Monday, January 26, 2009


That is what I keep hearing at the office today! KABOOM! And it scares me and Mommy! I even jumped in Papaw's lap - you know it must be bad!

Our store is near the Birmingham Police Department Firing Range. We mostly hear gun fire when the policemen are practicing and that does not scare me. I sleep right through it! WELL - today, the bomb squad is out practicing and we keep hearing KABOOM! The first time Mommy and I heard it, our hearts stopped - literally! Mommy said Noah even jumped because he heard it!

So, now, my work/nap day is gone. I do not know what to do. I will not sit down, unless in Mommy or Papaw's lap. And I have even found myself under Papaw's desk, but only while he is sitting there working!

Please pray for no more KABOOMs (and that Mommy does not go into labor!) :-)

And that's just the dog's life!


Thursday, January 22, 2009


Mommy just told me that Mrs. Jen has her own blog. Mommy is so embarrassed that she did not know this beforehand. Check it out.. she has cool recipes on it (not that I can have any of them!)

I have added her as one of my friends on the side as well, so you can click on it anytime and see what's cooking in her kitchen! It says "Look Out Bobby Flay!"


A Night at Home with My Family!

Last night was a great night for me! Me, Mommy and Daddy enjoyed a night at home on the couch! With everything being "baby" lately, it was wonderful to spend time with just the 3 of us!

Mommy got home after Daddy and I and she started on dinner. I begged and begged for some of their dinner, but it did not work. Mommy and Daddy watched American Idol while eating dinner. Afterwards, a new show came on that intrigued Daddy - "Lie To Me".

During the show, I decided that it was time to play. I saw my plastic (hard) ball sitting by Daddy's laptop bag and wanted to play with it. Daddy had to help me get to it. Because it is made of hard plastic, it is very hard for me to control with my teeth. There are several teeth marks already in the ball that help me out. I kept loosing control of the ball and it kept getting stuck in places that Daddy had to help with. One time, I lost it in the kitchen and I got tangled up in the rug and it scared me. From that point on, every time the ball went into the kitchen, Daddy had to go with me to get it. Mommy was laughing so hard that tears were streaming down her face. She said that I sounded mean. At one time, Mommy said that she saw my rear end go sliding in the kitchen.

I finally got tired (only after 10 minutes) and decided to snuggle up on the couch with Daddy.

A little while later, I was laying there - minding my own business - and Daddy walks in with the dreaded bottle that I do not like seeing! THE EAR CLEANING MEDICINE BOTTLE! Yuck! Daddy wanted me to get in the floor, but I did not budge. So - he and Mommy had to come to me! Mommy attempted to hold me "down" but Daddy said that she did not do a good job of that. I kept shaking my head and sent ear medicine flying everywhere!

Daddy let me have a mini MD afterwards (melt down) and then we were off to bed. I snuggled with Mommy all night because I was mad at Daddy.

I am at Bubbles & Bells again today. Mommy has an appointment coming in tonight that I will help her with and then we will be headed home!

And that is just a dog's life!


Monday, January 19, 2009

Baby Presents for ME!!

That is right - I got baby presents! Mommy's baby tea was on Sunday the 11th and there was a package there that said MY name and NOT Noah's name. How excited was I?? Mrs. Elaine Bromley and Chef Dave gave me my own prize. It was a squirrel and a bag of treats. I was so excited to get it. I walked around the house the entire night with the squirrel in my mouth. I have not opened the bag of treats yet, because I still had a bag open, but they will be opened this week. Mrs. Elaine is a wedding friend of Mommy's. Chef Dave carves ice! Check out his website: His work is awesome - even though I have never seen it personally! Mommy says that I would probably lick the ice carving because I love ice so much. Maybe I need to go help Chef Dave carve and help him clean up the ice! :-)

So, on Friday, we were at home and the mail man came and rang the door bell. He had a box in his hand. Mommy got excited thinking it was another baby present. BUT what did the box say? Maggie Funderburg. It was from Petsmart. I received a birthday card from Petsmart earlier in the week so Daddy assumed that Petsmart had sent me a present. We opened the box - and Daddy let me help.

Daddy read the card and it was a baby present from Mrs. Jen and Mr. Rob. She told me that I can come stay with them if I need a get-a-way from Noah. I love Mrs. Jen and Mr. Rob.

It was a PIG! I sat in the floor and played with the Pig for a hour. Can you believe it - I already killed one of his feet and one of his ears. He only has one foot left and one ear left. I will get the others soon enough!

Thank you Mrs. Elaine, Chef Dave, Mrs. Jen and Mr. Rob for thinking of me. I am very excited to have my new babies to play with and new treats to enjoy. Come over any time that you like and play with me!!
And that's just a Dog's life!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Noah's Room is Blue!!

Here is an update on Noah's room! Daddy said that it would be done by this coming Sunday, and I think he is going to make it.

Papaw Mark has been at our house this week helping with the sanding. It was funny - he hit his head twice on the angle ceiling. He finally put up a sign that said "DUCK" to remind him as he went under the tarp. I don't think Papaw found it funny, but Mommy and I did. He said that he even had to re-mud where he hit his head. Must have hit it pretty hard!

He finished the sanding on Tuesday night. Daddy and GrandDanny finished a little bit of mudding yesterday and went on with the painting. We did not think they would get it done, but they did. They put 3 coats of white and a coat of blue. They are putting the final coat of blue on now.

Noah's door arrived at Home Depot. Daddy and Papaw picked it up today. They are going to install it this afternoon. Daddy says that we will be holding our breath to make sure it fits securely, if not, they will have to figure out how to make it fit.

I am home supervising their work. Mommy, Nina and Momma Gena are coming over tonight to help me supervise. I think the boys are going to watch the National Championship Football Game tonight.

I will update as more happens! :-)


Inside Noah's room from my bedroom. Look at how blue it is!

Looking at my bedroom from inside of Noah's bedroom. (Please excuse the mess - mommy decided to wait and do a mass clean after the construction is done. She even took the comforter off of the bed to help keep it clean.)

This is down Noah's little hallway looking at his cubby hole closet. GrandDanny is working on putting the light into the ceiling. Isn't his closet cute! Mommy did not want to waste any space in his room! There will be a bar inside the box so that we can hang his clothes in there.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Chaos at Maggie's House

There has been major chaos at Maggie's house the last 2 weeks. I have not been able to post on my blog because I have been the construction foreman supervising Daddy and GrandDanny. Daddy and GrandDanny have been working to build Noah's nursery. His room is going to be right off of my bedroom (and Mommy and Daddy's bedroom.) The pictures below show everything as it has been happening...

Door from my bedroom originally
A wider view

Door from inside back towards my nite-nite

The door now - notice it got wider!

The window

The window now

Noah's closet

Noah's closet now -- it is a tiny cubby hole! Mommy likes it!
So, as you can see, things have been a little busy. Mommy has not gotten to work on Noah's room, mainly because Daddy would not let her. She is determined to help with everything else. Daddy says that her time is coming.
It is only 7 1/2 weeks until Noah's due date. We can not believe how fast time is flying. Mommy's tea is next Sunday. We are so excited to see what she gets. Daddy had put a few extra items on the registry at Target (of course for me and for him) but Mommy took them off. Can you believe her? Please, someone buy me the raccoon that I wanted! :-)
Well, I have got to get back to work! Make sure the boys are working hard! I will update you on more changes as they happen!!
And that's life of a dog!