Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Update from Mommy

Everything was great with Mommy's appointment. She said to tell everyone thank you so much for your prayers. The cyst has resolved itself and there is nothing to worry about! Mommy said that Noah was good for his ultrasound and they got some very good pictures. I will ask Daddy to scan them and let me post them on here.

Mommy also had her glucose test today! She said that she had to drink an orange drink that tasted like Sunkist. (I do not know, I have not had Sunkist.) She also elected to have a flu shot. She said that she and I have a date with a nap this afternoon. I am so excited. I feel bad that my Mommy does not feel good, but I can really use some snuggle time.

Mommy and Daddy put me in my bedroom this morning but Papaw came to rescue me. I have been at Bubbles & Bells with him all day.

Thanks again for your prayers. We are so excited that Noah is a perfectly healthy boy -- and he still is a boy! :-)

And that is just a dog's life!


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