Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanks-A-Bunch Day

I want to take a minute out of my busy day to wish you a very Happy Thanks-A-Bunch Day!! I hope that you are enjoying some quality family time!!

I have so much to be thankful for. First of all, I am thankful that Mommy gave me some yummy turkey for lunch. It was delish! I am very thankful that I have a warm home and a warm blanket to sleep on. I am thankful for my king sized bed that Mommy and Daddy bought me a couple of years ago. But most of all, I am thankful for my family! I am thankful that I have my family to send Thanksgiving with and that I am not in a large cold cage today. BUT - I am very thankful also to Pell City Animal Shelter for caring for me while I was there a few years back.

Today was such a wonderful day. It was well spent with family. Mommy, Daddy, Noah and I headed to Momma Gena's house early this morning so that we could watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Mrs. Melissa, Mr. John, Maleah and Lacey were invited to New York City to march in the parade and ride a float! That was such an honor for them. Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Paul and Jake soon joined us. Aunt Barbara and Uncle Mike even came from Clanton and had lunch with the family.

Noah enjoyed Ham in Ham Gravy again. Boy did it get my nose going again! Mommy also let him have some dressing with his ham. He really liked that! Dr. Miller said that he could begin to have some "table scraps" of soft foods. I am glad that he can have table scraps because that means more for me!

Mommy, Daddy and Noah headed off to Grandma Dison's house for an afternoon of fun. I opted not to go, even though I love to smell the deer and horses. I chose to spend the afternoon in Momma Gena's lap! Daisy and Jack were there so I also knew the attention would not be mine! Angie, Tim, Rydan and Amanda all came to enjoy Thanksgiving with the family. Aunt Audrey and Uncle Marv could not come because he has been really sick. Amanda is spending the night with us, so we are having a slumber party! The family is coming over for an Iron Bowl party tomorrow. I have no idea what they are going to do with a bowl made of iron, but I am going to watch the Alabama/Auburn game. They are more than welcome to watch it with me if they like!

I really hope that you have enjoyed your Happy Thanks-a-bunch day! If you have not done so, take a minute and look at the people and things around you. Take a minute and say thanks for all that you have. You will be really glad that you did.

And that's just the dog's life!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Baby vs Beagle...

...and the Beagle wins, of course!!!! Always!!

Nina bought Noah some new food. Mommy really did not think Noah would like it because it was Ham in Ham gravy. Mommy says that it sounded (amd smelled) horrible but she decided to try it anyway. The jar had only been opened a few seconds and my nose sent off an alert to my brain. I had to get up and see what wonderful smell had triggered my nose. It was, of course, the ham in ham gravy! Yum-my! Noah was actually enjoying his meal when I decided that I would try to help. Mommy had a wet paper towel to help wipe off his face, but I could not help myself and decided to partake in the paper towel. I had it in shreds. I found the lid to the baby food jar and cleaned it off. Then, I decided that Mommy needed help wiping Noah down since I had taken care of the paper towel. Yes, that is right... I licked Noah's face! Nina was not happy with me when Mommy told her what I did. I was only trying to help. The good thing is that Noah thought that I was playing and laughed. So, when he laughed, I licked again... and again. I licked him 3 times. I just could not get enough ham and ham gravy. There were 2 bites left over when Noah was finished with lunch so Mommy did let me have those. I can not wait until Noah has ham and ham gravy again.

Hum... I wonder what is for lunch tomorrow!! Something good, I hope!

And that's just the dog's life!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Trip to BabiesMart and PetsMart

Noah and I both had outings today - each being separate. Noah's outing was first.

Can you believe that my brother is 9 months old today! I can not believe how fast these 9 months have gone. He just gets better and better every day. He has finally hit the playful stage with me. Nina was here yesterday and she laughed when brother chased me down the hallway. I did not really know what to do with him, and still don't. But I just kind of ran around and he laughed. I thought that it was a successful play session. Mommy keeps telling me that he will get better and better.

But Noah had to go to BabiesMart this morning for his 9 month check up. Momma Gena went with Mommy and Noah since Daddy had to work. Dr. Miller gave Noah a good bill of health. He is now 19 lbs 12 oz and is 29 inches long. He is 40th percentile for his weight and 80th percentile for his length. We obviously new that his length would be long - given how tall Mommy and Daddy both are. As for Noah's bad sleeping habits, well, Dr. Miller did not tell Mommy what she wanted to hear. It is going to take some work, but Mommy is going to have to get Noah on a better daily schedule and he is going to have to fuss it out at night until he gets the routine down. Looks like Daddy and I will have several nights of sleeping on the couch! I assured my Mommy that I had no trouble coming up with my sleeping routine! Get up in the morning, go out side, go to couch to sleep. Move upstairs to sleep on couch, go back down stairs to sleep on couch. Move to sunshine at front door, sleep some more. Eat dinner, play a few minutes, lounge on the couch with Daddy, go upstairs to bed and sleep. And my day starts all over tomorrow! I will keep you posted on Noah's sleeping progress.

