Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Update with photos

I had to fuss at my Mommy. She has not done a good job of giving me pictures to post for you to see. You would think that with my family being professional photographers that we would have pictures galore. Well, we don't. Mommy does a good job taking the pictures, but she does nothing with them. I have agreed to try to help Mommy do a better job.

In the meantime, here are a bunch of updated photos:

Me - look at how pretty I am! :-)

Mommy and Daddy were cleaning the house and I found my spot... it was perfect... my bed, on the rugs on the patio in the sunshine. Couldn't find anything better!

Daddy helping Noah swim at Jake's birthday party!

Noah's first bite of sweet potatoes. He really did enjoy them!

Noah's first bite of food. He ate rice cereal.

Mommy loves this photo. This is Noah's hand resting on Nanny's hand. It is so sweet!

Noah and Nanny at Mommy's birthday dinner.

Mommy and Noah on July 4th.

Grandma Dison, Noah and Nanny
These are Noah's 2 great grandmothers.

Noah and Daddy taking a swim in Mrs. Laura's pool on July 4th.
Noah's first official swim ever.

Noah and Nina
Notice that Noah is asleep

Nanny feeding Noah for the first time.
They had gotten to the last bite so Nanny let him drink it from the bowl.

Noah, Daddy, Jake and Uncle Paul swimming on July 4th.
That is just about all of it. Nothing too exciting been going on. Daddy and Papaw are busy photographing weddings each weekend right now.
I will let you know if anything exciting happens!

And that's just the dog's life!


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