Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm a PRINCESS - cause "all girls are"

NOT! I'm a princess because my Daddy calls me his little princess. I'm not sure what is gonna happen if I have a little sister one day. Yes I do, she will obviously not be the princess because I already am. HA!

As you can tell, I rule the roost in our house. I really do! I dictate all that happens. You laugh but Mommy would tell you it is true! I have to have a blanket on the couch, I have to dump my food on the floor, I have to have a treat when I come inside, I will not go outside if it has rained, I will beg and demand walks, I will sleep on the king-sized bed. See - it's all I!!

Well, I hope that you like the new look of my blog! Mommy was working on her blog (which is nowhere as good as my blog) saw this and had to let me have it. I love it!! Enjoy!

And that's just the dog's life!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010


We had a visitor in our house last weekend and it was so much fun! Mommy invited Ellie to come stay with us Friday night and Saturday night. Ellie is here from Italy to study for a year. She fit in just perfect with our little family. Hopefully she will be back often!! She and I shared a blanket several times. I'm not sure if she liked it but you know how I am about my blanket. I have to have my blanket when I sit on the couch - my Momma Gena taught me that. Mommy was worried about Ellie using my blanket because it has all of my fur on it -- that's why Momma Gena taught me to use the blanket!

Mommy wanted Noah to wake up Ellie on Sunday morning. She thought she could do it without me noticing - NOT!! I tried to fight my way in but luckily for Mommy I did not jump on the bed with Ellie. That would have been a bad wake up call for her. Noah didn't do a good job of waking her up either because he wanted to play with a picture frame that Mommy had in the room.

Mommy is trying to redecorate the guest bedroom to a more teen friendly room. She is looking for something new to go on the bed and then she will decorate with a picture or something. I have a feeling that a new comforter on that bed will mean that I am not allowed there. Too bad because that bedroom is the perfect nap room -- the afternoon sun comes in and it is just perfect!!

Our family is excited about hosting exchange students in our home. Check out Mommy's blog for more details!!! www.funderburgfam.blogspot.com.

And that's just the dog's life!


Monday, September 27, 2010

Mommy's New Blog

Don't let the title of my blog scare you. This blog is not going anywhere!! Though we do not update it as often as we would like, I'm not going to let it go away.

I use my blog as funny stories and happenings in our house and Mommy's blog is a little more "grown up". Her blog is www.funderburgfam.blogspot.com. She has done a good job setting up her blog but I have got to get her to get some music on it!!!

I've got some funny stories to tell you but I've got to get back to my nap on the couch!! It's a chilly rainy day at home and I'm here by myself. Makes for GREAT nap weather!!!

And that's just the dog's life!


Monday, September 6, 2010

Picture of ME!

I decided that this is MY blog - NOT NOAH'S!! I thought that it needed an updated picture of me! This is not my best side as I am just waking up in this picture. There are better pictures on Mommy's blackberry, but seeing as I don't know how to get those off, they will stay where they are! BOL!!!

Oh, and by the way, I am naked in this picture. I do not have my daytime on!! Sorry for the indecency!

And that's just the dog's life!


Brudder update

I am sorry that it has taken me so long to post. I am obviously not a good blogger anymore! Since I do not get to go to work with Mommy anymore, I can not find the time to steal her computer to blog. She usually has it with her at work!

I promised some pictures of Noah with his blue accessory!! He got his cast off, just over 4 weeks of wearing it. It was not as bad as it could have been. Papaw and Mommy were glad to see the cast go - it became a weapon to hit them with. Fortunately the weapon never got turned on me!

Here are a few pictures of Brudder ...

Sitting and waiting on the doctor!

Such a cute brudder that I have!

Wearing Daddy's shoes!

Getting our cast off. Noah was afraid!

...but then he was quickly distracted and intrigued!

Getting the final x-ray that showed we were good to go!!
And that's just the dog's life!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Poor, poor brudder

My poor brudder has a boo-boo. This is his first real boo-boo and it's a doozie! No, I did not have a paw in it, but it is so sad.

Noah broke his right arm last week at school. He has a cast on his arm up above his elbow. Fortunately, he has not learned that he can use it as a weapon. THANK GOODNESS! Mommy also told him that he can not hit me with it. Whew - that would hurt.

