Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Noah's 1st Day of School

Like I said the other night - I am very behind on my blogging, and I am so sorry!

Noah is now going to big boy school. His first day was Wednesday, February 3rd. He only goes 2 days a week for four hours, but boy does he like it! And so do I!! It is 4 hours of undisturbed sleeping on the couch!

I didn't really like it at first. I was real cautious when Mommy and Noah would leave and she would come home without him. She finally took me with her to pick him up and I have been fine since. It was unusual to suddenly not have my pack together. It was out of my control and I didn't understand and I didn't like it!

Brother has settled in very well. Had a few rough days at first, but he loves it now! He even has him a little girlfriend. Her name is Ansley. She gave Noah a picture Valentine card, so I have seen a picture and she is adorable. She just loves to rub Noah's head. His teachers don't think she has ever seen a red head before. But Noah is just as smitten. He stands beside the highchair while she eats lunch and talks to her. So sweet! Such a gentleman!! Last week at school they played "house" together. Their classroom has new pots and pans and they played with them together. Mommy thinks this might be getting too serious!!

Here are a few pictures of his first day at school:

He has his bag, his cup, his lunch and his papi - what else does a boy need!
He's catching up on a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse before heading out!

This is the outside of Noah's school - it is called Noah's Park.
So fitting of a name!
His classroom window is to the left of the blue circle window!

This is Mommy and Noah leaving school.
He looks a little relieved that she came back to get him!!

Noah with Mrs. Lisa and Mrs. Linda
(he really did have a good day at school!)
And that's just the dog's life!

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