Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and I hope you have a very Happy New Year!

Our Christmas was very good. Santa was very good to me. He told me that Home Depot will be delivering wood for my new fence. I am very excited! We went to lots of houses and opened lots of presents.

The week following Christmas has been full as well. Daddy and GrandDanny have been building Noah's room and I have had to supervise! Mommy has taken lots of pictures, so I will ask her to post them for me. You will have to see all of the chaos.

Have a safe New Year!


Monday, December 15, 2008

Vacation - Day 8 - Vacation is Complete

Well, that is it... my first vacation has now come and gone. I am back at home in "Maggie's House" and life is getting back to normal! I was sad to see vacation go, but I sure am glad to be back home!

We had one last funny story before we left the cabin! It would only happen to me!

Everyone woke up early Sunday morning to complete packing and ready to head home. Daddy and GrandDanny quickly found that the steps were again frozen solid. This required some thought for how to pack the cars. They quickly found out that they had to go down the side of the hill with everyone suitcase to load the cars. Then they found out that the cars were frozen. Daddy started the car and let it warm up for 30 minutes while they loaded the cars.

Daddy and GrandDanny got all of my stuff loaded (and everyone elses!) GrandDanny helped Uncle Paul finish his stuff while Daddy took me on a good walk before the ride home. After my walk, Daddy decided to go ahead and put me in the car while he helped Mommy and Momma Gena to the car. I was SO excited! Mommy could hear me barking! Just as Momma Gena got to the car, I accidentally locked the doors. She could hear the doors lock. Mommy started to panic because I was in the car with the car running! GrandDanny started to laugh... he knew that he had a spare key in his wallet! It was such a close call! :-)

So we headed on our way. Everyone stopped at Shoney's for breakfast before the trip home. I took a quick power nap while everyone ate.

I did much better on the ride home. I even laid down in Mommy's lap most of the ride. By the time we got home, I was so exhausted. I quickly checked out my back yard and then made my bed on the couch. I stayed there for several hours.

Nina, Papaw, Aunt Dorinda and Meghan came by our house after church. Papaw could not stand it any more and had to come see me! :-) As soon as they left, I was ready for bed! Mommy was not ready to go to bed, so I went to an extreme that I have never done before! I made a bed in my "bedroom" and stayed under the covers. I never get in my "bedroom" unless Mommy and Daddy are leaving. Mommy woke me up and we headed to bed.

It felt so good to be back in Maggie's bed. I slept and snuggled all night with Mommy.

And that is the first vacation of Maggie!


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Vacation - Day 7 - Turkeys, Turkeys, & More Turkeys

I saw 9 turkeys today.

The family and I loaded up and headed to the Sugarland Visitors Center. There was a festival that everyone wanted to walk thru. I was not allowed to go through this part, so I took a nap in the suburban. Daddy and GrandDanny came and got me when it was time to go on the walking trail.

We headed over to do the Gatlinburg Walking Trail. Daddy kept saying that it was only 2 miles there and 2 miles back. The family was not quite up for that long of a walk, but I was ready to go! As we started on our trail, a turkey crossed the street in front of us. I instantly saw it. I actually hesitated, not knowing quite what it was. Then my instincts kicked in. I started barking! Daddy could hardly hold me back. Uncle Paul and GrandDanny walked down to where the turkey had crossed and found many more turkeys. There were 8 more. My barking startled them and they decided to cross the street in another location. Everyone tried to block my view from the turkeys, but it did not work to well. I think they forgot that my nose smells so much more.

Momma Gena and GrandDanny took Jake back to the car because it was too cold. Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Paul and I kept going. Mommy and Aunt Jennifer decided that they would keep going as long as they could and then we would turn back. We quickly found out that the trail was the trail to Gatlinburg. We walked about a half of a mile and turned back. Daddy took me down to the creek to sniff before we turned back.

I had such a blast on our long walk. I took care of my business and even peed 9 times... just to mark my trail. Mommy and Aunt Jennifer laughed at me! I also tried to walk on the bridge ledge and scared Aunt Jennifer. I just wanted to see what was below the bridge.

I found myself in my bedroom not too long afterwards while the family headed off to Pigeon Forge for one last trip. Everyone had a late lunch/early dinner and then hit some of the shops. They walked around Gatlinburg, without me, for one last night. I really do not know why they did not come and get me!

Did I tell you that Aunt Jennifer heard a bear in the middle of the night?? She thought at first that it was me, and then realized that it was outside of her bedroom window. When Daddy and I went out for our morning walk, the trash can had been taken across the driveway and the trash had been strewn down the hill. Daddy and I first thought that it was the raccoon that we saw the other day, but then we decided that the raccoon could not carry the trash can that far.

We are now back at the cabin for our last night. Everyone is frantic to pack everything up so that we can head out in the morning. I am excited to sleep in my bed tomorrow night and be able to check out my backyard. Nina and Papaw may come see us tomorrow night... I hope so... I have treats for them!

And that was my first vacation!


Friday, December 12, 2008

Vacation - Day 6 - SNOW

I could not wait until tomorrow to post these pictures. I saw SNOW today! Not too much, but enough for me to smell!
The family and I headed off to Roaring Fork for a nature ride through the mountain. I really liked looking and walking through the snow!
Mommy, Daddy and I took our Christmas Card photo today. Aunt Jennifer helped by taking the picture.
We had a lady that was really rude today... at least that is what Mommy said. She said that if the park ranger found me that he would charge Mommy and Daddy a $300 fine for me being there. We quickly took our picture and headed back to the car.
The car stopped again to take a snow picture of Jake. While walking back to the car, Aunt Jennifer hit the ground. Daddy said that he knew she broke her ankle, but luckily nothing was broken. She is very sore tonight!
Daddy is working on the pictures that he took with the big camera. I asked if he would make it so I can post some. They are awesome!
Gotta Run!