Mommy and Daddy are not 100% sure how he did it, but they know that he must have fallen. He was at school when the accident happened but they did not see him fall. Noah has "happy feet" all the time and sometimes his feet get ahead of his body and he falls down. It really doesn't surprise Mommy.

Hopefully he will only have to wear the cast for 3 weeks - right now we are 1 week down and 2 to go!

I'll ask Mommy to help me post some pictures this weekend!!

And that's just the dog's life!


Friday, June 11, 2010


(As I sing the tune of Benny and The Jets...)

Bunnies are taking over my hood!! My yard to be exact! Every night, I go out for last time for nite-nite and there, in the middle of my backyard is a bunny. I run, run, run as fast as I can and chase it out of my yard. Then, I stand guard in my yard until Mommy comes to get me. As my Daddy says, I was bred to hunt and chase bunnies and now they are in my territory. Ugh...

I have even played a game with one of them the other night. I went out and chased it. Then I went back in and sat at the back door. I peered out the window watching that little rabbit bounce right back through my fence and into my yard. Fortunately, Mommy walked back into the kitchen just in time for me to go outside. Oh, it was so much fun!!

Mommy bought a bird feeder for my back yard so now I chase the birds in the morning. Mommy tries to tell me that we like the birds and we want to feed them. HA - NOT!!! Its just a fun game for me and I guess that she does not understand it!!

And that's just the dog's life!


Friday, June 4, 2010

4 in the bed...and the Momma said... MARGARET FRANCES!!!

Last night was NOT a pretty night in our household. Unfortunately, it was all my fault! Noah had gone to bed at his normal time of 9 pm. Daddy had just gotten home and was eating dinner. I had been outside and was ready to come in and go to bed. It was a little after 10 pm. I ran up the stairs to our bedroom, mommy was getting ready for bed, I jumped on the bed and tried to have a meltdown. I let out 2 little barks. About 5 seconds later ... Noah cries! OH, my mommy was not happy with me!! I knew instantly what I had done!

Mommy rocked Noah, got him back to sleep, tried to lay him down, and he would cry. Mommy would pick him up, rock him, get him back to sleep, lay him down, and cry! Finally, Mommy brought him to bed with her and turned on the Baby Channel. We watch the Nightime Programs for Baby on the baby channel. Oh, it is so soothing!! We laid there for about 30 minutes, all 3 of us asleep. Daddy came to bed so Mommy tried to put Noah in his bed. Well, that did not work. He screamed for 10 minutes. Mommy was afraid that he would make himself sick so she went to get him. She and brother headed downstairs to try to sleep in the recliner. That did not work. Then she tried the couch. That did not work. I tried to snuggle with them in the recliner and couch, but there was not enough room for 3 of us. Finally, Mommy turned on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and we watched 3 episodes. Noah sat on the couch, happy as could be, just giggling at all that Mickey was saying. Mommy and I snuggled on the couch and caught a few zzz's in between laughter. I felt like I owed it to Mommy to be there with her.

Finally at 1:15 am, Mommy decided it was time to try bed again. We headed off upstairs (again), I jumped on my bed (the king sized bed, that is) and Mommy and Noah headed into the nursery. She thought she would try the whole "nite nite" routine to see if that would help Noah. They sat down to read a book and then to tell Chuckles "nite nite". Mommy laid Noah down and he fussed for about a minute and then was out!!

I felt so bad about what I did. I wanted some attention and play time and caused Mommy a night of sleep. I snuggled with her all night, trying to make sure she knew that I was very sorry for my mistake.

Brother woke up bright and early morning raring to go! Daddy is at a wedding and mommy is at work. Momma Gena and GrandDanny are here with us know until brother finishes his nap. I hear that we may go home with them - so I am hoping for a fun afternoon at GiGi's house! Maybe I'll beg for a walk - in between rain showers!

And that's just the dog's life!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Friends in the hood

Mommy, Noah and I meet lots of interesting people while out for our nightly walks. I now know so many other 4-leggers in our neighborhood. I've told you about Gretta and Gracie. Gretta is a boxer and Gracie a basset. They live 3 houses down with Ms. Rita. Apparently Ms. Rita works nights and takes Gretta and Gracie on their daily morning walk around 8:20 each morning. Gretta is the one who walked through my house looking for me one day. Gretta and Gracie are trained and take supervised, yet unsupervised walks each day. All Mommy has to do is say "there's Gretta and Gracie" and my hair stands up and off I go to the back door!!

