Friday, December 12, 2008

Vacation - Day 5 - A Varmint Outside

Thursday started out to be my normal. I woke up bright and early and begged Daddy to take me outside. After a little while, Daddy finally gave in.

We walked down our 3 flights of stairs and out the door we went. I suddenly stopped dead in my tracks... I was not even off of the porch yet. A varmint was walking off of our porch and down the railroad ties. It really was not a varmint, but just a raccoon. And I have never seen a raccoon before! I did not know what to do. All of the hair on my neck and back stood straight up. But I did not bark at it. I watched it walk away.

Since then, I keep checking to see if he raccoon is outside. I have yet to see it again.

The afternoon and evening turned out lazy. I found myself back in my bedroom while everyone went to the Apple Barn for lunch. They finished shopping in Pigeon Forge and then returned to our home.

Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Paul asked to have a date night and headed out to dinner. That meant that I got to babysit. (Not really, but I did watch Jake!)

Mommy, Daddy, Momma Gena and GrandDanny played another round of cards. I think Mommy won. She was very excited!

When Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Paul returned home, Mommy made extreme smores for everyone. Extreme meant extra chocolate and 2 marshmallows. Daddy and GrandDanny made smeese for themselves. Have you ever heard of a smeese? It is a saltine cracker, cheddar cheese and a marshmallow. It did not look too good to me. Uncle Paul did not like them but Aunt Jennifer sure does!

It is snowing outside today. Not enough to do anything though. I think we are going for a ride today! Mommy told me that I have to wear my sweater or my jacket because it is so cold outside. I think that means I get to go. Don't know where I am going, but I will let you know!


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