Vacation - Day 5 - A Varmint Outside

Thursday started out to be my normal. I woke up bright and early and begged Daddy to take me outside. After a little while, Daddy finally gave in.

We walked down our 3 flights of stairs and out the door we went. I suddenly stopped dead in my tracks... I was not even off of the porch yet. A varmint was walking off of our porch and down the railroad ties. It really was not a varmint, but just a raccoon. And I have never seen a raccoon before! I did not know what to do. All of the hair on my neck and back stood straight up. But I did not bark at it. I watched it walk away.

Since then, I keep checking to see if he raccoon is outside. I have yet to see it again.

The afternoon and evening turned out lazy. I found myself back in my bedroom while everyone went to the Apple Barn for lunch. They finished shopping in Pigeon Forge and then returned to our home.

Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Paul asked to have a date night and headed out to dinner. That meant that I got to babysit. (Not really, but I did watch Jake!)

Mommy, Daddy, Momma Gena and GrandDanny played another round of cards. I think Mommy won. She was very excited!

When Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Paul returned home, Mommy made extreme smores for everyone. Extreme meant extra chocolate and 2 marshmallows. Daddy and GrandDanny made smeese for themselves. Have you ever heard of a smeese? It is a saltine cracker, cheddar cheese and a marshmallow. It did not look too good to me. Uncle Paul did not like them but Aunt Jennifer sure does!

It is snowing outside today. Not enough to do anything though. I think we are going for a ride today! Mommy told me that I have to wear my sweater or my jacket because it is so cold outside. I think that means I get to go. Don't know where I am going, but I will let you know!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Vacation - Day 4 - A Lazy Day

Wednesday was a very lazy day for me. Everyone enjoyed doughnuts for breakfast and hung tight around the cabin. It was raining outside, so no one wanted to go anywhere.

Mommy felt much better when she woke up. She took some medicine that the doctor told her she can take, and it seemed to help.

The family left around lunch time and headed to the arts and crafts of Gatlinburg. They said that I would not like it and that I had to stay in my bedroom. I did not like that vote. Mommy and Daddy have figured out that I do not like being in my bedroom at the cabin. I hesitate to go in every time. I thought that I was on vacation and that meant that I would not have to stay in my bedroom. I guess I was wrong!

The family had lunch at a British Pub and then went shopping. The girls really wanted to go to the outlets so GrandDanny stayed home with me. You would not believe what GrandDanny and I saw from the balcony of our cabin. It was a C-A-T! I did not know that they have those here. I went nuts! GrandDanny and I cooked dinner while the family was gone. Daddy took Mommy, Momma Gena and Aunt Jennifer shopping while Uncle Paul and Jake went to a knife store. Mommy and Daddy bought lots of stuff, but nothing for Maggie. How fair is that?? Mommy and Daddy picked out some outfits for Noah. Mommy says that she is looking for a stuffed bear for me, but I have not seen one yet!

After dinner, the family enjoyed a nice card game. They would not let me play! I kept begging to go outside, so Mommy opened the doors to the balcony and I can sit out there. I really like the balcony. Daddy is afraid that I might try to get out of the balcony if I see something that I really want. The only trouble is that the balcony is over 3 floors high. I hope that I have more sense then that! I may not? Who knows!

Thursday is again another rainy day. I do not know what today will hold! I guess that we will see!


Vacation - Day 3 - The Longest Walk EVER!

On Tuesday, I had the longest walk that I have ever had. It lasted for almost 3 hours! Can you believe it! My family took me walking up and down the streets of Gatlinburg. I did not get to go into the shops, but I had a blast smelling everything. Mommy said that she was so proud of me! I hardly even talked to the other shoppers, but they sure talked to me. Several kids rubbed my head.

I was so exhausted when we got back to the cabin. Daddy took me out so that I could do my "business" and then I was in for the night.

The day started out in my bedroom because my family took off to Cherokee, North Carolina. They said they had a good time, but did not see much while there. Daddy did buy him some cool looking house shoes called Moccasins. They look like something I could chew on, but I don't do that! Daddy said that the mountain going and coming from Cherokee was snowy and foggy. Momma Gena was afraid that they would not make it back home. I sure am glad that they did.

After our Gatlinburg walk, Daddy came home and made potato soup, just as promised to Mommy. It made her throat feel much better. She really did not feel good and went to bed soon after dinner. I snuggled in night-night with her!

And that was Maggie's vacation - day 3!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Vacation - Day 2 - I found a Bear!

I really did find a bear! And look below... I barked at it! And guess where the bear was??

It was in our cabin! Can you believe it??

Daddy tried to show me the bear, but I did not believe him! So now, every time I am downstairs, I bark at the bear.

This is our "home" for the week! My bedroom is the very top, left window! I share my bedroom with Mommy and Daddy.

The thing that I like the most about vacation is the walks that I get. But there are tons of mountains on our walk. Daddy says that we will loose weight from our walks. I enjoy them. Daddy is out of breath when we get back, but I want more!

This is my Mommy and Daddy at Ober Gatlinburg! Don't tell Mommy but she is getting fat! :-) Oh Wait - that is just Noah!

This is my Momma Gena and GrandDanny!

This is my Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Paul & Jake!

Daddy thought it would be funny to throw a snowball at Momma Gena!

I do not think she was very happy about it!

We tried to go downtown to Gatlinburg last night, but everything closed too early! Daddy even was mean and dressed me in my sweater and told me that we were going and then we did not go. Last night was a quiet night in the cabin (except for when I found the bear!)
I am having a good time on vacation. My family is about to take me downtown. I am so excited! Mommy woke up with a soar throat this morning, so she does not feel too good. I suggle with her to make her feel better! I think Daddy is going to make some potato soup for dinner. Yum!
And that's Maggie's vacation, day 2!
ps - Papaw, I miss you! And Nina too!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Vacation - Day 1 - Riding SUCKS!

Navigating from Momma Gena's lap!

