Monday, February 2, 2009


Well, I am officially 4 years old. Daddy says that I am no longer a "kid" that I am now an adult. Wow! I grew up fast! We don't actually know the date of my birthday, so I celebrate it with Daddy!

It was Daddy's birthday too. Daddy turned 29 on Saturday. (In doggy years, I am only 1 year younger than Daddy and I am 1 year older than Mommy!) HAHA! But Daddy says that is just physically. My mental capacity is still a 4 year old.

Mommy invited the family over last night for the Super Bowl. Nina, Papaw, Momma Gena and GrandDanny were there. Uncle Jamie, Aunt Dorinda and Meghan came, but they did not stay the whole time. Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Paul and Jake got there at half time. Aunt Jonica, Uncle Shane and Shawn were not able to make it, Uncle Shane wanted to watch the game on his new "big" tv. I wondered around the whole time, checking to see who would give me food, but no one did. Mommy had a cake for Daddy, but I did not get to enjoy it. HOW RUDE! AND, it was a Mrs. Audrey cake. Mrs. Audrey made a chocolate and peanut butter cake with chocolate and peanut butter icing and chocolate ganache on top. It sure smelled yummy. Mrs. Audrey does a lot of weddings with Mommy. Check out her website:

By the way, did I tell you where Daddy took me last week? I had to go to the doctor for my "big girl check up" as Mommy says. It was my nose to tail physical. Everything checked out good, except my weight. The doctor told Daddy that I am 2 pounds shy of being obese. I weigh a whopping 28 pounds! I need to be around 23-25 pounds, so Maggie is now on a diet!

OH - and I am now officially riding "the Happy Train!" The doctor put me on "puppy Prozac" because of my anxiety. They think that it will go away once Noah arrives. We will see!

Well, back to my nap on the bed. I am at Momma Gena's house today. It is raining outside, so I am being lazy on the bed! :-)

And that's just a dog's life!


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