Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One for me... One for you...

...is the only way that Noah will eat his goldfish crackers. And personally - I LOVE it! If Mommy does not give me a cracker when she gives it to him, then he tries to give me his. Then I get into trouble when I try to accept what he is giving me. There are several times that I go ahead and get the cracker that he is giving me because Mommy says that I have gotten too close to it. I knew that this kid would come in handy. I am really starting to like him! Everyone tried telling me this, but I just didn't see it to my advantage. But I do now!!

Noah does try to play with me now too. I am not too sure about this. I am still afraid that I will hurt him. He has watched my Mommy try to trigger a MD and now he does the same thing. Mommy will head butt me to get me going and now he does the same thing. And once my MD starts and I go running all over the place, he just laughs. It really is cute.

I know that you are dying for some updated pictures of our family... and I promise I will get them to you as soon as Daddy finishes with them. Mommy took some adorable fall/Halloween photos and some Alabama Roll Tide pictures. I will post them soon!!

And that's just the dog's life!


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