Friday, September 26, 2008

Drive-thru treats at a whole new level

Why do you think every dog likes to go to the bank... because the teller gives suckers through the drive-thru. Actually they are milk bones. I am a little spoiled when it comes to treats--- I like the expensive treats like Snausages and Beggin Strips. I will take a hard bone when cousin Woody eats one but they are not my favorite. Everytime I go to the bank with Papaw we gladly take the milk bone so I do not hurt the tellers feelings, but he gives me a good treat when we get back to the office.

Last night, drive-thru treats moved to a whole new level, so I must tell the bank teller. Aunt Dorinda called and asked if we would pick up Meghan at the football field and take her home. Mommy decided that she was really hungry and did not want to cook dinner. We picked up Meghan and went to Costa's BBQ in Trussville. (Mommy decided to take Meghan with us through the drive-thru to help hold me back.) Mommy placed the order for her and Daddy and went to the window. The clerk noticed me and asked if I could have a treat. Mommy told her yes. She came back with a sack full of rib bones for later and a hand full of pork for now. I hopped from Meghan's lap to Mommy's and held my head out the window and enjoyed my treat from the clerk's hand. (For sanitary purposes, she did have it in a wrapper that I ate out of.) The only problem was, I wanted more! Mommy told me to tell her thank you, and I guess I did. Mommy also told her that Costa's will be my new favorite restaurant in Trussville.

After my treat, Mommy, Meghan and I headed home. I tried to help Meghan with her homework but she did not use any of my suggestions. I begged Mommy for a walk and after enough begging, she finally gave in. Aunt Dorinda and Uncle Jamie came to pick up Meghan and I was so excited to see them.

I am off of work today. I am helping Daddy clean out our cars and wax them. He will spend hours cleaning the windows which I will mess up as soon as I get back in the car. Ha! Ha! I love to snot a good clean window. Granddanny already asked if I was snotting his clean window in the bedroom.

Papaw is going to pick me up after Meghan's ballgame. Check back to see what kind of mess we get into!


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