Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wiser with Age

I have finally gained some wisdom with my years. The family talks about the smart but unusual things that Freckles used to do. One uncommon thing was sitting to eat. Freckles would always sit at her bowl when she would eat dinner. Mommy says that it was so funny to see the rear end of a basset hound down on the floor eating. Freckles' food bowl was on the opposite side of the refrigerator at Momma Gena's old house and all you could see was her rear end sticking out from the fridge. Daddy said that he has never heard of a dog sitting to eat. That is definitely not something that I do!

Freckles would also place her paw on a plate when GrandDanny gave it to her to lick. She had learned with age that there is no point in chasing the paper plate - just put your paw on it and it will stay still. When I first joined the family and learned to lick plates clean, I chased those things all over the place. The family tried to tell me to hold on to it, but I did not know what I was doing. Well, I have finally learned what they were talking about! I now put my paw on my plate to keep it still so that I can clean in. It definitely makes more sense to me. Why did I not think of that earlier??? HAHA! I guess I need to learn from Freckles. She was very wise with her age. Maybe I should start sitting to eat ... oh wait, Noah tries to play in my food bowls so they have gotten moved to the counters. Mommy has to be very careful when she gives me my dinner because Noah will try to play with my food. He is not so wise with his age yet - he does not know that it is not polite to play with your food or any one else - ESPECIALLY MINE!!

And that's just the dog's life!


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