Navigating from the back seat for the few minutes that I sat there!

Momma Gena told me that I could say that because it did! I made it though! I had to help navigate the whole way here! I started out in Momma Gena's lap but GrandDanny traded places with Daddy and let him drive so Mommy ended up in the front seat!

I sat in Mommy's lap the entire way here. I laid down once to sleep but I heard Indians in the car and that concerned me. (It really was not Indians, but it was GrandDanny yawning!) I saw lots of cows on the trip up. Momma Gena thought she saw a turkey, but I did not.

Our 5 1/2 hour trip ended up lasting a little over 7 hours. We had 6 stops on the way here. Our first stop was the Tennessee rest area. I had SO much to smell that I had a really bad breathing attack. It scared everyone. Mommy and Daddy could not get me to catch my breath, so I had to breathe through it.

Our second stop was lunch. Daddy let me out of the car for a few minutes and then put me back in while he ate lunch. That was the ONLY time that I slept for the trip up. I caught a 45 minute nap while they ate. We stopped for gas and then stopped at the Apple Valley Country Store for a quick restroom stop. I smelled so much again! On the way into town, we were caught in Christmas parade traffic. But this was not any normal Christmas parade. There were lots of 4-wheelers, horses and old cars. No floats. It was really weird!

We finally made it into Gatlinburg. After stopping at the rental office, we made it to our log cabin. I did not know what to think. This place has 3 levels of stairs. There were tons of smells! Mommy and Daddy showed me our bedroom, so I made my place by "wallering" on the bed. Mommy called Nina to tell her that we were here, so I talked to Nina as well. Mommy took me on a walk while the boys unloaded the cars. We walked up a huge hill and stopped to talk to some people. Mommy was really tired after our walk.

Daddy, GrandDanny and Uncle Paul left for the grocery store and Pizza. They came home with a few extra items that were not on the grocery list from Aunt Jennifer! Daddy said that they had a few sales -- purchase $100 worth of groceries and get Double Stuffed Oreos for $3.00.

Everyone, but Jake, were so tired from the trip up. Mommy and Daddy headed off to bed and I followed. It took me a few minutes to settle down, but I quickly found my place in the king sized bed and slept all night. Woke up at 9:30 this morning ready for my morning walk.

I will take pictures today and let you see them. Check back for Vacation - Day 2!


Visitors at my house!

Meet Asia! She came to visit me last Thursday all the way from Washington (state, not DC.) She is almost 2 years old.

Asia came with her mommy and daddy. Her mommy and daddy are professional photographers who came to Birmingham to teach a photography class to wedding photographers. They are friends of Papaw's.

I liked having Asia around, though I did not tell her too much. She played with me and my toys. She even put make-up on me. I really liked hearing her call my name.

Sorry, Asia, that I did not play more with you! We will next time you come to visit! I hope you enjoyed your trip to Birmingham, Alabama!


Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

I hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving! I sure did! It started out on Tuesday and went non-stop all the way through the weekend! I am so sorry that I am just now able to update my blog, but Mommy has been too busy to help me with my pictures. The time did give me a chance to get more pictures. I wish I could show all of them to you, but I don't want to bored you with them!

My Holiday week started out at Grandma's house. Mommy and I had to go sit with Grandma on Tuesday afternoon while Nina was at a Thanksgiving Dinner. Papaw came with us just in case we needed him. (If Grandma were to fall, Mommy could not help her up... wanna know why?? Mommy's tummy is getting bigger and it is getting in the way!) Papaw took me on my deer walk, but I did not find anything but a cat in the barn and a squirell in the tree. I did make my place in Grandma's lap! I sure do love laying in Grandma's lap!

Wednesday was a big work day for Mommy and Daddy. I stayed at Momma Gena's house and help prepare for Thanksgiving Dinner. We had Thanksgiving lunch at Momma Gena's on Thursday. Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Paul and Jake were there. Aunt Barbara and Uncle Mike came up from Clanton. I really like my Aunt "Bobby" and Uncle Mike! The picture below is me after my Thanksgiving lunch. Boy does turkey make you tired -- and we did not even have turkey. Oh Wait - that is what I do every afternoon - NAP! Mommy and Daddy headed out to Leeds to visit but I was not up for it. They went to see Nanny (I did not want to see Buddy) and then planned to go to Grandma's house (where the deer are) but ended up at The Bass Pro Shop. They went shopping and tried to win gift cards. They did not stay too long, it was cold!

Friday proved to be a busy day. It started out with Mommy and Daddy cleaning house. Momma Gena and GrandDanny came over to help Daddy pull the Christmas decor out of the attic. I tried to help, but Daddy would not let me. I got really nervous when all of the furniture in the living room started to move. They rearranged our whole living room. (I do like the new set up though!) The Christmas tree is pretty. I like all of the lights on it. Mommy pulled the tree skirt out and found a piece of dog food on it that Freckles left. (She found it last year also, but chose to leave it on there.) Freckles had a habit of hiding dog food and felt the need to hide it in the tree skirt. I think it is funny! Mommy cried! (hormones!)

That night ended up with a party. We had tons of people at our house. Mommy and Daddy decided to start a Christmas Kick Off Party with dinner and a Christmas movie. Hardly anyone watched the movie. (Look at the pictures below and you will see why!)

It was the first time in a long time that my little cousins were together. Jake is in the white shirt and Shawn in the red. Everyone kept playing with them. I left them alone! Shawn shared his toys with Jake and Jake tried to bite Shawn. It was funny! It was as if they could not figure each other out! They had a good time anyway. I pulled my toys out and tried to play, but Aunt Jonica and Aunt Jennifer would not let the boys play with my toys.

Saturday was again another big day. It was the annual Iron Bowl Football Game. (That means Alabama played Auburn!) We went to Aunt Jennifer's house for the game and to eat BBQ. Papaw ended up coming over -- Nina and Meghan went to the game! Mommy said that she did not want to go to the game because it was cold and rainy! Papaw came over and shared his BBQ with me. The picture below shows him feeding me with a fork. Mommy wanted me to be sure to clarify that Papaw was finished eating when he let me eat off of his fork. It also was a plastic fork!