I also know Ziggy. Ziggy is a Scottish terrier. He is retired and lives with his mommy and daddy. I met Bear a few weeks ago who lives with his mommy. He has 3 siblings who are at the University of Alabama. He is a hound mixture, but not sure what kind of mix he is. All I know is that he is taller than me!!

I have recently met "W" and Sally. "W" was named after the great George W Bush. Mommy and I call him "W", THE DOG. Sally, his next door neighbor, is another basset hound. I just love it that a majority of dogs in our hood belong to the hound family!!

Watch out Clay, Hounds are taking over Georgebrook!!

And that's just the dog's life!


Thursday, May 6, 2010


4 Years ago today, I struck GOLD!! And beautiful gold it was! I remember that day like it was yesterday. There I was, in a crate in the Trussville Petsmart Store. People had been in and out all day long looking at the few of us that laid there. They would reach through the crate door and let me smell their fingers - some smelling good, others, not so much! When I was in the pin, they would reach over and scratch my head. I would get to go outside every couple of hours and do my business, but I would just sniff around and not really do what I needed to do! People would Ooo and Ahhh over us, but none looked worthy enough for me to go home with.

FINALLY - my future family came in. Oh how sweet they looked! A group of 4 it was. They all kept looking around at all of us, trying to make a decision. I laid there just hoping that my number was next. AND IT WAS!! My daddy picked me out from the group. Mommy was honestly more interested in an older lady that was in a much larger crate, but I had Daddy's heart from the beginning! Daddy held me and there was an instant connection. He and Momma Gena were admiring me. GrandDanny said I looked like Freckles. I didn't know who he was talking about but I went along with him. Mommy came over to look at me and I gave her some sad eyes. She held me and we cuddled. Oh it felt so good. I felt the love! Mommy handed me back to Daddy and said that she liked me. (I don't think she felt the connection quite like I did!) Daddy held me and said that if I wanted a new home today then I could have it. He said I needed to tell him and it would be done! I laid my head across his arm and took a deep breath. He looked at Mommy and said to go get the checkbook! The rest is history!

I definitely struck gold that day. I had no idea that I would join such an amazing family. I am loved more than any other dog in the world!! Life is very good for me and I would not trade anything in the world!!

And that's just the dog's AMAZING life!


Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Treats

Everything has been so busy with Grandma that I forgot to tell you about Easter!!

Easter morning was a blast with Noah. Both of us were excited to see what the Easter Bunny had left. I headed down the stairs first (I am a little faster since I have 4 legs - I can skip stairs better). I hopped on the couch to find that the Easter Bunny had brought me a new bag of treats. I was so excited and eager to have Daddy open them.

Noah was very excited to see his new dump truck, sand bucket and shovels, ball, pjs, snacks and new duckie towel. He is such a boy and went straight for his snacks.

The morning was spent at church then a WONDERFUL lunch at Momma Gena's house. The whole family was there!! Uncle Mike and Aunt Barbara came up from Clanton, Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Paul and Jake also joined us for lunch. Nina and Papaw had lunch with Aunt Dorinda but then came to Momma Gena's house for dessert. After lunch, the fam enjoyed time together on the patio. Daddy hid some eggs for Noah and Jake to search for. He even thought he would be smart and hide a special egg just for me. HA - I am smarter than the average beagle and found it instantly!! He rubbed a treat all over an egg and then buried it in one of my favorite smelling spots. Come on Dad, give a girl some credit and a little more challenge!! BOL! I found the egg before Daddy could get off of the porch.

Noah and Jake enjoyed their egg hunt. Noah seemed to pick up the eggs a little better than Jake but he couldn't comprehend to keep the eggs in his bucket. Both found a lot of eggs - each finding one with ice cream money in it.

Noah did discover something new - GrandDanny's concrete gutter drain. Poor thing - he thought it was a slide. Took Daddy a few minutes to figure out what he was doing ... he would sit on it and scoot his bottom down it. Mommy was worried about his Easter outfit - then it dawned on Daddy that Noah thought it was a slide. He remembered it from our day at the park a couple of weeks ago. Noah LOVES to slide!!

Mommy has decided that she is going to buy Noah a slide in a couple of weeks. He will have a blast on it.

