Friday, February 6, 2009

Uncle Jamie, There is a Deer at My House

Uncle Jamie came by this afternoon to drop off some deer meat to Papaw. He decided that it would be cool to show me the deer head. At first, I was scared of the body-less head that appeared out of a garbage bag. I did not know what to think of him. Then I started barking at it.

Uncle Jamie put the deer back in the bag and in the back of his truck. After Uncle Jamie left, I still smelled the deer. His scent trailed long behind him. Mommy and Daddy, Nina and Papaw don't smell it, but I sure do!

After the family returned from dinner, I still smelled the animal. His scent trailed in the door behind them. I don't understand why they can not smell it. I required my Daddy to take me outside. I left him no choice! Out we went. I smelled and smelled and smelled. I barked and barked and barked!

Nina and Papaw got ready to leave, but not before I inspected every inch of Nina's car. (So, I thought that Nina's car is where Uncle Jamie put the deer head!) I smelled every inch of the inside of Nina's car. I even checked out the back window by jumping onto the back ledge. Then Daddy thought it would be funny to open the trunk. Not so funny - I had to jump into the trunk to make sure the deer was not back there.

Papaw thinks that I missed my calling as a drug dog. Daddy said I would never make it as a drug dog because of my ADD. He says that I would think that every car has drugs in it. Uncle Jamie thinks this has opened up my natural instincts and now I need to run something. I keep barking at Mommy and Daddy but they just do not understand. Mommy says that she is calling Uncle Jamie to come get me. Works for me.... maybe he will take me to find more deer! I will let you know!

And that's just the dog's life!


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