Less than a week until Maggie goes on vacation - at least that is what everyone keeps saying! Usually vacation means Mommy and Daddy leave and I go to Papaw's house. For some reason I do not think that is what this means. Mommy and Daddy keep talking about mountains and a long car ride. Momma Gena said something this morning about walking trails in Gatlinburg. What is Gatlinburg? I guess I will have to wait and see. Mommy said that she is taking her computer and I can use it to update. So be sure to check my blog for Gatlinburg updates! I guess I am excited! :-)
Oh well - that's just the dog's life!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Update from Mommy

Everything was great with Mommy's appointment. She said to tell everyone thank you so much for your prayers. The cyst has resolved itself and there is nothing to worry about! Mommy said that Noah was good for his ultrasound and they got some very good pictures. I will ask Daddy to scan them and let me post them on here.

Mommy also had her glucose test today! She said that she had to drink an orange drink that tasted like Sunkist. (I do not know, I have not had Sunkist.) She also elected to have a flu shot. She said that she and I have a date with a nap this afternoon. I am so excited. I feel bad that my Mommy does not feel good, but I can really use some snuggle time.

Mommy and Daddy put me in my bedroom this morning but Papaw came to rescue me. I have been at Bubbles & Bells with him all day.

Thanks again for your prayers. We are so excited that Noah is a perfectly healthy boy -- and he still is a boy! :-)

And that is just a dog's life!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pray for Mommy's Doctor's Appointment

I don't know if I told you, but when Mommy and Daddy went to find out if I was having a brother or sister, the doctor noticed a tiny cyst on Noah's head. The doctor did not seem too concerned with it but needed to do a follow up.

So Mommy and Daddy have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning at 9 am for an ultrasound to see if the cyst has dissolved. Please pray for Mommy's appointment and that the cyst is gone. She is also having her glucose (sugar) test tomorrow morning. Pray for good results so that she can enjoy all of the sweets with the Holidays coming up!

I will let you know about Mommy's appointment!

Oh Well - that's just a dog's life!


ps - Noah kicked me! I like laying against Mommy's tummy and feeling my brother kick me. I barked last night and Mommy said that Noah started moving. He and I already have a strong connection!

Monday, November 17, 2008

A Dog's Instinct

You know, they say that a dog's brain comprehends about as much as a 3 year old child. Mommy and Daddy say that I comprehend much more than that. One example of my comprehension completely floored my Daddy and my Momma Gena. Last Wednesday night, after church, Mommy and I were sitting on the couch. She had the recliner out so that her feet would be propped up. I was laying stretched out beside her and had my chin propped on her leg. She mentioned that the way I had my chin propped was hurting her leg. She said that she wished I would readjust. SO - at that very second, I lifted my head, put my paw on her leg and propped my chin on my paw so that I would not hurt my Mommy. Momma Gena could not believe that I understood what my Mommy had said. Of course I comprehend... I am human stuck in a dog's body!

Daddy also says that I have very good animal instincts. Since Mommy has found out that she is expecting, I am very careful when playing with my Mommy. I do not jump on her tummy because I don't want to hurt my brother. I constantly follow her around the house and I am very anxious when my Mommy is not at home with me. I guess I worry about her. I do understand what is going on with my Mommy. And don't tell her, but I actually knew about Noah before Mommy and Daddy did!

My instincts also told me that GrandDanny was sick. Daddy was worried that I would try to jump all over GrandDanny when he first got home from the hospital with his first surgery. Did I? Nope! I knew that my GrandDanny did not feel good. I even helped Momma Gena care for him! For is second surgery, Daddy was not as concerned with me. When greeting him, I ran to his recliner, propped my paws on the arm of the chair and gave my kisses. Now that GrandDanny is all better, we can play rough in the floor! I sure love it! Don't tell him I told you, but I won on Saturday night!

So, for those that don't think dogs have instincts, I am here to tell you that we do! We may not always show you that we know how to use them (aka. Buddy - Nanny's dog!) but we do have them. Mommy just says that I am the smartest doggie in the whole world. Well... I think she is right! :-) Now, don't get me wrong, I do like to throw my instincts out of the window and go nuts, but I do understand what is going on!

Oh Well - that's just a dog's life!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

I helped feed Jake!

I watched intently as Aunt Jennifer fed Jake!

Jake, buddy, you have food all over your mouth! Can I lick that off?

Looks like Jake is telling Aunt Jennifer that he wants more!
See, I can be a good girl and respect Jake when he eats! I respect everyone when they eat. (haha!) I look intently at you and very pitiful like so that you will want to give me some. And guess what? It always works! (It works best with Papaw and with GrandDanny!)
Speaking of eating, we had guests join us for lunch today at Bubbles & Bells. Danny and Melissa Brewer from Feel The Beat Entertainment joined us while we (and I do mean "we") enjoyed Golden Rule BBQ. Papaw and Daddy enjoyed a rib lunch plate and Papaw gave me one of his rib bones. It was so yummy! Mommy gave me some french fries and Mrs. Melissa gave me a small slice of her pork. I did not manage to get any food from Daddy or Mr. Danny. Oh well!
Not too much is going on today. Mommy and I are still at Bubbles & Bells. Something about waiting on the Fedex guy! Mommy says that she is waiting on Noah's baby book to be delivered from Beverly Clark.
Mommy told me that Mrs. Rhonda got to bring Luke home from the hospital yesterday! We are so excited for her and Mr. Tom. Luke has done so well, especially being born 10 weeks early. Mommy prays that Noah stays where he is until February!
Oh well -- that's just the life of a dog!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I welcome Shawn to our family!