Mommy, Daddy and Noah headed off to Leeds to see Nanny. They enjoyed time with her and even had a yummy dinner there. I didn't get to go - Buddy still scares the poop out of me every time. I spent the afternoon with Momma Gena and enjoyed some valuable lap time.

And that was our Easter day. I hope that yours was just as enjoyable with some much needed family time. But most of all, I hope that you took the time to realize what Easter is really all about. Yes, Noah and I love that the Easter Bunny brought us goodies, but it is the fact that Jesus gave us ETERNITY!! What better gift could we receive?!?!?!?!

And that's just the dog's life!


God does listen to my prayers...

It doesn't matter how big or small the prayer is, or even who is praying it, but God does listen!!!

Grandma Dison is starting to settle in to her new "home". Nina went to visit her today and Grandma seemed much better. She even ventured to the dinning room to have lunch with her new roommates.

Mommy, Daddy and Noah are going to see her on Sunday. I don't think I will be allowed to make this trip but I hope to go very soon! Nina says that there are goats there and I might just have to "play" with them! HEHE!!

Mommy said that there is a really cool red barn there, so she plans to take some neat pictures of brother. I will be sure to post them when she does!!

Thank you all for your prayers. Keep them coming! I'll keep you updated as things change!!

Love to all!

And that's just the dog's life!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mommy's Heart Hurts...

And I don't know how to fix it. Last night, she just looked at me and cried! I jumped on the couch beside her and put my paw on her and just loved her, that was all I could do. She knew my love by the look in my eyes. I wasn't real sure what was going on but I knew my Mommy needed me and that is where I was.

I later figured out that Grandma Dison was moved to a skilled nursing facility - as Mommy called it. Grandma made the move ok, but she was not happy about it. She said that the family did it to her on purpose. Mommy's heart just breaks at the thought of Grandma being there by herself. Unfortunately, there is nothing Mommy can do about it. She knows it is where Grandma needs to be, but it is just so hard. If you have ever met my Grandma, then you know that she is a very independent woman, just like my Nina and just like my Mommy! All 3 of them would rather do it themselves then ask for help.

Nina had a very hard time last night as well. She feels so guilty for having to take Grandma there. We keep praying that she will settle in to where she is and be ok.

Please pray for my family. This is such a hard time and I hate seeing my Mommy's heart hurt!!

And that's just the dog's life!


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tummy Scratch Learning Session

Noah has always been real good playing with me, and I'm good with him, but he has not learned how gentle he needs to be with me. Mommy tries to tell him to be gentle with me, but he doesn't understand. Mommy taught him how to scratch my tummy this morning and it was GOOD!! I helped out with the process, of course. Mommy brought Noah to our king sized bed at 8 am this morning to put his socks back on him - the boy hates his socks! I preceded to roll on my back and put all fours in the air. Mommy started scratching my tummy (and oh, it felt so good) and then Noah decided to help. Mommy took his hand and showed him the proper way to scratch. He seemed more interested in my foot and my mouth (because my teeth were showing, I was smiling) but Mommy kept sending him back to scratching my tummy.

He is such a cutie, and I love my brother!!!

And that's just the dog's life!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Goin' to GiGi's House today

I am going to GiGi's house today and I am so excited!!! Can't wait to get some valuable lap time!! Noah's going too, so I may not get as much attention as I would like, but still, I LOVE going to GiGi's house!!

Daddy is helping GrandDanny build another fence in the backyard - I may need to supervise it! Mommy is going to the hospital to check on Grandma.

Grandma Update - Yesterday was a tough day. Nina said that she slept a lot, which is not what Grandma has done the last week that she has been in the hospital. Mommy is nervous that Grandma may be ready to give up her fight and go be with Grandpa. Mommy just prays for strength for what ever may happen.

Noah is growing like a little weed! He is getting more fun every day. Now that the weather is getting pretty, we go out on walks all the time. Momma Gena and GrandDanny gave him a red wagon for his birthday and he loves to ride. Mommy took a part the guest bedroom and made a play room for Noah. GrandDanny and Daddy tried to put the red couch in there so that I could have a place to lay which I watch Noah play, but it would not fit down the hallway and make the curve. Mommy loves having the play room. Noah still plays a lot in the living room, but there are not toys in front of the window that block my view of the C-A-T-S! Oh, and did I mention that my basket of toys is back out. Noah doesn't put them in his mouth anymore - in fact, he loves to throw them for me. He can't throw very far, but it is still fun. I know that we are going to have a lot of fun in the backyard this summer. I can't wait.

