Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Cat is out...

I can not stand it any more... I must tell or I will explode!

Mommy fired me on Tuesday. Daddy says that I am retiring because I am independently wealthy. Why is this exciting?? Well, as of May 1st, I will no longer be able to go to Bubbles & Bells? WHY?

...because Bubbles & Bells is moving! Mommy is packing up the store and moving it to Argo! She decided that it was time for a move and a revamp of the business. She will be adding party supplies (birthday supplies and balloons) to the list of inventory that Bubbles & Bells will sell.

Why will I not be able to go to the store?? Well, balloons will scare me for 1. 2 - Daddy and Papaw will have a separate office from Mommy. And 3 - it is in the lease, I can not go to work with Mommy. Papaw was so sad that he wishes he had reconsidered before signing the new papers, but he realizes that this is best. (Puppy Daycare, ie. Momma Gena's house - here I come!)

Everyone has tons of work to do between now and then. Well, everyone except me and Noah. Mommy is very excited about this change. She is working very hard to find her new suppliers for the party supplies. I keep begging for some puppy party supplies because my "Gotcha Date" Anniversary is fast approaching and I must demand a celebration!

Keep checking in with us for more business updates.

And that's just the dog's life!


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Jen said...

You can come visit us any time, Maggie! We have a huge backyard for your sniffer to go wild in!

-- Lady & Charlie