Monday, April 27, 2009

Noah's Doctors Appointment

Noah had a doctors appointment today. Mommy said that it went really well considering he had to have 4 shots. He was a very good boy and let the doctor check him out. She said that he is a very relaxed baby! Mommy said that is a good thing. He weighed 12 pounds and 1 ounce and is 2 feet tall (or 24 inches long.) Yes, Noah is taller than me, but I am older and wiser! The doctor said that he is 70th percentile for his weight and 80th percentile for his height. He is going to be tall and skinny!

Well, it is time for me and Mommy to give Noah his bath. I have realized that it is not such a scary word and I will occasionally walk into the bathroom to check it out then I make my spot on the bed. Sure am glad that Noah is the one getting the baths and not me!

And that's just the dog's life!


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Party Crasher

My family and I have enjoyed an afternoon of fun at Aunt Jennifer's house. I love coming to Aunt Jennifer's house. She has a doggie park at her house. I constantly beg to go to the doggie park. Mommy and Momma Gena gave in to me earlier and took me there. Uncle Paul made some wonderful burgers on the grill. I know that they are wonderful because I had some.

Just as the family sat down for dinner, Momma Gena's phone rang. It was a little girl saying she had found me. Woody and I had (once again) escaped from the back yard and crashed an eleven year old birthday party. I had so much fun. The girls had a blast with me. Woody paid the girls no attention and found something in the woods that caught his nose. Mommy told me that it was not nice to crash a birthday party without a present. Oops. I really wanted the hot dogs and birthday cake.

It was an exciting afternoon for me. It did dawn on me that my family did not notice that Woody and I had taken ourselves on a walk. How long would they have let us gone before they noticed? I had fun either way!

And that's just the dog's life!


Friday, April 24, 2009

Snakes on the Loose

Grandma needed me today, but Mommy would not take me. I could have found it. If they had given me just 5 minutes, I could have hunted it down.

Grandma's sitter called Papaw today. As Grandma was getting up from the lunch table, a snake went from under the kitchen table to under the freezer in just a matter of seconds. It freaked the sitter out. She called Nina... could not get her. Called Uncle Rudy... could not get him. Called Papaw... got him and he said "Hum." It baffled everyone. Nina was on her way to an appointment, Papaw was waiting on a bride and Uncle Rudy was 30 minutes away.

By the time that Uncle Rudy got there, the snake was long gone. There is no sign of it. If I could have gone, I would have found it in just a few minutes. Aunt Dorinda is freaked out. Nina is freaked out. Mommy invited Nina and Grandma to our house to spend the night, but Nina said that they would be ok. (I bet Nina does not sleep well.)

Granddanny found a snake on Monday trying to get into his garage. He killed it. It was a baby rattle snake. Momma Gena wonders where the mommy snake is. She was freaked out as well.

Mommy said that it is too early for snakes, and now we have already seen 2 this season. Daddy is going to really have to watch my new back yard. I hope everyone watches out too!

And that's just the dog's life!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jail Bird

I got busted! I found a way out of my fence and Daddy caught me. My nose, once again, caught the best of me. Something had been outside of my fence and I was trying to figure out what it was. I found a way out of the fence trying to see what had been there. Daddy was standing in the kitchen calling my name. I did not come - obviously, I was outside of the fence. When he walked out, he found me on the opposite side of the gate trying to figure out how to get in. I got busted.

Mommy keeps asking me how I got out, but I will not tell. Daddy said that he is going to put a piece of bologna on the other side of the gate and watch me get to it. HAHA! Very funny. Mommy thinks I jumped on the dog house, but again, I will not tell!

And that's just the dog's life!


Monday, April 20, 2009

Welcome Baby Colton!

Daddy's friend, Mr. Brian and his wife, Angie, have a new baby boy. His name is Colton Reid and his was born on Wednesday, April 15th. They have a little girl already who is named Kinley. I have not met any of them, but I hope to one day.

We wish you congratulations on your new bundle of joy!


Scat Cat

Mommy has learned a new word... and I don't like it. Every time Noah sneezes, Mommy says "scat cat". Guess what I do when I hear that... I go running to the window to look for the C-A-T-S! Mommy always laughs and tells me that there is no cat, so if there is no cat, then why does she have to say it? I don't like it. Noah kind of looks at Mommy with a puzzled look on his face while I look at Mommy with my ears up. The trouble is... Mommy says it about 5 times a day - that means that Noah sneezes a lot.

