Thursday, November 13, 2008

I helped feed Jake!

I watched intently as Aunt Jennifer fed Jake!

Jake, buddy, you have food all over your mouth! Can I lick that off?

Looks like Jake is telling Aunt Jennifer that he wants more!
See, I can be a good girl and respect Jake when he eats! I respect everyone when they eat. (haha!) I look intently at you and very pitiful like so that you will want to give me some. And guess what? It always works! (It works best with Papaw and with GrandDanny!)
Speaking of eating, we had guests join us for lunch today at Bubbles & Bells. Danny and Melissa Brewer from Feel The Beat Entertainment joined us while we (and I do mean "we") enjoyed Golden Rule BBQ. Papaw and Daddy enjoyed a rib lunch plate and Papaw gave me one of his rib bones. It was so yummy! Mommy gave me some french fries and Mrs. Melissa gave me a small slice of her pork. I did not manage to get any food from Daddy or Mr. Danny. Oh well!
Not too much is going on today. Mommy and I are still at Bubbles & Bells. Something about waiting on the Fedex guy! Mommy says that she is waiting on Noah's baby book to be delivered from Beverly Clark.
Mommy told me that Mrs. Rhonda got to bring Luke home from the hospital yesterday! We are so excited for her and Mr. Tom. Luke has done so well, especially being born 10 weeks early. Mommy prays that Noah stays where he is until February!
Oh well -- that's just the life of a dog!


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