Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tummy Scratch Learning Session

Noah has always been real good playing with me, and I'm good with him, but he has not learned how gentle he needs to be with me. Mommy tries to tell him to be gentle with me, but he doesn't understand. Mommy taught him how to scratch my tummy this morning and it was GOOD!! I helped out with the process, of course. Mommy brought Noah to our king sized bed at 8 am this morning to put his socks back on him - the boy hates his socks! I preceded to roll on my back and put all fours in the air. Mommy started scratching my tummy (and oh, it felt so good) and then Noah decided to help. Mommy took his hand and showed him the proper way to scratch. He seemed more interested in my foot and my mouth (because my teeth were showing, I was smiling) but Mommy kept sending him back to scratching my tummy.

He is such a cutie, and I love my brother!!!

And that's just the dog's life!


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