Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My business-es

Did you get my title? Business-es meaning, plural. It all started when Mommy took me to work with her at Bubbles & Bells (http://www.bubblesandbells.com/) and I became The Wedding Dog. That was just the beginning of my career. What I failed to tell you in my first post was that my Daddy and my Papaw are wedding photographers (http://www.marklawleyphotography.com/) and are partners. This past spring, my daddy decided to do a side photography business, and guess what he named it... Maggie & Company. How sweet is that? I had a few ground rules for them to use my name, and I signed my paw to it. NO baths within 30 days of each other, extra treats each day and at least 1 new toy per month. So far the payment has been well.

So how busy do you think a wedding dog can be. Today has been a busy one. Besides blogging (my new habit) I have slept on my palet and I intend to return to the couch when I am finished with this. Mommy has an appointment with one of her brides this afternoon, so I must stay at the store to help Mrs. Robin and Papaw said that he will take me home. Boy do I like to ride in Papaw's truck with him. So much to smell. And that will be my day. Mommy said something about making treats for Mrs. Rhonda, who is at the hospital, but I don't think that I will get to help like she said that I will. Mommy ends up taking control of the kitchen. All I get to help with is loading the dishwasher, what fun is that? I must say, I do try to help give the dishes a prewash, but you have to watch your head in the dishwasher door, and don't get your tongue stuck in the basket, oh and watch the knives.

Mommy goes to the doctor tomorrow to find out what kind of sibling I will have. I find out if I get a sister named Madison or a brother named Noah. If it is a Madison, my mommy will have fun confusing us... Maggie, Madi (since they sound alike.) We will see how long it takes to confuse our names. HA! HA! I will let you know!

Check my post tomorrow or Thursday to see what we will have!



Jen said...

I love it haha! I thought I was cool when I started a blog. Yours is way better haha www.blog.theweddingfrenzy.com

Colette and Kathy said...

Maggie you are a super dog in my book.
Please let us know whether your new sibling will be named Noah or Maddie.
We are anxiously awaiting to find out here in Albany Texas!