Monday, April 6, 2009

Pictures of Noah

My sweet brother!

Mommy told me that I have to post some updated pictures of Noah. I have not done so in a while and he has changed so much.

Mommy and I were talking today - our lives changed 6 weeks ago tomorrow. Can you believe it? Noah will be 6 weeks old tomorrow. That means - 6 weeks ago tonight was our "last" night at home as a family of 3. Mommy and I remember it as if it were yesterday...

Mommy, Daddy and I woke up on Monday morning and went to work as usual. Mommy started having a few "issues" and called the doctor. They told Papaw that they needed to go to the doctor but did not want to tell the family, just in case it was nothing. They told Papaw that they were going home to pack their bags, just in case, and that they would leave me in my "bedroom". I fully understood what they were saying and knew what was going on so I jumped into Papaw's lap. He was so honored by my actions that he told Mommy that he did not think I wanted to leave. They came up with a game plan for if Mommy had to stay at the hospital.

Needless to say, Mommy and Daddy came home that afternoon. They picked me up at Bubbles and Bells and we headed to the grocery store. Our dinner at home consisted of tacos. Daddy loves some homemade tacos. Mommy and I watched "The Bachelor" as we had done every Monday night for the last 2 months. Mommy headed to bed early because she had a doctors appointment at 8 am on Tuesday morning. The plan was to evict Noah on Wednesday the 25th.
Noah had different plans for Mommy. Her tummy started having funny pains at 3:15 am and she kept having those pains every 9 minutes. She tried to wake Daddy up on the 3rd pain but he did not move. I woke up, looked at Mommy and got under my covers. She told me later that I was no help. She finally woke Daddy up and he called the doctor. Off they went to the hospital and I found myself in my bedroom at 4 am. I had lost my spot in the king sized bed. GrandDanny came to get me soon after that. He took me, my blue suitcase and my bedroom. I knew that I was off for an adventure. I had no idea what was in store for me.
I found February 24th to be the longest time that I had been in my bedroom. I should have known when my bedroom went with me. Mrs. Melissa Walker, Maleah and Lacey came to rescue me in the late afternoon. The girls took me outside (so that I could do my business) and they ran around with me. I was very excited to see them. They told me the exciting news that Daniel Noah had arrived safely and that Mommy was doing good.
And life has not been the same since. It has only gotten better. I did not accept Noah at first, but Mommy is proud of me now. Every time she and Daddy come home with Noah, I give my hugs to them and I then have to check on Noah. Mommy holds his car seat down for me to see. I smell his feet and then I am on my way. Mommy says that it is sweet for me to check on him but I am actually just seeing where he has been that I have not been. A little jealous, yes, at times, but I would not change it for anything. I love having Noah around and I am very excited that he joined my pack!
And that's just the dog's life!

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