Mommy is in the hunt for a job - she has decided that it is time to go back to work. I am not sure what is going to happen with me and Noah, but I am sure that we will be ok. Daddy has some things up his sleeve as well, so we are praying they all work out just fine!

And that's just the dog's life!


Monday, March 29, 2010

Thought for the day...

Mommy and I found this while reading another doggie blog : www.ourwaggingtales.blogspot.com

Remember, if a dog was the teacher you would learn things like:

- When loved ones come home, always run to greet them.
- Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joyride.
- Allow the experience of fresh air and the wind in your face to be pure ecstasy.
- Take naps.
- Stretch before rising.
- Run, romp, and play daily.
- Thrive on attention and let people touch you.
- Avoid biting when a simple growl will do.
- On warm days, stop to lie on your back on the grass.
- On hot days, drink lots of water and lie under a shady tree.
- When you're happy, dance around and wag your entire body.
- Delight in the simple joy of a long walk.
- Be loyal.
- Never pretend to be something you're not.
- If what you want lies buried, dig until you find it.
- When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close by and nuzzle them gently!

And that's just the dog's life!


HaPpY bIrThDaY, pApAw!!

Happy Birthday to woo, (woof, woof, woof!)
Happy Birthday to woo, (woof, woof, woof!)
Happy Birthday, DEAR PAPAW!!!
Happy Birthday TO WOO!!!

Your at my house working today, and it's beautiful outside, so I'm gonna demand a W-A-L-K in just a bit! Hope your up for it!



HAPPY (belated) Birthday to woo (woof, woof, woof!)
HAPPY (belated) Birthday to woo (woof, woof, woof!)
HaPpY bIrThDaY tO wOo!! (woof, woof, woof!)

I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I'm sorry I didn't get to go to dinner with the family. I'll make it up to you with some extra lap time!! :-)


Pray for Grandma Dison

My Grandma Dison fell last Sunday night/Monday morning and broke her femur bone in her right leg. The ambulance had to take her to the hospital and she had to have surgery last Tuesday. She had to stay in SICU until Saturday afternoon. She had some bleeding that they could not find the cause from. While looking for it, they found an aneurysm in her tummy, which is NOT good. This type of issue would normally require surgery, but Grandma is not a candidate for it. She would not make it through it.

Grandma is also about to have to go to a nursing home - which will not necessarily be a good thing - cause I can not go see her there. I can't go sit in her lap like I do when we are at her house. I know that it is probably going to be best for her, but I'm not real happy about it. Because of financial reasons, there is a big probability that the family will have to turn over her home to the state. It's gonna be tough if we loose Grandma and her home.

Please pray for my Mommy and her family - and for Grandma, of course. This is such a hard time for everyone!

And that's just the dog's life!


Bunnies, Bunnies EVERYWHERE

Bunnies are attacking my yard. 2 were sitting in our neighbor's yard last week. I saw them through the window and went nuts. Mommy and Daddy were not happy with me because Noah had already gone to bed. Daddy thought they were not real and something that Mrs. Jessica put out for decoration. He closed the blinds saying that we would have to ask Mrs. Jessica to move them, opened the blinds right back up and they were gone. Poof!

Then, last Monday night a bunny was in my back yard. By the time I got to it, it was gone. But I trailed the smell of it for a long time.

I need to figure out who to stop this infestation!

And that's just the dog's life!


Friday, March 19, 2010

WHEW - what a day!!

I am exhausted, but I had a great time! Noah is out for spring break this week. The weather has not been the best, but today is! We have had 75 degree weather with BLUE SKIES! Off to the park we went!! We headed out this morning to Leeds for a day of fun with the family. Noah has never been to the park, so we knew this would be fun. Mommy let me go to, so I was very excited. Didn't know where I was going, but I knew I was going to have a good time.

We stopped by Old Smokey BBQ to get lunch. Daddy didn't let me get out of the car, but my nose sure was going. It smelled so good! We finally made it to the park and yet again, so much to smell.

After the family had lunch, Momma Gena, GrandDanny, Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Paul, Jake, Nina and I went for a walk. I drank some yummy creek water.

I was so tired after my outing. I slept all night on the couch and all night on my king sized bed. It was a wonderful family day!

And that's just the dog's life!