Oh well - guess I'd better get used to weird changes around my house!

And that's just the dog's life!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Pictures

Here are the pictures from Easter that I promised you!

This is what the Easter Bunny brought me.

This is what the Easter Bunny brought Noah!

Here I am checking out what Noah got.

I like my new duck!

Noah likes his new Monkey Time Mat!

The Easter Bunny also came to Momma Gena's house!

Family picture... where's Maggie? Oh, I was playing in the back yard. I did not obey and go have my picture made!

Daddy, Noah and Jake all matched in their plaid shorts. Aren't they cute??

And that's just the dog's life!

Pictures of Jake

Here are a couple of pictures of Jake that Mommy forgot to give me. Mommy, Daddy, Noah and I went to Aunt Jennifer's house for dinner several weeks back and Jake had to show us how he takes his bath in his duck.

And here is Jake's hair when he finishes his bath! :-)

And that's just the dog's life!


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Bunny Day! The Easter Bunny came to my house last night, and I was such a good girl. I did not chase him away like Mommy thought that I would. He brought me prizes, so of course I was not going to chase him away. Mommy took pictures of me and Noah with our Easter baskets. I will post them soon.

Everyone took Noah and Jake to see the Easter Bunny at The Bass Pro Shop. Grandma even showed up to have her picture made. Who said an 83 year old can't have her picture made with the Bunny. I have posted the pictures for you to see!

Noah with the Easter Bunny in his Easter outfit.

Grandma and Noah with the Easter Bunny!

Jake and Noah with the Easter Bunny.
It is the first Easter for both of them!

Jake with the Easter Bunny.

Mommy and Daddy have told me the meaning of Easter. I know that we all celebrate bunnies and baskets and eggs, but I am a smart beagle and know that we are actually celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Mommy and Daddy told me that if Jesus had not died on the cross for us, then we would not be here today. I thank Jesus every day for what he has done for us. Remember Jesus today as you celebrate with your family.

And that's just the dog's life!


Friday, April 10, 2009

Welcome to the world of blogging

I want to welcome my Momma Gena and my Uncle Brian Funderburg to the world of blogging. I have gotten both of them into blogging and now they have created their own blogs. Momma Gena's blog is for her Sunday School class at Huffman Baptist Church, Uncle Brian's blog is for his church that he pastors, Jemison Church of Christ,

Help me welcome them to this exciting blogger world!

And that's just the dog's life!


Monday, April 6, 2009

Pictures of Noah

My sweet brother!

Mommy told me that I have to post some updated pictures of Noah. I have not done so in a while and he has changed so much.

Mommy and I were talking today - our lives changed 6 weeks ago tomorrow. Can you believe it? Noah will be 6 weeks old tomorrow. That means - 6 weeks ago tonight was our "last" night at home as a family of 3. Mommy and I remember it as if it were yesterday...

Mommy, Daddy and I woke up on Monday morning and went to work as usual. Mommy started having a few "issues" and called the doctor. They told Papaw that they needed to go to the doctor but did not want to tell the family, just in case it was nothing. They told Papaw that they were going home to pack their bags, just in case, and that they would leave me in my "bedroom". I fully understood what they were saying and knew what was going on so I jumped into Papaw's lap. He was so honored by my actions that he told Mommy that he did not think I wanted to leave. They came up with a game plan for if Mommy had to stay at the hospital.

Needless to say, Mommy and Daddy came home that afternoon. They picked me up at Bubbles and Bells and we headed to the grocery store. Our dinner at home consisted of tacos. Daddy loves some homemade tacos. Mommy and I watched "The Bachelor" as we had done every Monday night for the last 2 months. Mommy headed to bed early because she had a doctors appointment at 8 am on Tuesday morning. The plan was to evict Noah on Wednesday the 25th.
Noah had different plans for Mommy. Her tummy started having funny pains at 3:15 am and she kept having those pains every 9 minutes. She tried to wake Daddy up on the 3rd pain but he did not move. I woke up, looked at Mommy and got under my covers. She told me later that I was no help. She finally woke Daddy up and he called the doctor. Off they went to the hospital and I found myself in my bedroom at 4 am. I had lost my spot in the king sized bed. GrandDanny came to get me soon after that. He took me, my blue suitcase and my bedroom. I knew that I was off for an adventure. I had no idea what was in store for me.
I found February 24th to be the longest time that I had been in my bedroom. I should have known when my bedroom went with me. Mrs. Melissa Walker, Maleah and Lacey came to rescue me in the late afternoon. The girls took me outside (so that I could do my business) and they ran around with me. I was very excited to see them. They told me the exciting news that Daniel Noah had arrived safely and that Mommy was doing good.
And life has not been the same since. It has only gotten better. I did not accept Noah at first, but Mommy is proud of me now. Every time she and Daddy come home with Noah, I give my hugs to them and I then have to check on Noah. Mommy holds his car seat down for me to see. I smell his feet and then I am on my way. Mommy says that it is sweet for me to check on him but I am actually just seeing where he has been that I have not been. A little jealous, yes, at times, but I would not change it for anything. I love having Noah around and I am very excited that he joined my pack!
And that's just the dog's life!

