Monday, June 1, 2009

A Day at Oak Mountain

Uncle Paul had a big birthday party for his special day. We all spent the day at Oak Mountain! It was so much fun! Mommy and Daddy let me go since I was feeling much better. Daddy and GrandDanny pulled the "putt-putt" boat while Momma Gena drove me, Mommy and Noah in the suburban.

We got there and I had to sniff the whole pavilion that we had rented. Daddy even tied me to a tree. While Mommy was helping settle Noah in, Daddy and GrandDanny unloaded the boat into the water. They went fishing for a while. Once they returned, we decided that it was time to eat. I decided to help myself to a hot dog winnie that I found. Mommy tried to take it from me, but it was too late. I had already devoured it.

After lunch, Daddy and Papaw decided it was time for them to take the boat out. They stayed gone for a long time. When they got back, Daddy was soaking wet and Papaw was laughing. They would not tell what had happened. But Papaw could not hold it in much longer. Papaw started telling what had happened but then Daddy had to tell his side of the story. All he kept saying was "I took one for the team." Apparently, Papaw was moving back to the front of the putt-putt boat when he lost his balance. He slipped and tried to catch himself, but when he did, he and Daddy ended up on the same side of the boat and they said that boat was within inches of going over. In the process, somehow Daddy fell over backwards into the water. All I could think was wondering what Uncle Brownie would say to this. Mommy thought it was hilarious! Daddy was ready to go soon after. So Daddy was soaking wet the rest of the day. And they tried to make me ride with them!! Yeah right! I tried to ride with them to dock the boat, but the bottom of the boat was too hot on my paws and I jumped right out. So I walked in the water instead.

I had a really good time and enjoyed my day out to Oak Mountain. I slept so good that night and all day on Sunday. Maybe we can go back again soon once Daddy puts carpet in the boat and it won't burn my paws!

And that's just the dog's life!


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