That is right, it is almost official. It is at least 1 step closer to being official. Aunt Jonica and Uncle Shane had a court date today for Shawn. DHR officially gave Aunt Jonica and Uncle Shane the consent to adopt Shawn. He will officially, well, legally, be a part of our family. He has "officially" been in our family since day 2 of his life!

Shawn is now 8 months old and he is getting fun to play with. I like it when Shawn spends the night. I also like it when Jake spends the night. Mommy is nervous that we will have 3 boys in our family within a year of each birthday. Shawn was born on February 26th, 2008 and Noah is due on February 24th, 2009. Who knows... they may share a birthday. Only time will tell.

Mommy is right, I am nervous too. 3 boys to pull on my ears? Ouch! Mommy keeps giving me ideas that this might be good for me. She says that I will have 3 boys who will get dirty with me, who will dig with me, who will throw the ball with me (I think it will be more like "Keep Away From Maggie"!) I know that I will still be a Momma's Girl, a Momma Gena's Girl (her ONLY girl) and a Papaw's Girl! (And Nina and GrandDanny too!)

Did I tell you that I got to see Uncle Marvin and Aunt Audrey on Monday night? It was such a treat to see them. I have not seen Uncle Marvin since Christmas last year. He and Aunt Audrey came over from Georgia to deliver a horse. Mommy packed me up after Jake left and we headed to Leeds. Papaw was there, Nina was there and I even saw Dianna, Aunt Irene and Uncle Rudy. I tried to play with Uncle Rudy. (I made him think I was scared of him.) Uncle Rudy has a really big tractor. I smelled it... too many smells for a beagle!

Well Shawn -- welcome to our family! I am excited that you are here to stay! And Jake -- even though I don't show it much -- I am excited that you joined our family. I like having you around. By the way, Jake, I am going to post some embarrassing pictures of you tomorrow. I have to show everyone how I helped you eat on Saturday night! :-)

Oh Well -- that's just the dog's life!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Not a good weekend for Maggie!

That is right! I did not have a good weekend! The only good part to my weekend was that Alabama beat LSU!

It all started Friday afternoon when I had my toes cut off. (It really was just a "pet-i-cure, but I swear that it feels like they were cutting my toes off!) Sometimes my trips to Petsmart are good and sometimes they are not! I think that is tricks by my Mommy and Daddy! Papaw was passing by Petsmart and decided to stop and check on me. We walked through the whole store, my lead of course! I took Papaw to see the Cats and I talked to them! Papaw even picked me up so that I could see the snakes. I did NOT like the snakes! They scared me! One even stood up to look at me. It freaked me out! So Mommy distracted me and let me pick out a new baby for being a good girl. I think it was to distract me for what was to come. Oh, and I got new treats! They are so Yummy! (If you ever want to buy me treats, I am picky and only like the soft (expensive) kind. Yes, I have good taste!)

My Saturday morning appeared to be going well. Mommy cooked breakfast, but I did not get any. I curled up next to Mommy and had a lazy morning... until Daddy said the "B" word. Yep - my fear came, I had to have a Bath! I was not excited about it. When Daddy said it, I instantly went upstairs. I totally took advantage of the fact that Mommy can not pick me up! Daddy was mean and lured me downstairs by saying my favorite "T" word - TREAT!

I fell for it and went into the bathroom. Mommy sat in there with me and comforted me. Daddy picked me up and put me in there. I do not like it when I have to have a bath, but I do not mind all of the rubbing! I don't mind my ears being cleaned, and my favorite part to the bath is the rub down with the towel afterwards. Oh, and I did have a melt down! Daddy even called Momma Gena and I told her all about it!

So, I thought that I had made it through all of my torture. We went to Momma Gena and GrandDanny's for the Alabama/LSU game. I instantly begged for a walk in the beginning of the first quarter, but they held me off until half time. I took GrandDanny and Daddy on a nice walk! I laid around on the couch the entire 2nd half -- until all of the excitement in the 4th quarter. (It got a little too loud to sleep -- just ask Jake! He even woke up!)

After the exciting victory, Daddy got in the floor with me with a bottle that I recognized (and do not like) and paper towels. That must mean that my ears were about to be cleaned out. Man - what did I do to deserve my toes being cut off, a bath and ear cleaning out? I got the triple whammy! I was a good girl (especially since Momma Gena and GrandDanny were watching!) But I had another melt down afterwards! This time my melt down took place on Momma Gena's bed.

And that was my weekend! Sunday was a good old lazy day. I went to "church" and it lasted a little longer than normal. Mommy and Daddy got home and we rested! It was wonderful! Jake spent the day with us yesterday, but I will tell you about that tomorrow! (Don't want to make my post too long!)

Oh Well - that's just a dog's life!


Waiting on my bath

Ear Rubbing in the bath

My "naked" bath picture. (I guess everyone has one!)

Am I done yet?

My melt down after my bath

Melt down after ear medicine!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Told You So, Papaw!

And my Papaw did not believe me! This was one of those moments where I wanted to go "HA!" and swoosh my tail as I walked off. But I did not. I got what I wanted and went on my way. Here is my side of the story...

Mommy, Daddy and I are working at Bubbles & Bells with Papaw today. Mommy and Papaw were sitting on the couch and I was happy right between then. Papaw felt the need to feel Noah kick, but I quickly let Papaw know that I was right there. I got up from my comfy place and laid right on Papaw's leg so that he would know that I was there. My nose caught a sniff of something that I wanted. I started to dig in the couch (which I am not supposed to do!) Papaw raised one of the back cushions and I found nothing. I would not settle down. Mommy even moved the center cushion for me to look under. Nothing. I hopped back on the couch and stared at Papaw. I tried to dig under him. Fortunately Nina called and Papaw gave in. He stood up and lifted up the cushion. He even told Nina that I was being a pain and making him get up for "nothing in the couch". As soon as he lifted the cushion that he was sitting on, guess what I found.... Part of a bone! My nose, as always, was right again! I took my bone and walked off. I really wanted to prance off and go HAHA! I got my Fetch baby and walked around the store and whined for a few minutes. I finally found another safe hiding place for the sweet jewel that I found. I will never tell you where it is, but a big hint would be to look for Fetch. (Fetch is a pink bone shaped stuffed toy that Mommy bought me and it has the word "Fetch" on it. It is one of my favorites!)

