Thursday, January 8, 2009

Noah's Room is Blue!!

Here is an update on Noah's room! Daddy said that it would be done by this coming Sunday, and I think he is going to make it.

Papaw Mark has been at our house this week helping with the sanding. It was funny - he hit his head twice on the angle ceiling. He finally put up a sign that said "DUCK" to remind him as he went under the tarp. I don't think Papaw found it funny, but Mommy and I did. He said that he even had to re-mud where he hit his head. Must have hit it pretty hard!

He finished the sanding on Tuesday night. Daddy and GrandDanny finished a little bit of mudding yesterday and went on with the painting. We did not think they would get it done, but they did. They put 3 coats of white and a coat of blue. They are putting the final coat of blue on now.

Noah's door arrived at Home Depot. Daddy and Papaw picked it up today. They are going to install it this afternoon. Daddy says that we will be holding our breath to make sure it fits securely, if not, they will have to figure out how to make it fit.

I am home supervising their work. Mommy, Nina and Momma Gena are coming over tonight to help me supervise. I think the boys are going to watch the National Championship Football Game tonight.

I will update as more happens! :-)


Inside Noah's room from my bedroom. Look at how blue it is!

Looking at my bedroom from inside of Noah's bedroom. (Please excuse the mess - mommy decided to wait and do a mass clean after the construction is done. She even took the comforter off of the bed to help keep it clean.)

This is down Noah's little hallway looking at his cubby hole closet. GrandDanny is working on putting the light into the ceiling. Isn't his closet cute! Mommy did not want to waste any space in his room! There will be a bar inside the box so that we can hang his clothes in there.

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