Monday, December 8, 2008

Vacation - Day 1 - Riding SUCKS!

Navigating from Momma Gena's lap!

Navigating from the back seat for the few minutes that I sat there!

Momma Gena told me that I could say that because it did! I made it though! I had to help navigate the whole way here! I started out in Momma Gena's lap but GrandDanny traded places with Daddy and let him drive so Mommy ended up in the front seat!

I sat in Mommy's lap the entire way here. I laid down once to sleep but I heard Indians in the car and that concerned me. (It really was not Indians, but it was GrandDanny yawning!) I saw lots of cows on the trip up. Momma Gena thought she saw a turkey, but I did not.

Our 5 1/2 hour trip ended up lasting a little over 7 hours. We had 6 stops on the way here. Our first stop was the Tennessee rest area. I had SO much to smell that I had a really bad breathing attack. It scared everyone. Mommy and Daddy could not get me to catch my breath, so I had to breathe through it.

Our second stop was lunch. Daddy let me out of the car for a few minutes and then put me back in while he ate lunch. That was the ONLY time that I slept for the trip up. I caught a 45 minute nap while they ate. We stopped for gas and then stopped at the Apple Valley Country Store for a quick restroom stop. I smelled so much again! On the way into town, we were caught in Christmas parade traffic. But this was not any normal Christmas parade. There were lots of 4-wheelers, horses and old cars. No floats. It was really weird!

We finally made it into Gatlinburg. After stopping at the rental office, we made it to our log cabin. I did not know what to think. This place has 3 levels of stairs. There were tons of smells! Mommy and Daddy showed me our bedroom, so I made my place by "wallering" on the bed. Mommy called Nina to tell her that we were here, so I talked to Nina as well. Mommy took me on a walk while the boys unloaded the cars. We walked up a huge hill and stopped to talk to some people. Mommy was really tired after our walk.

Daddy, GrandDanny and Uncle Paul left for the grocery store and Pizza. They came home with a few extra items that were not on the grocery list from Aunt Jennifer! Daddy said that they had a few sales -- purchase $100 worth of groceries and get Double Stuffed Oreos for $3.00.

Everyone, but Jake, were so tired from the trip up. Mommy and Daddy headed off to bed and I followed. It took me a few minutes to settle down, but I quickly found my place in the king sized bed and slept all night. Woke up at 9:30 this morning ready for my morning walk.

I will take pictures today and let you see them. Check back for Vacation - Day 2!


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