Mommy had a customer and her Mom come into the store today. I really liked them. The Mom had something in her purse that I wanted really bad! She laughed and told me that I could not have the roll that was in her purse from lunch. I tried and tried, but she put her purse up to where I could not reach it. Mommy was embarrassed, but the customer was laughing. They have a doggy at home named Annie that looks similar to me. They said that she is part beagle, part dachshund.

Oh well - that's just a dog's life!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I am SO Mad at my Mommy....


Apparently she and Mrs. Jen felt the need to play with other animals. I thought I was the only animal in the world (besides Bear, of course!!) But my Mommy came home smelling like the long eared sad face above!
Mommy and Mrs. Jen met in Hoover for lunch today. After lunch, they decided to go into the Wags to Riches Pet store. They played with the long eared girl. Mommy said that she was only thinking of Momma Gena. IS SHE NUTS! I am the only girl in Momma Gena's life! (Hence Jake and Noah ... I AM the Granddaughter!) Mommy knows that Momma Gena is weak when it comes to basset hounds. Freckles was in our life, but left us almost 2 years ago. I liked Freckles. We got along well. She did not play too much with me, but I do not play as much as I used to. All Freckles wanted to do was lay around and be lazy. Now I know why she did... Life is Great!
Mommy assured me that the sad faced basset hound puppy would not be joining our family. She really wanted the pig though. She told Daddy that she would name him "GRUNTS". (Apparently that was all that he did.) She actually said that she would name him "Sir Grunts Alot" but call him Grunts. Then Daddy said that we would be sure to win the costume contest next year (since we lost to a turtle.) Was my Daddy saying that I am not cute enough to win??
So I am not talking to my Mommy this afternoon! (Apparently I do not need to talk to my Daddy either!)
I went to vote today! Daddy let me ride with him. I actually did not get to do the voting... I sat and watched the many people walking in. It is not like I get to express my opinions. No one would listen to me anyway.
Today is Aunt Dorinda's birthday! Want me to tell you how old she is?? :-) I better not! I love my Aunt Dorinda. She is so good to me. I think the family will be going out for dinner... that means time in my bedroom again!
Oh Well - that's just a dog's life!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Special Prayers for Kayleigh

Mommy keeps up with this blog that she found through Mrs. Rhonda's website. Kayleigh is having a very risky surgery tomorrow morning. Please say an extra prayer for this little one, her family and her team of doctors. She seems like a special little girl!


Christmas is coming early for Maggie...

At least I hope it does. If I had my wish, it would. Maybe if I bother Daddy enough, it will. What am I getting for Christmas that I want so bad? A Fence! That is right! I am SO excited!

Daddy sold his car on Friday. It was an unexpected, but needed, surprise. He has been trying to sell it for about 4 months. Uncle Shane is the manager at the Napa Store in Pell City and Daddy's car has been parked at his store for about 2 months. We were so excited on Friday when Uncle Shane called and asked if Daddy wanted to sell the car today. Daddy and Papaw took off to Pell City. Mommy said that the kitchen ceiling was not a priority at the moment - selling the car was. But that is why Daddy and Papaw missed the trick or treating on Friday -- looking at the ceiling. By the way - Mommy still has a hole in her ceiling. We try not to look at it.

But I get my fence and Noah gets his bedroom because of Daddy's car. Daddy, GrandDanny and Papaw are going to build Noah a room off of mine, Daddy's and Mommy's bedroom. (notice I included "mine"... after all, it is my room too. I sleep in the king sized bed!) Daddy says that Noah's room needs to come first, but I beg to differ. So I keep bugging Mommy and Daddy by going in and out, in and out, in and out. I do not know if it will work or not, but I should get an A for effort. We will see!

Today is Mommy's first day for officially working from home. We are enjoying it so much. (I keep bugging Mommy too - in and out, in and out!) The time change has thrown me off a little. My night walk was a hour off last night, I went to bed at 9:30 (which was actually 10:30) and I woke up at 6:45 this morning (which was actually 7:45.) My goodness. Did you notice that it got dark really early last night?

But today is a beautiful day outside. Daddy and Papaw are at a photo shoot this morning. I don't know if they will post images on their blog because it is bridal portraits. If they do, I will let you know.

Happy Monday to you!


Saturday, November 1, 2008

No Tricks and Not Enough Treats

Well, it is finally over! Halloween is gone for another year! Whew! Fortunately I did not have any tricks played on me last night, but I do not think that I got enough treats - and I technically went trick or treating with the kids! One little boy that I was with, "Dr. Jones" (aka. Indiana Jones) even said that his bucket was full and he was ready to go back. I did not even have a bucket, and if I did, it would be no where near full! Oh Well! I did manage to see a C-A-T while out and I also saw "Star Wars Doggy". We barked back and forth at each other. I don't think my Lady Bug costume was anywhere near as scary as Star Wars. Thanks, Mom! Can I please be scarier next year?

Well, no picture with Jake last night. In fact, Mommy did not even take 1 picture. Some photographer Papaw taught her to be! Jake was not feeling well last night. Aunt Jennifer thinks he is catching his first cold. He stayed at Momma Gena's house while we were out. Aunt Jennifer said that we will have to re-stage our costumes. That means I have to put my outfit back on! Whatever!

Mommy and Daddy found another water spot on the ceiling yesterday. That meant Papaw came over last night to figure out what was wrong. Daddy missed out on the BIG walk that I had, but he was afraid that the ceiling might fall in if he waited. (They have a wedding today.) Fortunately they found the problem quickly and it did not cost much to fix. Mommy did notice the hole in her ceiling that they had to cut out. GrandDanny assured Mommy that he would make sure it was fixed!

