Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jail Mickey Mouse is not so magical - ask Daddy!

This story does not involve me, but it is really funny and I felt it worthy to be blogged!!

My Daddy almost went to Jail Mickey Mouse while they were gone. But from what we understand, Jail Mickey Mouse would not have been as magical as every thing else Mickey Mouse is.

Thursday night of their trip, the family decided that they wanted to go to Fort Wilderness and have dinner. In order to do this, they had to go to the transportation center, ride a monorail to the Contemporary Resort and then catch a boat to Fort Wilderness. After dinner, they enjoyed the boat ride back to the Contemporary. They did get to enjoy the fireworks for Magic Kingdom while they were on the boat back. They walked through the hotel and decided to do some shopping before catching the monorail back to the transportation center. Once they got back to the suburban and started unloading, Papaw realized that Mommy and Daddy had lost Noah's baby bag backpack. They instantly remembered that Daddy had set it on the bench in the hotel while they were shopping and it had been forgotten.

Daddy drives over to a security guard in the parking lot and tells him what they had done. The guard radios the Contemporary Hotel and finds out that they back has been located. The guard says "GREAT" and to meet us at the dog kennel with the bag. Daddy, Mommy, Noah, Papaw and Nina follow the security guard through all of these back roads of Disney World. Daddy has NO clue where they are and how to even begin to get out of there. Once they get to where the kennel is, the guard motions for Daddy to keep following him. They next thing they know, they are pulling up at the hotel. The guard asks Daddy to come with him. When Daddy gets to where the bag was left, he finds 4 other security guards, a hotel manager and a German Shepard. The German Shepard is a police drug dog and is investigating the suspicious bag. The bag had not been touched! It takes Daddy about 20 minutes to convince the security guards and drug dog that it is in fact his bag. Daddy finally remembers that his drivers licence is in Mommy's wallet, which is also in the bag. He said that he had to describe what the wallet looked like and exactly where it was in the bag before they would let him open it. Sure enough, it was there and everything was ok. They had to do a inventory of everything that was in the bag before Daddy could leave.

THEN, the hotel manager asked Daddy where he was staying. He had to confess that they were not staying inside the Disney grounds. The manager was NOT thrilled that they were in the hotel without being guests of the hotel. It looked a little weird that Daddy was really where he should not have been.

SO - Mommy and Daddy almost shut down the Contemporary Hotel and Monorail System at Walt Disney World for a suspicious black baby bag backpack was left face down on a bench in the hotel. OOPS!! Jail Mickey Mouse would not have been magical with brooms flying about like the movies make it to be. Daddy almost got to find out!! HAHA!!

And that's just Daddy's "not so magical" life at Disney World!


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