Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I welcome Shawn to our family!

That is right, it is almost official. It is at least 1 step closer to being official. Aunt Jonica and Uncle Shane had a court date today for Shawn. DHR officially gave Aunt Jonica and Uncle Shane the consent to adopt Shawn. He will officially, well, legally, be a part of our family. He has "officially" been in our family since day 2 of his life!

Shawn is now 8 months old and he is getting fun to play with. I like it when Shawn spends the night. I also like it when Jake spends the night. Mommy is nervous that we will have 3 boys in our family within a year of each birthday. Shawn was born on February 26th, 2008 and Noah is due on February 24th, 2009. Who knows... they may share a birthday. Only time will tell.

Mommy is right, I am nervous too. 3 boys to pull on my ears? Ouch! Mommy keeps giving me ideas that this might be good for me. She says that I will have 3 boys who will get dirty with me, who will dig with me, who will throw the ball with me (I think it will be more like "Keep Away From Maggie"!) I know that I will still be a Momma's Girl, a Momma Gena's Girl (her ONLY girl) and a Papaw's Girl! (And Nina and GrandDanny too!)

Did I tell you that I got to see Uncle Marvin and Aunt Audrey on Monday night? It was such a treat to see them. I have not seen Uncle Marvin since Christmas last year. He and Aunt Audrey came over from Georgia to deliver a horse. Mommy packed me up after Jake left and we headed to Leeds. Papaw was there, Nina was there and I even saw Dianna, Aunt Irene and Uncle Rudy. I tried to play with Uncle Rudy. (I made him think I was scared of him.) Uncle Rudy has a really big tractor. I smelled it... too many smells for a beagle!

Well Shawn -- welcome to our family! I am excited that you are here to stay! And Jake -- even though I don't show it much -- I am excited that you joined our family. I like having you around. By the way, Jake, I am going to post some embarrassing pictures of you tomorrow. I have to show everyone how I helped you eat on Saturday night! :-)

Oh Well -- that's just the dog's life!


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Jaime said...

I'm so glad everything is working out with Shawn's adoption. yay!!