Speaking of, I am with Momma Gena and GrandDanny today. I sure am glad that he is home. He even mentioned that he might be up for a small walk this afternoon. I am so excited. Momma Gena said that she is going to take down her Halloween decorations -- that means that the stick ghost will go away. I can help with that... make it go away permanently! HAHA!

Have a great weekend!


PS - Only 1 month way from my first offical vacation. Mommy and Daddy are taking me to Gatlinburg with the family. I am SO excited!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Trick and Treat


I hope you have more treats than tricks. I am nervous that I will have more tricks tonight rather than treats. (I will make sure that Papaw, Nina, Momma Gena and GrandDanny give me treats!)

You are thinking right... GrandDanny is on his way home from the hospital. I am so excited to see him. Mommy told me that I have to be gentle with him and can not jump on him. Either way, I will get my share of rubs and loves from him!

Last night was a scary night at our house. (I am SO ready for Halloween to be over!) Mommy noticed a water spot on the ceiling of our kitchen. That required Daddy to go into the attic in the garage. I walked into the garage with Mommy (while Daddy was in the ceiling) but I begged Mommy to let me in her car. I made sure nothing would fall on my head. By the way, Daddy did drop something down out of the attic, but Mommy caught it. It was her Christmas Village. Oops. Mommy and I made several trips upstairs to check the water in the bathroom. At one point, I thought I was about to have to take a B-A-T-H. Fortunately I ran and jumped on the bed. I stayed in my bed until this morning. I did not want to take the chance of a B-A-T-H. Papaw is coming over to the house this afternoon to help Daddy figure out what is wrong. I guess I will have to supervise them! I think I know what is wrong, but I will never tell... they will have to figure it out on their own!

Check back next week for pictures from my "tricks". Mommy said that she is going to take a picture of Jake in his bear outfit and me in my lady bug. I will let you see it!

Happy Tricks and Treats!


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Typical Thursday

I am sad today. Yesterday was Mrs. Robin's last day at Bubbles & Bells. I really liked having Mrs. Robin around. She would take me outside for breaks and walks. We knew that 5 pm was our break time. Thank you, Mrs. Robin, for playing with me and giving me packing material. I will miss you bunches.

I have been very lazy today. I have mainly spent the day on the couch. (Guess I am pouting!) But tomorrow is Halloween. The scary ghost decorations will finally be gone. I think my lady bug costume will be in action again tomorrow night. Mommy says that we are going with Aunt Jennifer and Jake to Mrs. Melissa's house for fun and games. We will get to trick or treat afterwards -- I have a feeling that there will not be many treats for me, but there will be tricks.

Good news is that GrandDanny will come home from the hospital tomorrow. I can not wait to see him. I may have to go stay with him and skip on some of the tricks. (Those ghost decorations scare me too bad.)


By the way... leaving Momma Gena's house last night, I had a little rear end problem that required Daddy to roll the window down while we drove off. I thought it was funny. Mommy and Daddy did not! :-) Too much Mexican for lunch with Mrs. Robin.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Crazy Week

I am so sorry that it has been a week since I have gotten to update my blog. Mommy and Daddy have been extremely busy.

My GrandDanny had surgery yesterday, so life has been turned upside down. Let me go back to my weekend first...

So we pulled the Crimson Tide through on another win. I thought it was going to be a tough game. Daddy cooked potato soup, so Momma Gena, GrandDanny, Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Paul and Jake came over. Sunday was a restful day for me. I had my usual Sunday morning "church service" in my bedroom while Mommy and Daddy went to their church. Mommy and I spent the afternoon resting while Daddy had to go to a basketball meeting. I could not sleep very well because flies kept landing on me! Daddy kept the back door open all day on Saturday and flies invaded my house! I found myself in my bedroom again Sunday night while Mommy and Daddy went back to church for the annual fall fun fest. They did treat me on a nice brisk walk around the neighborhood when they got home.

Again, Monday was a restful day. Mommy had appointments and Daddy was at The Point. Monday night was early to bed because of GrandDanny's surgery.

Tuesday morning was an early morning. I found myself back in my bedroom, but Papaw saved me from it around 10 am. Mommy put me in charge of Bubbles & Bells. (That consisted of me sleeping and Mrs. Robin working! Do I know how to manage or what??) I spent the night with Nina and Papaw. Papaw took me to Grandma's house for dinner. I was outside, minding my own business, when 4 deer ran across the yard and through the horse field. Nina told me to go inside and get Papaw. Guess what, I went inside and got Papaw. Nina did not even have time to unhook my rope from my collar. I went straight to Papaw and told him where we were going.

He took me out, as I requested. I drug him to where my nose told me the deer were. Papaw had to get down real low to go under the electric fence. I got so excited about the deer that I pulled Papaw on his tummy under the fence. Nina said it was really funny. (Sorry, Papaw!) My nose gets to excited for all of the wonderful things that I smell at Grandma's house.

GrandDanny is doing much better today. Momma Gena called and said so. I am so glad... can not wait for GrandDanny to fully recover so that we can go on more walks. (Did I tell you about my walk with GrandDanny and I got scared by the ghosts? I will save that for next time!) Feel better GrandDanny! I love you!


ps - Happy Anniversary Mommy and Daddy! (They have been married for 3 years and they have had me for 2 1/2 years!)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Howl-O-Ween Party at Petsmart

My Lady Bug Costume

That's right... Mommy and I went to Petsmart's annual Howl-O-Ween costume party last night. I had so much fun! Momma Gena, GrandDanny, Nina and Papaw joined us! Papaw took lots of pictures.

