Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanks-A-Bunch Day

I want to take a minute out of my busy day to wish you a very Happy Thanks-A-Bunch Day!! I hope that you are enjoying some quality family time!!

I have so much to be thankful for. First of all, I am thankful that Mommy gave me some yummy turkey for lunch. It was delish! I am very thankful that I have a warm home and a warm blanket to sleep on. I am thankful for my king sized bed that Mommy and Daddy bought me a couple of years ago. But most of all, I am thankful for my family! I am thankful that I have my family to send Thanksgiving with and that I am not in a large cold cage today. BUT - I am very thankful also to Pell City Animal Shelter for caring for me while I was there a few years back.

Today was such a wonderful day. It was well spent with family. Mommy, Daddy, Noah and I headed to Momma Gena's house early this morning so that we could watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Mrs. Melissa, Mr. John, Maleah and Lacey were invited to New York City to march in the parade and ride a float! That was such an honor for them. Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Paul and Jake soon joined us. Aunt Barbara and Uncle Mike even came from Clanton and had lunch with the family.

Noah enjoyed Ham in Ham Gravy again. Boy did it get my nose going again! Mommy also let him have some dressing with his ham. He really liked that! Dr. Miller said that he could begin to have some "table scraps" of soft foods. I am glad that he can have table scraps because that means more for me!

Mommy, Daddy and Noah headed off to Grandma Dison's house for an afternoon of fun. I opted not to go, even though I love to smell the deer and horses. I chose to spend the afternoon in Momma Gena's lap! Daisy and Jack were there so I also knew the attention would not be mine! Angie, Tim, Rydan and Amanda all came to enjoy Thanksgiving with the family. Aunt Audrey and Uncle Marv could not come because he has been really sick. Amanda is spending the night with us, so we are having a slumber party! The family is coming over for an Iron Bowl party tomorrow. I have no idea what they are going to do with a bowl made of iron, but I am going to watch the Alabama/Auburn game. They are more than welcome to watch it with me if they like!

I really hope that you have enjoyed your Happy Thanks-a-bunch day! If you have not done so, take a minute and look at the people and things around you. Take a minute and say thanks for all that you have. You will be really glad that you did.

And that's just the dog's life!


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