And I got a trip to PetsMart today as well. I was well overdue for a pet-icure, so off Mommy and I went for a ride. Noah was taking his afternoon nap, so it was just Mommy and me. We had such a good time. I am asking Santa for a new daytime, so Mommy and I looked and picked out a couple that I really like. My daytime is currently red and people constantly use the phrase "he" or "him" around me, so I think that it is time to go back to a pink daytime so that there is NO DOUBT that I am a SHE!!

I was not really thrilled with having to go today because I thought that I was going to see the doctor. I went into the same door. The nurse lady really had to drag me in there - and I mean drag because my paws were planted on the floor and I was sliding in the room. Mommy felt really bad and tried to assure me but it did no good. The nurse told Mommy that we would be right back. Mommy went off shopping again and I had to page her when I came out the door. Mommy came quickly and told me to hush. I let the entire store know that my toes had been cut off. I caused quite a ruckus. I even saw Mr. Ron, Momma Gena's neighbor (Roxy's Daddy) and he even tried to talk to me and calm me. But I also told him about it. Mommy did let me visit with the C-A-T's before leaving and we made a stop by the guinea pigs. I love tormenting the cats and rats. It is as close as I will ever get to a cat. I have to smell them while I can!!

And that's just the dog's life!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Aunt Jen!!

Happy Birthday to you, woof, woof, woof!!!
Happy Birthday to you, woof, woof, woof!!!
Happy Birthday, to Aunt Jen!!!
Happy Birthday to you!!! Woof, Woof, Woof!!

I hope that you are having a wonderful birthday!!!


ps - Make sure Lady and Charlie buy you something pretty for your birthday!! :-)

WANTED: Babysitting Job

If you ever need someone to babysit, or you know of someone who needs a babysitter, just call me!! I had the opportunity to babysit Noah for Mommy yesterday, and I think that I did a pretty darn good job! Noah was taking a nap and Mommy had to walk outside for a few minutes (note: she did take the baby monitor with her!!) I was inside the house with Noah. Mommy was outside only for a few minutes when Noah woke up. Mommy instantly heard him and came inside. When she got inside, I had opened the door to the nursery and started talking to my brother to tell him that Mommy was coming. (I was actually yelling for Mommy to hurry up because Brother was crying and I was upset!)

Mommy said that I did a really good job watching Noah. It has now gone to my head and I think that I can babysit anyone!!

Daddy has also decided that I know when Brother wakes up from his nap. Several times this past week I alerted Daddy that Noah was up. Since Mommy, Daddy and Papaw are now working from my house, Brother has the privilege to nap in his own bed. Daddy shut the door to the nursery and also to our bedroom (cause Noah's nursery is in our bedroom) so not to disturb him. On 2 different days, I went to the bedroom door and begged to be let in. After minutes of begging, Daddy finally let me in. Both times, Brother was awake and ready to play. So, whoever said a dog does not have intuition or instincts is TOTALLY wrong!!

I try to be such a good big sister. Noah is having a really rough time sleeping right now. So much so, he was awake from 12:45 am until 2:30 am this morning. Mommy finally took Brother downstairs so that he would not disrupt me and Daddy and our precious sleeping! I could not sleep knowing that Mommy was downstairs. I hopped out of my comfy blanket and headed downstairs to help Mommy out. I curled up on the couch beside her. Before we knew it (around 2:30 am) me, Mommy and Brother were all curled up asleep on the couch together. I think we slept that way until 4:30 am. Mommy woke up and woke me up and upstairs to bed we headed. Brother woke up again less than a hour later but Mommy easily got him back to sleep. The 3 of us slept until 9 am and we all missed church this morning.

Mommy thinks that Noah's sleeping issue is based on teething. He will be 9 months old on Tuesday so Mommy will be talking to the doctor about ways to fix this issue. Brother does not have a single tooth yet, so as Mommy says, no Thanksgiving turkey for him!! HAHA!

And that's just the dog's (tiring) life!


Change in information

My Mommy made a slight change to her Uppercase Living information. Her new website address is and her new email address is She has also created a blog for her Uppercase Living and that address is (I now have some blogging competition!!)

