Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Baby vs Beagle...

...and the Beagle wins, of course!!!! Always!!

Nina bought Noah some new food. Mommy really did not think Noah would like it because it was Ham in Ham gravy. Mommy says that it sounded (amd smelled) horrible but she decided to try it anyway. The jar had only been opened a few seconds and my nose sent off an alert to my brain. I had to get up and see what wonderful smell had triggered my nose. It was, of course, the ham in ham gravy! Yum-my! Noah was actually enjoying his meal when I decided that I would try to help. Mommy had a wet paper towel to help wipe off his face, but I could not help myself and decided to partake in the paper towel. I had it in shreds. I found the lid to the baby food jar and cleaned it off. Then, I decided that Mommy needed help wiping Noah down since I had taken care of the paper towel. Yes, that is right... I licked Noah's face! Nina was not happy with me when Mommy told her what I did. I was only trying to help. The good thing is that Noah thought that I was playing and laughed. So, when he laughed, I licked again... and again. I licked him 3 times. I just could not get enough ham and ham gravy. There were 2 bites left over when Noah was finished with lunch so Mommy did let me have those. I can not wait until Noah has ham and ham gravy again.

Hum... I wonder what is for lunch tomorrow!! Something good, I hope!

And that's just the dog's life!


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