Friday, February 20, 2009

Baby Noah Update

Mommy asked that I give you a Baby Noah update! Noah's due date is fast approaching, but it does not look like Noah is in any hurry. The doctor told Mommy to come back on Tuesday and if everything still looks good and safe for Noah, then she will ask Noah to come on Wednesday. Mommy and Daddy think that they will go to the hospital on Tuesday night and then Mommy will receive medicine on Wednesday so Noah will come.

Aunt Dorinda is stressing out! Meghan has color guard tryouts next Wednesday. Aunt Dorinda keeps asking Noah to come earlier. Grandma Dison still thinks Noah will come on Sunday the 22nd. Here is a funny story for you... Grandma has trouble remembering things right now. When Mommy first told Grandma that she was having a baby, Grandma asked when the baby was due and Mommy told her February 24th. Grandma quickly remembered that George Washington's birthday was around that time. Mommy had not remembered that so she looked it up on the calendar. Low and behold, George Washington's birthday is February 22nd. All Grandma could say was "Maybe he will have a famous birthday." The entire time that we have been waiting on Noah's arrival, Grandma would always ask when Mommy was due. Again, Mommy would tell her and Grandma would respond with "Maybe he will have a famous birthday." Mommy, Aunt Dorinda, Nina and Aunt Jonica have giggled about this the entire time. It sure will be funny if Noah is born on Sunday!

And that is your Noah update! I will be staying with Momma Gena and GrandDanny while Mommy and Daddy are at the hospital. But don't worry, Daddy will be sending photos home for me to see and I can blog them then. Mommy is also working on making a blog for Noah, so I will post the address when it is ready! Keep your fingers crossed!

And that's just the dog's life!


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