Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Night at Home with My Family!

Last night was a great night for me! Me, Mommy and Daddy enjoyed a night at home on the couch! With everything being "baby" lately, it was wonderful to spend time with just the 3 of us!

Mommy got home after Daddy and I and she started on dinner. I begged and begged for some of their dinner, but it did not work. Mommy and Daddy watched American Idol while eating dinner. Afterwards, a new show came on that intrigued Daddy - "Lie To Me".

During the show, I decided that it was time to play. I saw my plastic (hard) ball sitting by Daddy's laptop bag and wanted to play with it. Daddy had to help me get to it. Because it is made of hard plastic, it is very hard for me to control with my teeth. There are several teeth marks already in the ball that help me out. I kept loosing control of the ball and it kept getting stuck in places that Daddy had to help with. One time, I lost it in the kitchen and I got tangled up in the rug and it scared me. From that point on, every time the ball went into the kitchen, Daddy had to go with me to get it. Mommy was laughing so hard that tears were streaming down her face. She said that I sounded mean. At one time, Mommy said that she saw my rear end go sliding in the kitchen.

I finally got tired (only after 10 minutes) and decided to snuggle up on the couch with Daddy.

A little while later, I was laying there - minding my own business - and Daddy walks in with the dreaded bottle that I do not like seeing! THE EAR CLEANING MEDICINE BOTTLE! Yuck! Daddy wanted me to get in the floor, but I did not budge. So - he and Mommy had to come to me! Mommy attempted to hold me "down" but Daddy said that she did not do a good job of that. I kept shaking my head and sent ear medicine flying everywhere!

Daddy let me have a mini MD afterwards (melt down) and then we were off to bed. I snuggled with Mommy all night because I was mad at Daddy.

I am at Bubbles & Bells again today. Mommy has an appointment coming in tonight that I will help her with and then we will be headed home!

And that is just a dog's life!


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