Friday, December 12, 2008

Vacation - Day 6 - SNOW

I could not wait until tomorrow to post these pictures. I saw SNOW today! Not too much, but enough for me to smell!
The family and I headed off to Roaring Fork for a nature ride through the mountain. I really liked looking and walking through the snow!
Mommy, Daddy and I took our Christmas Card photo today. Aunt Jennifer helped by taking the picture.
We had a lady that was really rude today... at least that is what Mommy said. She said that if the park ranger found me that he would charge Mommy and Daddy a $300 fine for me being there. We quickly took our picture and headed back to the car.
The car stopped again to take a snow picture of Jake. While walking back to the car, Aunt Jennifer hit the ground. Daddy said that he knew she broke her ankle, but luckily nothing was broken. She is very sore tonight!
Daddy is working on the pictures that he took with the big camera. I asked if he would make it so I can post some. They are awesome!
Gotta Run!


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