Saturday, June 20, 2009

South Again...

Yep, that is right. Momma Gena and GrandDanny are south again... without me, again! Will I ever get to go to the beach? They took Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Paul and Jake with them this time. Mommy, Daddy and Noah opted not to go. Mommy and Noah are at work today while Daddy and I work in the yard. That is actually a lie, I am not working in the yard with Daddy. I am snoozing on the couch in the air conditioner. He is cutting grass and planting Mommy's new plants. She has a new rose and a hydrangea bush that she bought for her birthday.

So, the family is gone again without me. I am glad that Mommy and Daddy decided to stay home because I would not have gotten to go anyway. The place that they are staying at will not let me stay there. I guess I could have stayed with Uncle Brownie and Aunt Vickie, but I did not want to impose on them. I could have stayed at their neighbor's house... I think they would have liked me to stay. Maybe I will get an invitation one day. (I am trying to guilt them, can you tell?? Think it will work?)

Aunt Jen and Uncle Rob are south also. They are visiting Uncle Rob's family. But they did not invite me either! But I am sure that they took Lady and Charlie with them. Probably not enough room in the car. What are they going to do when "Baby Thorn" gets here? I need to have a talk with Lady and Charlie and forewarn them. :-)

Ok, so I am going to beg Mommy and Daddy to take me south one day. I keep hearing about the beach and the BIG boat that Uncle Brownie has. And I understand that there is so much to smell also. Fun, fun, fun!!

And that's just the dog's life - at home!


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