Monday, January 19, 2009

Baby Presents for ME!!

That is right - I got baby presents! Mommy's baby tea was on Sunday the 11th and there was a package there that said MY name and NOT Noah's name. How excited was I?? Mrs. Elaine Bromley and Chef Dave gave me my own prize. It was a squirrel and a bag of treats. I was so excited to get it. I walked around the house the entire night with the squirrel in my mouth. I have not opened the bag of treats yet, because I still had a bag open, but they will be opened this week. Mrs. Elaine is a wedding friend of Mommy's. Chef Dave carves ice! Check out his website: His work is awesome - even though I have never seen it personally! Mommy says that I would probably lick the ice carving because I love ice so much. Maybe I need to go help Chef Dave carve and help him clean up the ice! :-)

So, on Friday, we were at home and the mail man came and rang the door bell. He had a box in his hand. Mommy got excited thinking it was another baby present. BUT what did the box say? Maggie Funderburg. It was from Petsmart. I received a birthday card from Petsmart earlier in the week so Daddy assumed that Petsmart had sent me a present. We opened the box - and Daddy let me help.

Daddy read the card and it was a baby present from Mrs. Jen and Mr. Rob. She told me that I can come stay with them if I need a get-a-way from Noah. I love Mrs. Jen and Mr. Rob.

It was a PIG! I sat in the floor and played with the Pig for a hour. Can you believe it - I already killed one of his feet and one of his ears. He only has one foot left and one ear left. I will get the others soon enough!

Thank you Mrs. Elaine, Chef Dave, Mrs. Jen and Mr. Rob for thinking of me. I am very excited to have my new babies to play with and new treats to enjoy. Come over any time that you like and play with me!!
And that's just a Dog's life!

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Jen said...

Yay! I am so glad it showed up. I never got a shipping notice or anything so I was like, Hope it worked!