Monday, May 10, 2010

Friends in the hood

Mommy, Noah and I meet lots of interesting people while out for our nightly walks. I now know so many other 4-leggers in our neighborhood. I've told you about Gretta and Gracie. Gretta is a boxer and Gracie a basset. They live 3 houses down with Ms. Rita. Apparently Ms. Rita works nights and takes Gretta and Gracie on their daily morning walk around 8:20 each morning. Gretta is the one who walked through my house looking for me one day. Gretta and Gracie are trained and take supervised, yet unsupervised walks each day. All Mommy has to do is say "there's Gretta and Gracie" and my hair stands up and off I go to the back door!!

I also know Ziggy. Ziggy is a Scottish terrier. He is retired and lives with his mommy and daddy. I met Bear a few weeks ago who lives with his mommy. He has 3 siblings who are at the University of Alabama. He is a hound mixture, but not sure what kind of mix he is. All I know is that he is taller than me!!

I have recently met "W" and Sally. "W" was named after the great George W Bush. Mommy and I call him "W", THE DOG. Sally, his next door neighbor, is another basset hound. I just love it that a majority of dogs in our hood belong to the hound family!!

Watch out Clay, Hounds are taking over Georgebrook!!

And that's just the dog's life!


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