Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Kid on the Block

We have a new kid in the "hood"... I saw her walking down the street. Her name is Gracie and she lives with Gretta. Their owner takes them for a walk each day and I talk to them as they walk by. Gracie is a Basset Hound and she looks just like Freckles used to look. Momma Gena almost teared as she walked by. She pranced by just like she owns the "hood". I am here to tell her that I was here first and it is my "hood"!

Have I told you about Gretta? I meant to! Gretta is a boxer. She is very playful! Before Gracie came along, Gretta went on walks each day with her owner. Her owner would not hold on to the leash and Gretta would walk where she wanted to. Well, Gretta decided to come in to my house for a visit the day Daddy brought Mommy and Noah home from the hospital. GrandDanny was at my house bringing me back home and he had the front door open. Well, Gretta decided to help herself in for a visit. It was kind of funny! Gretta has not been back since.

Gretta's mommy is a foster mommy to dogs who do not have a home. We noticed that Gretta had different dogs walking with her and could not figure it out. Then we noticed Gracie - simply because of Freckles. Mommy finally asked her. She said that animal shelters are hurting for some foster parents. Mommy wishes we could do it, but we have too much going on right now. We are trying to talk Momma Gena and GrandDanny into it. But then I might loose my spot on the favorite list! I am on top right now... well, maybe not, they went south again without me! Anyway... so Gracie was a foster puppy but is making a permanent stop on Marchester Circle. She is here to stay!

I am thinking of asking Mommy if Gretta and Gracie can come into my fence and play for a bit. I would be ok with Gracie because she reminds me of Freckles, or a skinny Freckles.

And that's just the dog's life... in the "hood"!


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