Saturday, December 13, 2008

Vacation - Day 7 - Turkeys, Turkeys, & More Turkeys

I saw 9 turkeys today.

The family and I loaded up and headed to the Sugarland Visitors Center. There was a festival that everyone wanted to walk thru. I was not allowed to go through this part, so I took a nap in the suburban. Daddy and GrandDanny came and got me when it was time to go on the walking trail.

We headed over to do the Gatlinburg Walking Trail. Daddy kept saying that it was only 2 miles there and 2 miles back. The family was not quite up for that long of a walk, but I was ready to go! As we started on our trail, a turkey crossed the street in front of us. I instantly saw it. I actually hesitated, not knowing quite what it was. Then my instincts kicked in. I started barking! Daddy could hardly hold me back. Uncle Paul and GrandDanny walked down to where the turkey had crossed and found many more turkeys. There were 8 more. My barking startled them and they decided to cross the street in another location. Everyone tried to block my view from the turkeys, but it did not work to well. I think they forgot that my nose smells so much more.

Momma Gena and GrandDanny took Jake back to the car because it was too cold. Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Paul and I kept going. Mommy and Aunt Jennifer decided that they would keep going as long as they could and then we would turn back. We quickly found out that the trail was the trail to Gatlinburg. We walked about a half of a mile and turned back. Daddy took me down to the creek to sniff before we turned back.

I had such a blast on our long walk. I took care of my business and even peed 9 times... just to mark my trail. Mommy and Aunt Jennifer laughed at me! I also tried to walk on the bridge ledge and scared Aunt Jennifer. I just wanted to see what was below the bridge.

I found myself in my bedroom not too long afterwards while the family headed off to Pigeon Forge for one last trip. Everyone had a late lunch/early dinner and then hit some of the shops. They walked around Gatlinburg, without me, for one last night. I really do not know why they did not come and get me!

Did I tell you that Aunt Jennifer heard a bear in the middle of the night?? She thought at first that it was me, and then realized that it was outside of her bedroom window. When Daddy and I went out for our morning walk, the trash can had been taken across the driveway and the trash had been strewn down the hill. Daddy and I first thought that it was the raccoon that we saw the other day, but then we decided that the raccoon could not carry the trash can that far.

We are now back at the cabin for our last night. Everyone is frantic to pack everything up so that we can head out in the morning. I am excited to sleep in my bed tomorrow night and be able to check out my backyard. Nina and Papaw may come see us tomorrow night... I hope so... I have treats for them!

And that was my first vacation!


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