Sunday, October 11, 2009

So Long Woody!!

I am very sad to report that the Walker Family and the Funderburg Family lost a very important member of their family... Woody William Walker (or "www." as I thought of him!) Woody belonged to Uncle Paul long before he and Aunt Jennifer became a family, and long before Jake was in the picture. Woody passed away while his family was in Orlando.

He was very sick and had a really hard time getting around. It really is for the best, but very difficult as well. Woody lived with me at my house for 2 months before his new house was ready, so we had time to become buddies. I last saw Woody on Labor Day and knew then that would probably be the last time that I saw him.

Woody, I want you to know that we appreciate you and all that you did your 14 years here. You will always be remembered, NEVER forgotten!! Even though Jake will not be able to physically remember you, but he will always know who his first dog was. We thank you, Woody and we love you!!

And that's just the dog's life!


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