Thursday, December 11, 2008

Vacation - Day 4 - A Lazy Day

Wednesday was a very lazy day for me. Everyone enjoyed doughnuts for breakfast and hung tight around the cabin. It was raining outside, so no one wanted to go anywhere.

Mommy felt much better when she woke up. She took some medicine that the doctor told her she can take, and it seemed to help.

The family left around lunch time and headed to the arts and crafts of Gatlinburg. They said that I would not like it and that I had to stay in my bedroom. I did not like that vote. Mommy and Daddy have figured out that I do not like being in my bedroom at the cabin. I hesitate to go in every time. I thought that I was on vacation and that meant that I would not have to stay in my bedroom. I guess I was wrong!

The family had lunch at a British Pub and then went shopping. The girls really wanted to go to the outlets so GrandDanny stayed home with me. You would not believe what GrandDanny and I saw from the balcony of our cabin. It was a C-A-T! I did not know that they have those here. I went nuts! GrandDanny and I cooked dinner while the family was gone. Daddy took Mommy, Momma Gena and Aunt Jennifer shopping while Uncle Paul and Jake went to a knife store. Mommy and Daddy bought lots of stuff, but nothing for Maggie. How fair is that?? Mommy and Daddy picked out some outfits for Noah. Mommy says that she is looking for a stuffed bear for me, but I have not seen one yet!

After dinner, the family enjoyed a nice card game. They would not let me play! I kept begging to go outside, so Mommy opened the doors to the balcony and I can sit out there. I really like the balcony. Daddy is afraid that I might try to get out of the balcony if I see something that I really want. The only trouble is that the balcony is over 3 floors high. I hope that I have more sense then that! I may not? Who knows!

Thursday is again another rainy day. I do not know what today will hold! I guess that we will see!


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