Monday, March 15, 2010

One for me and one for you

This is the new motto in my house. I have learned that Noah keeps getting all kinds of snacks during the day. Some are great and others not so much. I'm not a big fan of plain cherrios, but I love baby goldfish. I also really like Froot Loops.

Papaw is at our house today working. He fixed himself a grilled cheese sandwich. I heard the cheese come out of the fridge and I was there. Noah hoarded in on Papaw's sandwich. Before Papaw knew it, Noah and I had eaten 1 1/2 of his 2 grilled cheese sandwiches. They were so yummy.

Mommy also lets me clean up after Noah finishes eating. She calls it my house chores that I have to do. I don't complain. I did not like the brown rice that he had for lunch today - obviously he didn't either and that's why we ate Papaw's sandwiches.

Hum ... I wonder what's for dinner!

And that's just the dog's life!


Noah's Birthday Party

Here are some of the pictures from Noah's birthday party! You will notice that there are NONE of me ... that's because I could not go! Oh well! Looks like they had fun even without me!

Mommy did invite a special guest for Noah. It was a surprise for everyone, but he seemed to be a big hit!


Family Picture with Mickey Mouse

Noah LOVES his new baseball toy. I don't so much because
it has a bat that came with it. Fortunately, Noah has not learned how
use it as a weapon!


Yummy smash cake!

Noah's AMAZING cake that Mrs. Audrey made for him.
The top layer was her famous french vanilla almond
and the bottom was chocolate with peanut butter icing in the middle.
www.cakesbyaudrey.com Tell her Maggie sent you!!

And that's just the dog's life!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Praying for a friend

I'm sending prayers out to my friend, Lady. Her brother went to the big farm in the sky today!! He is so much better off though!

Lady - I love ya, my friend! Thoughts, prayers, love and treats being sent your direction!


Noah's 1st Day of School

Like I said the other night - I am very behind on my blogging, and I am so sorry!

Noah is now going to big boy school. His first day was Wednesday, February 3rd. He only goes 2 days a week for four hours, but boy does he like it! And so do I!! It is 4 hours of undisturbed sleeping on the couch!

I didn't really like it at first. I was real cautious when Mommy and Noah would leave and she would come home without him. She finally took me with her to pick him up and I have been fine since. It was unusual to suddenly not have my pack together. It was out of my control and I didn't understand and I didn't like it!

Brother has settled in very well. Had a few rough days at first, but he loves it now! He even has him a little girlfriend. Her name is Ansley. She gave Noah a picture Valentine card, so I have seen a picture and she is adorable. She just loves to rub Noah's head. His teachers don't think she has ever seen a red head before. But Noah is just as smitten. He stands beside the highchair while she eats lunch and talks to her. So sweet! Such a gentleman!! Last week at school they played "house" together. Their classroom has new pots and pans and they played with them together. Mommy thinks this might be getting too serious!!

Here are a few pictures of his first day at school:

He has his bag, his cup, his lunch and his papi - what else does a boy need!
He's catching up on a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse before heading out!

This is the outside of Noah's school - it is called Noah's Park.
So fitting of a name!
His classroom window is to the left of the blue circle window!

This is Mommy and Noah leaving school.
He looks a little relieved that she came back to get him!!

Noah with Mrs. Lisa and Mrs. Linda
(he really did have a good day at school!)
And that's just the dog's life!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

So Far Behind

I am so far behind on my blogging. I have so much to update you on! I don't even know where to begin!

First of all - it snowed at my house!! We had such a good time playing in the snow. Brother did not know what to do with it. I don't think he liked it! But I loved chasing snowballs!! Papaw spent the night with us so we had an extra good time!!

SICKNESS - the stomach virus has made its way through our house. Everyone had it except me. THANKGOODNESS!! I had to nurse, and it was tough. First, Noah got it. It was sad, but he missed his Valentine's Day party at school. But it was ok, because school ended up closing early for the snow. Then Daddy got the virus on Valentines. He had it so bad that he ended up staying at Momma Gena and GrandDanny's house because he could not make it home. (Mommy and I took over the king-sized bed. Not gonna lie - it was kinda nice to stretch out. Oh wait, I do that every night!) Mommy "bug bombed" the house and thought we were rid of it!! THEN - Mommy got it. You know, they say its bad when Daddy's get sick, but I think it was worse having Mommy sick. I didn't know what to do for her. Daddy was great for Mommy and handled everything for Noah. We didn't want him to get it again. It was scary when Mommy got sick because it was the day before Noah's 1st Birthday party. Noah went to school and Daddy went to work, so I had to stay home with Mommy. We snuggled in the bed or the couch all day. It was a great day of relaxation! Nina ended up being sick the day after Mommy. It was sad because she did miss Noah's birthday party. THEN - GrandDanny ended up with it a week later. It has been crazy stuff. Luckily Momma Gena and Papaw have faired away from it.

