Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Not a good weekend for Maggie!

That is right! I did not have a good weekend! The only good part to my weekend was that Alabama beat LSU!

It all started Friday afternoon when I had my toes cut off. (It really was just a "pet-i-cure, but I swear that it feels like they were cutting my toes off!) Sometimes my trips to Petsmart are good and sometimes they are not! I think that is tricks by my Mommy and Daddy! Papaw was passing by Petsmart and decided to stop and check on me. We walked through the whole store, my lead of course! I took Papaw to see the Cats and I talked to them! Papaw even picked me up so that I could see the snakes. I did NOT like the snakes! They scared me! One even stood up to look at me. It freaked me out! So Mommy distracted me and let me pick out a new baby for being a good girl. I think it was to distract me for what was to come. Oh, and I got new treats! They are so Yummy! (If you ever want to buy me treats, I am picky and only like the soft (expensive) kind. Yes, I have good taste!)

My Saturday morning appeared to be going well. Mommy cooked breakfast, but I did not get any. I curled up next to Mommy and had a lazy morning... until Daddy said the "B" word. Yep - my fear came, I had to have a Bath! I was not excited about it. When Daddy said it, I instantly went upstairs. I totally took advantage of the fact that Mommy can not pick me up! Daddy was mean and lured me downstairs by saying my favorite "T" word - TREAT!

I fell for it and went into the bathroom. Mommy sat in there with me and comforted me. Daddy picked me up and put me in there. I do not like it when I have to have a bath, but I do not mind all of the rubbing! I don't mind my ears being cleaned, and my favorite part to the bath is the rub down with the towel afterwards. Oh, and I did have a melt down! Daddy even called Momma Gena and I told her all about it!

So, I thought that I had made it through all of my torture. We went to Momma Gena and GrandDanny's for the Alabama/LSU game. I instantly begged for a walk in the beginning of the first quarter, but they held me off until half time. I took GrandDanny and Daddy on a nice walk! I laid around on the couch the entire 2nd half -- until all of the excitement in the 4th quarter. (It got a little too loud to sleep -- just ask Jake! He even woke up!)

After the exciting victory, Daddy got in the floor with me with a bottle that I recognized (and do not like) and paper towels. That must mean that my ears were about to be cleaned out. Man - what did I do to deserve my toes being cut off, a bath and ear cleaning out? I got the triple whammy! I was a good girl (especially since Momma Gena and GrandDanny were watching!) But I had another melt down afterwards! This time my melt down took place on Momma Gena's bed.

And that was my weekend! Sunday was a good old lazy day. I went to "church" and it lasted a little longer than normal. Mommy and Daddy got home and we rested! It was wonderful! Jake spent the day with us yesterday, but I will tell you about that tomorrow! (Don't want to make my post too long!)

Oh Well - that's just a dog's life!


Waiting on my bath

Ear Rubbing in the bath

My "naked" bath picture. (I guess everyone has one!)

Am I done yet?

My melt down after my bath

Melt down after ear medicine!

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