Friday, January 31, 2014

I'm BBAACCKK!!!!!!

Yay - I am back to it guys and I could not be more excited! Mommy and I decided to reprise my blog. A lot has happened in the 3 years since I have posted. I have a new baby brother. Yes - can you believe it??? I have been a lot better at it this go round. I remembered that Noah used to drop food on the floor so I have been given and low and behold, Liam drops food on the floor now too. Jackpot!!!

So - to updated you on life. Liam joined our family in March 2013. He is almost a year old. We now live in Mt. Olive, Alabama. Mommy has gone back to work full time at Fun Source Rentals as the wedding planner there. So, technically, I am still the wedding dog, I am just retired now. I stay home all day to keep the house under control and occasionally cook dinner for mommy. She says if she could just get me to do some laundry for her then she would be very happy. Ha - not happening.

Like I said - we now live in Mt. Olive. We moved from Clay to Corner, Alabama and then back to Mt. Olive in August. Daddy is the childrens minister at HighPoint Community Church in Corner. He is having a blast there. I have met a few of the precious children there but not a lot of them.

Well, if you haven't noticed, Mommy and I have created a facebook page to help promote my blog. I am very excited about sharing our journey with you guys again. I hope you will enjoy my family's life through my eyes!! Check out my facebook page if you haven't already:

Here I am in the snow - I was barking at Mommy to let me in. My paws were cold!!! Brrrrr. 

Here are my brothers playing in the snow. Noah was helping hold Liam up. 

And that's just the dog's life!!