Birthday Party - Noah turned 1. I can not believe it has been a year since that wonderful day that I spent the entire day in my bedroom! No, it was great!! Noah had his party on Saturday, Feb 20th. His actual birthday was Wednesday, February 24th. I have pictures to post in a separate post. He had a great time with his birthday cake!!

Bunny Rabbits - Did I tell you that a family of bunnies lives behind our house. Oh my goodness - I smell them each night and I bark, and I bark, and I bark! I get into trouble each night because of my barking. I smelled a coyote tonight and Papaw carried me in the house. So, I started howling at 9:30 pm. Why is that not acceptable??

That's all that I can think of right now. I know that I have tons more to post!!

And that's just the dog's life!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pictures of Noah

You may not realize it, but SOMEONE has a special birthday coming up. Noah will be 1 on February 24th. We can not believe it!

Mommy has been busy designing the invitation for his party and needed a picture of him for the card. We took Noah into my backyard and did a few pics. I did help out, of course. Here is what we came up with...

This is the one that will be on his invitation

This is Mommy's favorite! He was reaching for the goldfish that Daddy was holding.

And that's just the dog's life!


Happy Birthday to US!!

Daddy and I celebrated a very special birthday this weekend. Daddy turned 30 on Sunday while I turned 5! Can you believe it!! Daddy is no longer in his 20's and I now have to use 2 paws to show you how old I am. If I were human, I would only have to show you 1 hand. HAHA!!

I am also now the official "elder" in the house. In puppy years, I am 35 years old, so I have surpassed Mommy and Daddy!! Let's see if they start following my rules!!

And that's just the dog's life!


Monday, January 4, 2010

During a recent password audit, IT discovered a blonde was using the following password:


When they asked her why such a long password, she said she was told that it had to be at least 8 characters long and include 1 capital.


And that's just the dog's life!


Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Trip to Santa's Lap

Can you believe what my Mommy did to us???

Noah and Santa

Maggie, Noah and Santa
Yes, I sat in Santa's lap. I was not really good while in Santa's lap... though it looks like I was. This picture was about 20 minutes into the process. Noah cried first. We let other people go in front of us to give Noah a few minutes to settle down. Then we tried it again... and I jumped clear out of Noah's lap! I was almost loose on my own in Petsmart... that would have been fun! Finally we both settled down and Mommy got her picture!
The proceeds from this picture goes to help the Pell City Animal Shelter, which is where I orginally came from. Melissa was there, so it was great to see her again! Mommy told Melissa that she wants Daddy and Papaw to do the Santa pictures next year to help out the shelter. I am sure that I will not be able to be there that day... I am certain that I already have a prior engagement! Just Kidding... I am sure that I will have to endure through another picture, but anything to help my friends and family at PCAS.
Thanks, Mommy, for a great memory!

And that's just the dog's life!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

First of all, let me begin by saying MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope that Santa was as good to you as he was to me!!! :-)

I know, I am a little delayed on my blogging and I'm sorry! But it has flat been busy!!! Christmas was last Friday and I have been non-stop since then. Well, you know me better than that - that is a lie! But, I have been too lazy to get off of the couch and post about Christmas.
The Christmas holiday has been a blast! It was our first Christmas with Noah! He had such a good time. Our holiday started on Wednesday the 23rd with Mommy's family Christmas. According to them, we had an old fashion Christmas at Nina and Papaw's house. It was great cause I got to go! Daddy grilled pork chops while everyone else fixed the sides. I sat right next to Papaw in hopes of getting some treats - and I sure did! He gave me dessert! Yumm-o! I kept wanting to go outside and smell all of the wonderful smells that are at Nina and Papaw's house. My rope was not at their house, it was at my house in Daddy's truck. Oh well! Papaw took me outside to let me smell. Nope, no boogers!

