Friday, August 14, 2009

Ear Pulls and Tail Wags

Life has officially gone to a new level with all of these babies around. Jake is almost 14 months old and Noah almost 6 months old. Jake is now walking all over the place and Noah is rolling all around. Mommy will put Noah on a pallet in the living room, go do something in the kitchen to come back and find Noah clear across the room from where she left him. I really have to be on my toes to protect myself.

Mommy is very good about making sure that Noah is gentle with me. She lets him rub me, and I sit patiently, all while Mommy says "Gentle". I am ok with Noah rubbing me because I know that as long as Mommy is there, I am safe.

But I finally got if from Jake tonight. We are Momma Gena and GrandDanny's house tonight because they are leaving tomorrow morning for Ohio for a mission trip. I was laying, like a good girl, on my rug, minding my own business and Jake pulled my ear. I yelped... it hurt. I cried and Jake cried. The family laughed! Jake and I did NOT find this funny. I ran to my Mommy and then I ran and sat on the couch with Uncle Paul--- that was my "safe" spot.

Sometimes I accidentally wag my tail in Noah's face. Mommy doesn't particularly like this, but says that Noah's face is funny. He sits there just blinking his eyes.

I know that this was only the first of MANY ear pulls to come. I just didn't see it coming this soon. I will be ok. I will survive. But only as long as I get treats and loves following the ear pulls.

And that's just the dog's life!


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