Saturday, October 17, 2009


Quick, call the pest control... My neighborhood has been infested with a pest!! I do NOT like this infestation problem and something must be done about it. They keep bothering me. They know that they are bothering me and they agg me on. Dang kitty cats!!

I had 2 different ones looking at me yesterday. One was parked under Papaw's truck and the other was across the street looking at me. Mommy made me go out the back door because Papaw just happened to be on a business call at the time. The C-A-T noticed where I had gone and decided to walk beside my fence while I was in the yard. HOW DARE THAT CAT!!

A similar thing happened Thursday night, except the (same) C-A-T walked by my tree in my front yard. Mommy thought that I was going to owe her a set of blinds for the front window. Good thing I did not break it because that would have cost me a fortune in treats.

These C-A-T-S really know that they bother me and they do it on purpose. I think they just like hearing me talk to them!



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