Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Told You So, Papaw!

And my Papaw did not believe me! This was one of those moments where I wanted to go "HA!" and swoosh my tail as I walked off. But I did not. I got what I wanted and went on my way. Here is my side of the story...

Mommy, Daddy and I are working at Bubbles & Bells with Papaw today. Mommy and Papaw were sitting on the couch and I was happy right between then. Papaw felt the need to feel Noah kick, but I quickly let Papaw know that I was right there. I got up from my comfy place and laid right on Papaw's leg so that he would know that I was there. My nose caught a sniff of something that I wanted. I started to dig in the couch (which I am not supposed to do!) Papaw raised one of the back cushions and I found nothing. I would not settle down. Mommy even moved the center cushion for me to look under. Nothing. I hopped back on the couch and stared at Papaw. I tried to dig under him. Fortunately Nina called and Papaw gave in. He stood up and lifted up the cushion. He even told Nina that I was being a pain and making him get up for "nothing in the couch". As soon as he lifted the cushion that he was sitting on, guess what I found.... Part of a bone! My nose, as always, was right again! I took my bone and walked off. I really wanted to prance off and go HAHA! I got my Fetch baby and walked around the store and whined for a few minutes. I finally found another safe hiding place for the sweet jewel that I found. I will never tell you where it is, but a big hint would be to look for Fetch. (Fetch is a pink bone shaped stuffed toy that Mommy bought me and it has the word "Fetch" on it. It is one of my favorites!)

Mommy had a customer and her Mom come into the store today. I really liked them. The Mom had something in her purse that I wanted really bad! She laughed and told me that I could not have the roll that was in her purse from lunch. I tried and tried, but she put her purse up to where I could not reach it. Mommy was embarrassed, but the customer was laughing. They have a doggy at home named Annie that looks similar to me. They said that she is part beagle, part dachshund.

Oh well - that's just a dog's life!


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