We got there and stood in line to have our picture made. While standing in line, I made a friend named Bear. You would not believe it, but Bear looks like me! We both made the same sound when we saw each other. Bear's Daddy had to bring him over to meet me. After we had our picture made, we hung around until the costume contest and pet parade. We talked to Bear's Mommy and Daddy and met several other friends.

So the parade started. I was a lady bug and Bear was a hot dog. We walked in line together. My hat kept falling in my eyes because it was too big. Sadly, we did not win the costume contest, but Mommy said I was number 1 to her. I got a new baby in the process. You would not believe what we lost to... first prize went to Rhett Butler. (that was ok because we know his mommy and daddy.) Rhett Butler is an English Bulldog that was dressed as bumble bee. Second prize went to a smaller dog that wore a scary mask the whole time. (I think he won because of the mask.) Third prize went to.. that is right.... a 76 pound turtle that was dressed as a pumpkin! It was funny.

I had a good time though. Mommy is going to dress me and Noah up next year. Mommy said that she is going to dress me as a Fox (Fox and the Hound... get it? HAHA!)


Me & Mommy


Me & Bear meeting for the first time

Rhett Butler!

The Pumpkin Turtle!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Major M-D last night!!

I had a major M-D last night. What is a M-D you ask? M-D stands for Melt Down! Daddy needs to figure out how to video a M-D and let me post if for you! They are so much fun. Mommy calls me her little badger when I have a M-D. The truth is... Mommy started this M-D. She was getting ready for bed (and I was playful, as usual). She stuck her hands under the sheet and acted like they were attacking me. When I have a M-D, I start running and barking loudly. I jumped from the bed, ran to the loft, turned around and ran back to the bed. I even used the bed as a ramp. Mommy went downstairs with Daddy and I followed - in M-D mode! It was such fun. Daddy tried to calm me down, but it did not work. I eventually stepped wrong and let out a yelp, which required me to calm down. Such fun... especially before bed. Fortunately I did not hurt myself.

I am at Momma Gena and GrandDanny's house today. It is raining outside, so I decided a lazy day on the bed would be perfect. Jake is coming to our house to spend the night tonight. I am not so excited about that. It does mean lots of Mommy time once Jake leaves. Aunt Jennifer says that it is preparing me for Noah. Papaw thinks I will have a different attitude towards Noah. I guess that we will have to wait and see. Check back on Monday to see what happens this weekend!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Special Treat from my Daddy

I came to work today with Mommy and Daddy. It has been a pretty quiet day here. Ms. Robin helped reorganize the store from their bridal show this weekend. I tried to help her, but unfortunately I was not "helping". I kept pulling bags out of the trash. I thought that I was doing my part! :-)

Daddy has brought me to Momma Gena and GrandDanny's for the afternoon. Mommy has an important meeting with a bride this afternoon. Just before we left, Daddy gave me a special treat! It was an empty peanut butter jar. It was SO yummy. Daddy thought it would be funny to cut slits in the jar so that I could smell the peanut butter. Mommy and Ms. Robin insisted that Daddy remove the lid. Mommy took a few pictures of me enjoying my special treat. I had it all over my nose (as you can probably tell why) and it required my nose to be washed. If you know me, you know that I do not like to have a b-a-t-h, but my face being washed was well worth it!



Monday, October 13, 2008

Lazy, Lazy Day

Well, today is one of those days. Mommy, Daddy and I have had a lazy day. Boy - has it been great! Most of my day has been spent snoring on Mommy's lap. This weekend was non-stop for Mommy and Daddy.

Mommy's business had bridal show yesterday at B&A Warehouse. Saturday was spent preparing the store for the show. Mommy, Ms. Carlie and Ms. Robin packed up the store to take it to B&A. Daddy elected for me to stay in my "bedroom" on Saturday, since there would be so much in and out of the store. (And they did not expect to be gone too long.) Daddy ended up having to help Papaw with a project at Nanny's house. Mommy went to pick up Daddy. She was sad that I was not with her so that I could see Nanny and Buddy. (Buddy is Nanny's dog. He is a Great Dane/Dalmatian mix. Yep - he is HUGE! He scares the poop out of me every time!)

Momma said that is was good that I was not with her because Buddy had played in something that he should not have and would require a bath when Nanny got home. She said he smelled really bad! Momma did not get to see Nanny. Did not sound like I missed too much.

Momma Gena and GrandDanny came over Saturday night for dinner. I was in a playful mood Saturday night.... because I had been in my bedroom for 7 hours. I demanded walk after walk. Nothing satisfied me.

I had church Sunday morning. All of my "babies" attended with me. We did not have a baptism this week. (Mommy and Daddy say that we have baptism when one of my babies falls into my water dish in my bedroom.) Momma Gena and GrandDanny came to get me after their church. I was so excited to be free from my "bedroom" and ready to RIDE! Everything was good until we got to their house. Just as we pulled up, 2 small strangers were sniffing out the front yard. They even felt the need to mark their territory. HOW DARE THEM - THAT IS MY YARD! You know I went NUTS! I demanded a walk and had to sniff the entire front yard to see where they had been. Fortunately it was not too bad.

So, that brings us to today. Lazy! Daddy felt Noah kick for the first time today. That has been the highlight of the day. I think I felt him kick. Mommy was laying on the bed and I was beside her with my head on her tummy. She said that she could not tell if it was Noah kicking or if it was me swallowing. I say it was Noah!

Mommy's new website went live yesterday. Mr. Caleb did a great job getting it together so fast! Her new business is Se Marier Weddings. Check out her new site - She is promoting wedding planning full time now! (I do not know what that means for Bubbles & Bells. I guess we will find out later!)


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Random Family Photos

Here are some random photos that I have found on Papaw's computer. I hope that you like them!

You will see pictures of Freckles (the basset hound.) Freckles belonged to Momma Gena and GrandDanny. Freckles and I got along so well! She had to leave us in March 2007 due to illness. (When Freckles left is when I got so spoiled!)

You will also see my HORRIBLE Christmas photos that my Mommy had made last year.