Thursday, December 11, 2008

Vacation - Day 3 - The Longest Walk EVER!

On Tuesday, I had the longest walk that I have ever had. It lasted for almost 3 hours! Can you believe it! My family took me walking up and down the streets of Gatlinburg. I did not get to go into the shops, but I had a blast smelling everything. Mommy said that she was so proud of me! I hardly even talked to the other shoppers, but they sure talked to me. Several kids rubbed my head.

I was so exhausted when we got back to the cabin. Daddy took me out so that I could do my "business" and then I was in for the night.

The day started out in my bedroom because my family took off to Cherokee, North Carolina. They said they had a good time, but did not see much while there. Daddy did buy him some cool looking house shoes called Moccasins. They look like something I could chew on, but I don't do that! Daddy said that the mountain going and coming from Cherokee was snowy and foggy. Momma Gena was afraid that they would not make it back home. I sure am glad that they did.

After our Gatlinburg walk, Daddy came home and made potato soup, just as promised to Mommy. It made her throat feel much better. She really did not feel good and went to bed soon after dinner. I snuggled in night-night with her!

And that was Maggie's vacation - day 3!


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