it was a Mrs. Audrey cake. Mrs. Audrey made a chocolate and peanut butter cake with chocolate and peanut butter icing and chocolate ganache on top. It sure smelled yummy. Mrs. Audrey does a lot of weddings with Mommy. Check out her website: http://www.cakesbyaudrey.com/.

By the way, did I tell you where Daddy took me last week? I had to go to the doctor for my "big girl check up" as Mommy says. It was my nose to tail physical. Everything checked out good, except my weight. The doctor told Daddy that I am 2 pounds shy of being obese. I weigh a whopping 28 pounds! I need to be around 23-25 pounds, so Maggie is now on a diet!

OH - and I am now officially riding "the Happy Train!" The doctor put me on "puppy Prozac" because of my anxiety. They think that it will go away once Noah arrives. We will see!

Well, back to my nap on the bed. I am at Momma Gena's house today. It is raining outside, so I am being lazy on the bed! :-)

And that's just a dog's life!