Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ridin' in the Pawpaw Truck

I love riding in the truck with my Daddy. You see, he sold his car in October. Until Mommy and Daddy decide what to buy Mommy, Daddy has been driving Granddaddy's 1985 Toyota truck. It is an older truck, but it gets me and Daddy where we are going. Mommy laughs whenever I get in the truck with Daddy. I just love that truck!

Granddaddy bought that truck just for me. It has windows that pop open, so when the weather is pretty and warm (which is has not been for a while) Daddy will open the window and it blows air for me to smell. Mommy says that I was made for that truck. My little legs are just tall enough for my head to sit just above the dash so that I can look out the window. Though I usually prop my paws on the dash so that I can properly snot the window for Daddy. I snot the windows in every car that I ride in. I usually hit my head on the windshield every time I snot the front.

Mommy is going to take a picture of me and Daddy in the truck. She says that it is a sight to see! She sees the smile on my face every time! So if you see a 1985 blue and white Toyota truck driving down the road with a smiling beagle in the seat, then it is me and Daddy!

And that's just the dog's life!


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