Thursday, November 12, 2009


Mommy and I figured out that I missed my opportunity as Underdog. I really hate that I missed it! We were watching Good Morning America this morning and they announced that Broadway Across America now has 101 Dalmatians touring as a Broadway play. I have never seen what a Broadway play is, but I did see several Dalmatian dogs on tv and that caught my attention enough. The man that they interviewed trained all of the dogs for the play. He was asked where he got the dogs. His answer: multiple places. Some are stray dogs that were found on the streets and many of them were rescue dogs they received from animal shelters and Dalmatian rescue groups.

Mommy and Daddy got me from the Pell City Animal Shelter just under 3 years ago. I wonder what tv/movie/broadway company would have come to Pell City in search for me for my stardom premiere. I just know that I would have been swept up!

Daddy said that I would have never made it as Underdog because that would mean that I would have to work. I would not be able to lounge on the couch all day long. But I would have made a darn good Underdog!!!! I missed my chance for fame! Oh well!

And that's just a dog's life!


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Jen said...

You'd make a better Polly (Underdog's love) :-D