Little ones in my house

We had a visit a couple of weeks ago from Mrs. Melissa Brewer. Claire and Logan got to come with her. Mr. Danny was unable to come over because he was working. Mommy works a lot with Mr. Danny at weddings. He owns a DJ company called Feel The Beat Entertainment ( ). I have never seen him work but Mommy talks good things about him. I do enjoy seeing him when he comes to the office. He always talks to me.

Claire seemed to really like Noah when she was here. She kept asking to hold Noah. Mrs. Melissa would sit next to her and let Noah sit in her lap. Mommy could not resist snapping a few photos.

Logan played with me while he was here. He brought my basket of toys over for me to play with. I was unsure at first, but Mommy kept telling me that it was ok.
I enjoyed seeing them and hope they come over to play again. Next time, Mr. Danny will have to come with them!
And that's just the dog's life!

Noah meets his Great Grandmothers

I am so jealous. Noah gets to go places that I used to go. But I understand why I don't get to go as often. Mommy's hands are too full to handle both of us. But this is one trip that I would have loved to have gone on.

A couple of weeks ago, Noah got to go to Leeds for the first time. He went to Nanny's house to see her and to get to meet Aunt Donna, Nick and Sarah for the first time. Nanny had not seen Noah since the hospital so she could not believe how big he had gotten.

After Nanny's house, Noah got to go to Grandma's house. Remember that Grandma was in the hospital and Mommy was worried about Noah meeting Grandma. Well, he was able to meet her. (I would have loved to have gone to Grandma's house because she has deer! I would have loved to have gone to see Nanny, but she has Buddy! Scares the poop out every time!)

Grandma is doing much better these days. I am sorry that I have not posted an update on her. She came home from the hospital after a week and a half stay. She still has to have breathing treatments though. She fusses about them, but knows that it is what she needs.
Did you see that Noah has a cute Pooh outfit on?
And that's just the dog's life!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Cat is out...

I can not stand it any more... I must tell or I will explode!

Mommy fired me on Tuesday. Daddy says that I am retiring because I am independently wealthy. Why is this exciting?? Well, as of May 1st, I will no longer be able to go to Bubbles & Bells? WHY?

...because Bubbles & Bells is moving! Mommy is packing up the store and moving it to Argo! She decided that it was time for a move and a revamp of the business. She will be adding party supplies (birthday supplies and balloons) to the list of inventory that Bubbles & Bells will sell.

Why will I not be able to go to the store?? Well, balloons will scare me for 1. 2 - Daddy and Papaw will have a separate office from Mommy. And 3 - it is in the lease, I can not go to work with Mommy. Papaw was so sad that he wishes he had reconsidered before signing the new papers, but he realizes that this is best. (Puppy Daycare, ie. Momma Gena's house - here I come!)

Everyone has tons of work to do between now and then. Well, everyone except me and Noah. Mommy is very excited about this change. She is working very hard to find her new suppliers for the party supplies. I keep begging for some puppy party supplies because my "Gotcha Date" Anniversary is fast approaching and I must demand a celebration!

Keep checking in with us for more business updates.

And that's just the dog's life!


Exciting News Update...

I promise that my exciting news is coming soon. Mommy will not let me tell yet. Who is wondering what it is???


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Poor Buddy!

Buddy, Nanny's 104 pound Dalmatian/Great Dane got into a dog fight yesterday. Papaw and Nanny ended up having to take Buddy to the emergency room late last night. He broke his upper jaw, lost a tooth, cut his eyelid and has numerous bites all over him. He even had to have some stitches. Buddy had to spend the night at the hospital last night. Nanny was so worried about him.

Buddy's fight started all because of a piece of bread. Seriously, Buddy?

Even though Buddy (literally) scares the poop out of me, I do send him well wishes.

And that's just the dog's life!