And that's just the dog's life!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Girl's Night Out

I had a wonderful night tonight!!! Mommy had a girlie party at our house and I actually got to stay and enjoy the fun this time!! Mommy is now a demonstrator for Uppercase Living and tonight was her first Open House and it was at our house. We had 12 people, 3 babies and 2 demonstrators. I only helped myself to the food table twice! Shawn came to play tonight and brought a hamburger that he had for dinner. It was left on the kitchen table and I decided that he was finished with it. Noah also got to stay and play tonight... and boy did he play! He crawled all over the place! The 3rd baby was Iris. Her mom, Sarah, is the demonstrator who was helping my Mommy out. She is a young baby, she is only 3 months old.

If you are interested in hosting an Uppercase Living Open House for my mommy, just email her at You can also visit her UL website at and purchase any cool products there.

And that's just the dog's life!


Thursday, November 12, 2009


Mommy and I figured out that I missed my opportunity as Underdog. I really hate that I missed it! We were watching Good Morning America this morning and they announced that Broadway Across America now has 101 Dalmatians touring as a Broadway play. I have never seen what a Broadway play is, but I did see several Dalmatian dogs on tv and that caught my attention enough. The man that they interviewed trained all of the dogs for the play. He was asked where he got the dogs. His answer: multiple places. Some are stray dogs that were found on the streets and many of them were rescue dogs they received from animal shelters and Dalmatian rescue groups.

Mommy and Daddy got me from the Pell City Animal Shelter just under 3 years ago. I wonder what tv/movie/broadway company would have come to Pell City in search for me for my stardom premiere. I just know that I would have been swept up!

Daddy said that I would have never made it as Underdog because that would mean that I would have to work. I would not be able to lounge on the couch all day long. But I would have made a darn good Underdog!!!! I missed my chance for fame! Oh well!

And that's just a dog's life!


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wiser with Age

I have finally gained some wisdom with my years. The family talks about the smart but unusual things that Freckles used to do. One uncommon thing was sitting to eat. Freckles would always sit at her bowl when she would eat dinner. Mommy says that it was so funny to see the rear end of a basset hound down on the floor eating. Freckles' food bowl was on the opposite side of the refrigerator at Momma Gena's old house and all you could see was her rear end sticking out from the fridge. Daddy said that he has never heard of a dog sitting to eat. That is definitely not something that I do!

Freckles would also place her paw on a plate when GrandDanny gave it to her to lick. She had learned with age that there is no point in chasing the paper plate - just put your paw on it and it will stay still. When I first joined the family and learned to lick plates clean, I chased those things all over the place. The family tried to tell me to hold on to it, but I did not know what I was doing. Well, I have finally learned what they were talking about! I now put my paw on my plate to keep it still so that I can clean in. It definitely makes more sense to me. Why did I not think of that earlier??? HAHA! I guess I need to learn from Freckles. She was very wise with her age. Maybe I should start sitting to eat ... oh wait, Noah tries to play in my food bowls so they have gotten moved to the counters. Mommy has to be very careful when she gives me my dinner because Noah will try to play with my food. He is not so wise with his age yet - he does not know that it is not polite to play with your food or any one else - ESPECIALLY MINE!!

And that's just the dog's life!


Momma Gena's Disappointment

Well, I have done it now. I officially have disappointed my Momma Gena! She and GrandDanny were working in the turnip green patch and found a dead rat in the patch. They assume that he has been there for a couple of days and that he ate some of the stout garlic that is planted there and it killed him. I know how bad garlic smells when Mommy is cooking with it, so I could not imagine how strong it would be in a rat's mouth. Talk about bad breath! So I disappointed my Momma Gena because I did not see or smell the dead rat. The sad thing is that I was at her house all day yesterday and took many trips into the yard and my nose let me down! Not once did I smell where he had been. Funny thing is that I noticed it immediately today when I got there. I followed my "Happy Trails" trail and went right straight to were the deceased had laid. Gonna have to check to see what is wrong with my nose! Must be the sinus infection that Mommy and I have been fighting!

And that's just the dog's life!


Full of Tricks

I made it through another Halloween without too many tricks but lots of treats! The annual Halloween bash in the Kidron neighborhood took place. There were lots of kids and a fun hay ride. I did not get to ride in the hay ride, but I went trick or treating to every door with the 15 kids that attended. While the kids received their treats, I left tricks at every mailbox. It sure was fun!

Noah and Jake also enjoyed their Halloween. The dynamic duo dressed as Tigger (Noah) and Pooh (Jake). I was so glad to see these 2 come along because I did not have to dress us this year. It was WONDERFUL!! But, my family has already made of for it. Momma Gena found me a costume for next year at Target - and she bought it! She found a hot dog costume for $.99. Said that she could not resist. Too bad it was just my size! I will have to call up Bear and tell him! Maybe we can dress alike for the Petsmart costume party!

And that's just the dog's life!