Monday, December 15, 2008

Vacation - Day 8 - Vacation is Complete

Well, that is it... my first vacation has now come and gone. I am back at home in "Maggie's House" and life is getting back to normal! I was sad to see vacation go, but I sure am glad to be back home!

We had one last funny story before we left the cabin! It would only happen to me!

Everyone woke up early Sunday morning to complete packing and ready to head home. Daddy and GrandDanny quickly found that the steps were again frozen solid. This required some thought for how to pack the cars. They quickly found out that they had to go down the side of the hill with everyone suitcase to load the cars. Then they found out that the cars were frozen. Daddy started the car and let it warm up for 30 minutes while they loaded the cars.

Daddy and GrandDanny got all of my stuff loaded (and everyone elses!) GrandDanny helped Uncle Paul finish his stuff while Daddy took me on a good walk before the ride home. After my walk, Daddy decided to go ahead and put me in the car while he helped Mommy and Momma Gena to the car. I was SO excited! Mommy could hear me barking! Just as Momma Gena got to the car, I accidentally locked the doors. She could hear the doors lock. Mommy started to panic because I was in the car with the car running! GrandDanny started to laugh... he knew that he had a spare key in his wallet! It was such a close call! :-)

So we headed on our way. Everyone stopped at Shoney's for breakfast before the trip home. I took a quick power nap while everyone ate.

I did much better on the ride home. I even laid down in Mommy's lap most of the ride. By the time we got home, I was so exhausted. I quickly checked out my back yard and then made my bed on the couch. I stayed there for several hours.

Nina, Papaw, Aunt Dorinda and Meghan came by our house after church. Papaw could not stand it any more and had to come see me! :-) As soon as they left, I was ready for bed! Mommy was not ready to go to bed, so I went to an extreme that I have never done before! I made a bed in my "bedroom" and stayed under the covers. I never get in my "bedroom" unless Mommy and Daddy are leaving. Mommy woke me up and we headed to bed.

It felt so good to be back in Maggie's bed. I slept and snuggled all night with Mommy.

And that is the first vacation of Maggie!


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