Christmas Eve was a low key day! We enjoyed the day at home. I helped Mommy wrap presents! HEHE! My helping involves walking on the paper and crinkling it for Mommy. Noah helped too! Mommy, Daddy and Noah went to Christmas Eve service at CrossPoint. Momma Gena, GrandDanny, Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Paul and Jake went too. We went to dinner at Momma Gena's house that night and had a grand time! The family cooked steak, shrimp, baked potatoes, salad and bread for dinner. I begged and begged for a bite. The steak tasted great! Everyone opened a present of Christmas pj's . I did not get pjs, but I did get some great new toys. I already took out the innards of 2 of my new babies that night. Noah and Jake took a "swim" in Momma Gena's big bath tub. This was the first time that the boys have bathed together. I stayed away during bath time! I did not want to end up in the tub!

Santa came to my house that night! And he was great to Noah and me! We had so much fun playing with our new toys! Noah did not know what to think of all of the toys. Mommy said that he was in toy overload. I will post some pics at the bottom of my post! We spent the morning playing at home. We headed to lunch at Grandma Dison's house... yes, I got to go too! Cousin Daisy was there. She and I got into a little argument under the kitchen table during lunch. I showed my teeth to her and growled and she got put in timeout in the truck. HAHA! We both know that Grandma is the hand that feeds us at her house, and that is cause she does not remember giving us the food so she keeps giving it. We fought over who got to sit by Grandma. After a full tummy and presents at Grandma's , we headed off to Aunt Jennifer's house. Uncle Mike and Aunt Barbara were there when we arrived. I begged and begged and begged for a w-a-l-k to the doggie park. I barked all during presents! (I think I got on Mommy's nerves!) This was my first time to Aunt Jennifer's house since Woody passed away. It was a sollum moment. Presents were fun. Jake and Noah had a blast! After presents, Daddy gave in a took me out. We did not make it to the doggie park because the ground was so wet, but I was happy anyway! I quickly found my place on the couch next to Momma Gena. It was time for Mommy and Daddy to leave but I did not budge! GrandDanny said that is was fine for me to stay there while Mommy and Daddy headed to Nanny's house. I like going to see Nanny, but Buddy is there, and he scares the poop out of me every time (literally!!)

The whole family was at Nanny's house! Noah got to meet Uncle John for the first time. I understand that he played his annual "Charlie Brown" on the piano. Noah loved it!! Then Uncle John played in the floor with him. Sarah had a good time with Noah. He walked all over Nanny's house holding on to Sarah's fingers! Nanny did get Noah a Thomas the Train tent that now takes up our entire living room. I enjoy walking through it with Noah!

I was pooped out by the end of Christmas day! We all slept so good that night!

Daddy headed off with Momma Gena and GrandDanny to Uncle Brownie and Aunt Vicki's house on Monday for a boy fishing trip. (I am beginning to think that I will NEVER get to go there!) Daddy keeps promising me a fishing trip and there he goes without me! HUM! Anyway - not bitter!! BUT, Meghan came to stay at our house with Mommy and Noah. We also had a few other visitors those days. Angie, Amanda and Rydan came for a visit. We had a house full! I love it when Amanda comes because she is my buddy (aka: she feeds me!!) Rydan and Noah played well together. Rydan is older than Noah and played and little rougher than Noah does, but Noah held his own and did really well. Rydan kept Noah occupied so I didn't have to play for a couple of days! It was a nice break!

New Years Eve has come and gone and it is now 2010! Our NYE was NOT exciting. Well, I take that back. Mommy and Daddy had to go to a photo shoot so I lounged at home to recover from the hectic week. We headed off to Momma Gena's house for dinner. Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Paul are vacationing in Gatlinburg, so Jake is at Momma Gena's house this weekend. We had a great dinner and dessert. The boys had a good time playing, but they were too tired to stay up to see the ball drop. We were home by 9:30 and in bed at 10:30. Yea, I completely missed the "ringing in of the new year"! But that is ok!! I enjoyed the rest!!

I hope that you enjoy my Christmas picture... I've got more to come!
Our Christmas Tree
Milk and Cookies for Santa

My prizes from Santa... a pink snuggie, a bear, treats and a pretty new daytime!

Noah's prizes from Santa -- and our pretty Christmas stockings!

Noah checking out his new train

Me checking out my prizes

Noah playing with the Christmas tree

And that's just the dog's life!